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Pancha Dwaraka Temples List – Video

Pancha Dwaraka‘ is a spiritual journey to the five Lord Krishna temples – Dwarkadhish Temple (Dwarka), Bet Dwarka (Dwaraka), Shrinathji Temple (Nathdwara), Ranchhodraiji Temple (Dakor), Dwarkadhish Temple (Kankroli). Myoksha Travels arranges Pancha Dwaraka Temple Tour Package.

Apart from these places, there are 4 more temples which combined together form the Nava Dwaraka – Bet Dwarka, Rukmini Dwarka, Sudhama Dwarka, and Moola Dwarka. The pilgrimage to these temples is popular as Panch Dwarka Yatra.

List of Pancha Dwaraka Temples

1. Dwarka

Dwarkadhish Temple Panch Dwarka
Dwarkadhish Temple is the main temple in Pancha Dwaraka

Also called Dwarkadhish Temple, this is the main temple in Panch Dwarka that stands on the banks of the Gomti river. There is also a small shrine for Gomti Devi. This temple is also a part of the most famous Char Dham Yatra. It is historically considered as the capital of Lord Krishna’s kingdom.

2. Bet Dwarka

Bet Dwaraka Temple Panch Dwarka
Bet Dwaraka Island

Bet Dwarka is an island in the Arabian Sea coast of Dwarka and is one of the Panch Dwarka. ‘Bhet’ in the local language means ‘Island‘. It is situated 3 km off the Okha coast in Gujarat. Mentions of Bet Dwarka could be found in Mahabharata and Skanda Purana.

3. Rukmini Dwarka

Rukmini Dwaraka Temple
Rukmini Dwarka near Dwarkadhish Temple

This is the place dedicated to Rukmini and located around 5 km from the main Dwarkadhish Temple. It is one of the Panch Dwarka temples.

4. Sudhama Dwarka

Sudhama Dwaraka Temple
Sudhama is the best friend of Lord Krishna

It was here that Sudhama lived and is one of the Panch Dwarka. Sudhama (Kuchelan) and Sri Krishna were childhood friends and studied under the same guru, Sandipani. People call this place with various names such as Sudhama Dwaraka, Sudhamapuri and Kuchelapatnam.

5. Moola Dwarka

Moola Dwaraka Temple Panch Dwarka
Moola Dwaraka Temple Panch Dwarka

Moola Dwarka is the place where Lord Krishna is said to have set foot first on arriving at Dwarka. But, he seems to have forsaken this place and moved to Dwaraka.

6. Mukti Dwarka

Mukti Dwaraka
Place where Lord Krishna was last seen

Mukti Dwarka is the place where Lord Krishna was last seen. At this place, there is a hall in which we find Krishna reclining on the branch of a tree with a foot dangling. A hunter who shot a poisonous arrow at his toe tip mistaking it to be the beak of a bird is found kneeling before the Lord begging his pardon.

It is over here that Lord Krishna made a pretext to ascend to his Paramapadam. As this is the place where he was ‘last seen’, this place is called ‘Mukti Dwaraka’.

7. Ranchhodraiji Temple Dakor

Ranchhodraiji Temple Panch Dwarka
Lord Krishna left the war and came here

Ranchhodraiji temple is situated around 60 km from Ahmedabad. It is one of the Pancha Dwarka. In order to avoid Jarasandha, when Lord Krishna escaped Mathura, he took the name of Ranchhod. Adjoining the temple, there is a small water tank where people feed fishes. The festival of Janmashtami is celebrated here as well, along with Nand Mahotsav and Annakut.

8. Kankroli Temple

Kankroli Temple
Kankroli Temple near Udaipur

Kankroli Temple is located 65 km away from Udaipur. It is popularly called as Temple of Dwarkadhish and is one of the Panch Dwarka. It is the most significant Temple of Vaishnavas. The deity of Lord Dwarkadhish was brought here in 1671 A.D. during the rule of Maharana Raj Singh. The idol was carried by Shri Gir Darji Maharaj from Gokul to Ahmedabad to prevent the Moghuls from destroying it. It was kept at Asotiya village until the Temple was finished.

9. Nathdwara Shrinathji Temple

Nathdwara Shrinathji Panch Dwarka
Nathdwara Shrinathji Temple in Udaipur

Also called ‘Haveli of Shrinathji’, Shrinathji Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Shrinathji in Nathdwara. It is one of the Panch Dwarka temples in Rajasthan. This temple was built by Goswami priest in the year 1672 on the orders of Maharana Raj Singh of Mewar. It is about 48 km Northeast to Udaipur. It has the original black marble idol of Shrinathji which was originally at Govardhan.

Panch Dwarka Route Map 

Panch Dwarka Route Map
Travel Route for Panch Dwarka

Panch Dwarka Temples History

  • Dwarkadhish Temple: The history of Dwarkadhish Temple dates back to approximately 2200 years. During the course of time, the temple was destroyed and rebuilt several times. It is conferred by the archaeologist that the temple was constructed during the rule of the Gupta Dynasty which was destroyed by the Muslim forces around the 11th century. Muslim forces kept destroying the temple several times. The current temple was built around 1730. Lord Krishna settle down in Dwarka where he spent the rest of his life until when he left this world.
  • Bet Dwarka: In Mahabharat, this place is referred to as ‘Antardvipa’ or ‘Shankhidhar’.
  • Ranchhodji Temple Dakor: ‘Vijayanand Bodana’, a Rajput of Dakor was a devotee of Krishna. He used to walk every six months to Dwarka to worship Lord Krishna. When he became 72 years old, it became increasingly difficult for him to travel. Impressed by his devotion, Lord Krishna appeared in his dream and directed him to bring a bullock-cart and travel to Dwarka. At midnight, the Krishna idol broke open all doors of the temple and asked Bodana to carry his idol to Dakor. Although later there occurred many disputes among the people of Dwarka and Dakor, the original idol of Krishna stayed at Dakor.
  • Nathdwara Shrinathji Temple: Shrinathji is Lord Krishna, manifested as a seven-year-old child. It is said that the deity’s arm and the face emerged from the Govardhan hill after which the local inhabitants started to worship Gopal, under the leadership of Mahavendra Puri. The image of Shrinathji was first worshipped at Govardhan Hill near Mathura. The temple of Shrinathji was shifted several times.

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