Things to keep during Kedarnath Yatra

Things to carry for Kedarnath Yatra 2019

Things to carry while traveling to Kedarnath – Video

Top 8 things to carry for Kedarnath Yatra

1. Light Baggage

As the Kedarnath Yatra involves a lot of trekking, it is important that you don’t carry a lot of luggage. Keep only those things that are important and you would require.

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2. Warm Clothes

Even during summers, the weather at Kedarnath remains very cold. Therefore, it is a must or you to carry enough warm clothes to protect yourself. Carry good and warm jackets, scarfs, socks, and good beanies to protect yourself from head to toe.

3. Medicines

As the Kedarnath Temple is at a high elevation, you would come across weather changes.  There are high chances for you to catch a cold and have a fever in those temperatures. Therefore, it is recommended to carry enough medicines that you would require during the trip. You must also carry medicines for stomach problems, vomiting, etc.

As it is a long trek, there are chances for accidents to occur. Therefore, it is advised to carry first aid kits for emergency situations.

4. Good Boots

As you have to walk a lot and also at an elevation, you should wear good and strong boots. Wear something that is not slippery, as you will have to walk in the snow. Wear something comfortable and strong, as you will have to walk for long hours.

5. Dry Fruits

Carry dry fruits, chocolates, wafers, biscuits to eat at regular intervals. As you would be trekking, it is advised not to have heavy foods and eat these light snacks from time to time. This would help you keep the energy you will need to complete the yatra.

6. Water Bottle

You have to keep yourself hydrated to complete the yatra. There are regular water points available. You can fill your bottles from there. However, you can carry your bottles if you don’t want to have the water provided to you.

7. Umbrella

If you are traveling to Kedarnath during the months of June to August, it is a must for you to carry umbrellas. These are the monsoon months and there are heavy rains during this season.  Even when you are traveling on other months it is advised to keep umbrellas with you.

8. BSNL Sim Card

BSNL network is the best network to carry to the Kedarnath Yatra. It provides maximum network connectivity. Other networks don’t work as good as BSNL. Therefore, it is advised to carry BSNL.

Other than these, you should also carry enough camera batteries if you are carrying a camera. Also, you should carry a fully charged power bank. This is because. you will face a lot of network problems during the trip.

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