Sringeri Temple

Sringeri Temple Travel Guide

Sringeri Temple or Sringeri Sharada Peetham is located in Karnataka. It is the first of the four Ammaya Peetham established by Sri Adi Shankaracharya in 8th century. The word Amnaya Peetham means “Throne of the Veda”. The head of the Mutt is Jagadguru meaning “Teacher of the world”.

Here is everything you want to know about Sringeri Temple

  1. Sringeri Temple Timings and Dress Code
  2. Aksharabhyasam in Sringeri Temple
  3. List of all temples inside Sringeri
  4. Sringeri Temple History
  5. Sringeri Temple Sevas
  6. Festivals celebrated in Sringeri
  7. Sringeri Temple Accommodation
  8. How to Reach Sringeri Temple?
  9. Places to visit near Sringeri
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    I am planning for cow donation on 20th Jult 2019. Please let me know where I can do it, what will be the cost and to whom I shall contact? please provide the contact number.

  2. Hi sir we are planning for aksharabhyasam for my son who is 19 months old is it possible to do it to him.we wanted to come sringeri in August soo please give reply.

  3. Namaste sir, I want to perform my daughter aksharabhyasam at sringeri temple , she is May 9th, 2017 born can we perform next week between 8th or 9th july 2019. She is 2.1 yrs can we do it now?

  4. This is great post, I like it. Thanks for sharing helpful information. Your writing is very good, I really use full this post. thank you very much for this post

  5. Uma Maheswara Reddy

    Sir, I want to perform Aksharabhyasam of my son at sringeri. His date of birth is 11.04.2017. Can we do it on 20.06.2019? Please suggest

  6. Lavanya Purella

    Namaste sir, I want to perform my daughter aksharabhyasam at sringeri temple , she is April 19th, 2017 born can we perform this week end on Sunday 9th June 2019. She is 2.1 yrs can we do it now?

  7. Sir I’m planning to visit Sringeri on 6th of may, will there be too much crowd on akshaya tritaya, will they provide room for single ladies…. Thanks in advance

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      Yes there will be huge crowds. They will provide room for single ladies but it depends on availability.

  8. Guruji, I am an educated n experienced person. I am 60 years old and finding it difficult to find a job for myself despite having a thorough knowledge in various fields. In search of peace, I wish to serve n get something to eat and a small place for shelter. Kindly do let me know as I am a brahmin. Please contact me on my number or my mail id. I will be grateful to you. Thank you.

  9. Hai guruji garu we are in telangana state dist.warangal my name is k.Raju iam comming to sarada pitam darshnam may 19 . With fmly Guruji we are sleeped in temple one night allowed are not allowed

  10. Manjunath Venkatesh


    My Son name is Akarsh born in 19th January 2017 ( Kanya Rashi, Chitra Nakshatra) . Could you tell which is the best day to perform Aksharabhyasa?.

    Manjunath Venkatesh

  11. Mrs. P. Chudamani Srinivasan

    I want to do daily archana and abhisekam to Devi Vageeshwari. at Sharada Peeth. I contacted on phone and came to know that Rs. 3,000/- has to deposited for the said pooja for one year. Can I transfer the amount online directly. If so, please send me the details

  12. His holuness Sri Jagathgru swamygal on 21/01/2019 suggested us to perform vagdeeswari puja to get speech to my grand daughter sje is 10 years old. However
    we could not perform as we have to leave sringeri immediately. I request the procedure or puja and how many days
    we have to stay at srigeri whether booking can be done through online.

    kindly reply

  13. Ramamurthy.v Murthy

    My name is arpitha, my daughter name is madhumitha
    DOB – 25/10/2016
    Makha nakshatra , simha Rashi.
    And we are planning to visit shrungeri saradha temple in the month of January or February 2019 and perform akshara abhyasa for her. Pls suggest the best date.

  14. Namaste Sir, I’m Karthik here and my Son’s Name is Viaan Karthik (Born on 5th May 2014; Time: 23.15 PM; Nakshatra:Pushya; Rashi:Kataka) and we are planning to visit Sharada Temple in the month of January 2019 and perform Aksharabhyasa for him. Please suggest me the best dates for him.

  15. Namaste sir,

    I’m Harshitha and my daughter name is samhitha. C We r planning to come Sharada temple in February 2019 to do aksharabhyasa she will be 2 yrs 3 months in February as we are moving to USA in April and I’m not sure wen we will be back so can we perform aksharabhyasa for her?

    If yes can u suggest the suitable date n timings to perform aksharabhyasa

    Baby name: samhitha. C
    DOB: 8-11-2016
    Birth time: 12.46 pm (afternoon)
    Nakshatra: dhanishta
    Rashi: kumba

    Plz help
    Thank you


  16. Namita uday relekar

    Hi sir
    My name is namita my daughter name is samrudhi her dob_29/7/2009 she is now ten years old and is in fourth standard
    Sir plsssss I am really worried about her as she looses her concentration very soon now a days she just leave the exam paper blank but good at outdoors activity really I am feeling helpless
    Sir is there any Pooja for such kids
    Sir plsssss suggest

    At 9.00pm
    She is libra

    Is her name samrudhi OK with her zodiac sign

    Sir plssszsss help me


  17. Namaskara,

    With the Holy grace’s blessings of Sri Jagadguru, I would like to seek details for our son’s Upanayanam that we want to perform during 2019 at Sringeri. I will be very grateful for the guidance to conduct this in Sringeri and the procedures.


    Ravi Kumar

  18. Dear Sir / Madam,
    I would like to perform my Son’s Upanayanam in Sringeri next year on the 13th of March. Could you kindly help with the booking details please ?

    Best Regards,

  19. ஆ.ஜெயபிரகாசம்

    முழு விவரங்கள் அறிந்தேன் மிக்க மகிழ்ச்சி!

  20. Good evng my baby is 2years 7 month old name dhruvanth birth day is 21-02-2016 Sunday at 8:26 am morning so plz plz sujjest me when is a good time to attend aksharabyasa on this semptemter or October month plzzzz

  21. Hi sir, this is Rajitha we r planning to come sharada temple to do aksharabhyasa ,my son was born on 7-jan-2016 at the time of 3:14:40pm his name is Yashmith Reddy,which date is good for him to do that pooja,we r planning to join play school in this coming october,2018.Can u please suggest me

  22. Namaste sir, my son has born on 01.03.2016, his name is akshay surya.j, when should we perform akshrabyasa for him, is there any auspicious days in 2018. Please solve our problem.
    Thank you.

  23. Hello sir ,my kid has 3 years old .he was born in 26-8-2015.his name is venkata deepesh.we planned for aksharabyasam in September month so plz suggest me which date is good for him .thq

  24. Thank you for your immdiate reply. Can you please tell us what is the procedure and things to be brought by us for performing Aksharabhyasa seva and what about transport and accommodation facility if we are planning to come during these Navarathri days

  25. Sir,
    My daughter Sampada is 2 year 5 months old now. We like to perform Aksharabhyasa for her. Her DOB is 17/03/2015. Time 5.39 pm , Birth place – Mysore. Please suggest some good dates for her Aksharabhsam within this December 2017 . As we her planning to send her some playschool in the month of January 2018.
    With regards
    Anuradha H N

  26. Hi
    my son is now 2.4year old, we want to go sringeri for Akshrabhyasa.
    in your previous post you mentioned that they do only for children above 2.5 years.
    please confirm. accordingly we shall plan for a visit on july 1st saturday 2017.

  27. Chaithra shetty

    I want to do aksharaabhyas of my daughter Mrunaali on 21st of May that is coming Sunday…. Her nakshathra is makha and Rashi simha

  28. Hi sir /madam , I would like to do akshyarabhyasa at sringeri for my daughter on 12th may 2017. Can we come on this date please tell us. my daughter name is DHANVI.BK. dob is 19th june 2014. Thanks in advance.

    1. Dear Ashitha, 12 May 2017 is a great day for your daughter. Please go ahead and plan. Call us on 7977184437 if you need any assistance for transport or hotels.

  29. Balachandra Dharmavaram

    Hi Sir/ Madam, I would like to do Akshyarabhyasa for my son. In March or Apr 2017. He will be completing 3 years by March 2nd, 2017.

    My son name – Dhathvik
    Date of birth – 02nd March 2014

    Can you please suggest me the good date and timing for do ashyarabyasa to my son. And also please suggest me about accommodation.

    Balachandra D.
    Cell 9739047930

  30. Hi my daughter name is Lekhana L her DOB is 10/10/2014 8:12 PM IST can you please suggest which will be the good date in coming days to perform aksharabyasa?

  31. Hi,
    we are planning for Aksharabyasam for my son in october month. we are unaware of the rules and regulations please guide me and also regarding the dates (which date will be good for the same)

    From Bangalore

    1. Dear Tejashwini, Any day is auspicious since you are doing it infront of Sharadamba. Try and avoid Navaratri time since there will be huge crowds. The kid has to be between 2.5 and 5 years. Mail us on [email protected] if you have any more questions.

  32. Your great service on helping the pilgrims by giving the required information is highly commendable. We are planning to have AKSHARAABHYAASA to my grandson on 14th. Sunday of this month. That is day after tomorrow. We will be leaving Bengaluru and reach shringeri on 13th evening. Can you help us in finding accommodation for 4 +2 children.
    We know about the temple formalities and fee etc. Please reply.

  33. sir,
    i would like to perform aksharaabhysa at shringeri temple in october 2016 for my 2.6 yrs daughter. kindly let me know the dates

  34. Hi Myoksha,

    My daughter would be 2.3 years old during Vijyadasami (10 Oct 2016). I would like to do her Aksharabyasam at Sringeri on this date. Is it mandatory to complete 2.5 years ? What is the feasibility of having it on vijayadasami? Kindly let know your thoughts/suggestions .

  35. Dear sasi,we would like to aksharabysanam to our daughter who is 2.8 yrs old.please suggest the auspicious date in August. Is Aug 6 or 7 is good for doing aksharabysanam. Please suggest us.we also need suggestion how to plan for accommodation. Please suggest us

  36. Hi
    we are planning to Aksharabyasam to my kid on June 22 or 23 rd 2016. My kid age is 2.6 years.
    So can you please confirm which date is good one either 22 or 23 rd ?


    1. Hi Sasi
      we need to book the ticket advance or same day(23-June-2016) for Aksharabyasam and Accompdation.


  37. We are planning to perform our son’s upanayana ceremony in Sringeri Mutt next year. Would like to know about the facilities available to perform the same.

    Thanks in advance for your suggesstions.

  38. Dear Myoksha,
    My Son is 2.6 yrs Old. We planning to have aksharabyasa on 2nd may’2016 as elders suggested..Is it good day to go ahead. As i am not aware of the these things. Plz guide.

  39. Will the aksharabyasam be performed in groups or can we arrange for separate puja for us alone?? Do we need to carry rice to perform the puja??

  40. Hello Sir,

    I’m Gurunath and I want to get my daughter’s (age=2.2 yrs) AksharaAbhyasam done at Shankapuram Shankara Mutta on Sunday 10th April.
    Can we book any slot online for the same ? As I dont see any option on the website though.

  41. Basavarajappa B

    Dear Sir,
    My son name is Rohit, DOB. 25.4.2013 9.PM. We would like to do Aksharabhyasa at Sringeri before 25th April 2016.
    Please suggest auspicious day for this.
    We will plan accordingly.

    Please help.
    Thanks in advance.
    Basavarajappa B

  42. Hello sir,
    My son is 3.8 yrs and we need to do akshara abyasa fr him during summer vacation as he isgng to school nw is thr any othr seva fr benefit of childs education pls inform….

  43. Devikiran Hegde

    Dear Sir,

    We are planning to do Aksharabhyasa for my son on May 9th on Akshaya Tritiya day. He will be completing 2years 3 month. Can we do it ? As you clauses says 2.5 years? Also if you could help us provide some details on accommodation near the temple that would be helpful. Thanks for all your guidance & Support

  44. Asha Gajendra

    Dear Sringeri Sharada Peeta,

    We are planning for our son’s aksharabhaysa on 5th march 2016, please suggest me is that ok are any other day he is 2.6yrs, please reply as soon as possible

  45. Dear sringeri peetam

    we are planning for my daughter aksharabyasam on vasanta panchmi(13 feb 2016),do we need to book in advance
    could you please send me the timings.

  46. We have not children what to do pls help us we spent lots of money on medicine like Ayurveda homepathi and unani and many more

  47. My grand daughter born on Vijaya Dashami. She completes 2 year. Somebody told not to perform AKSHARABYSA on PITRUPAKSH. KINDLY clarify so that we perform at Sringeri.

  48. I would like to visit Sringeri during dussera for my daughter’s aksharabyasam.. will it be performed on that day. and do i need to book in advance.
    Please suggest me.

  49. Hi
    my son is now 20 months old, we want to go sringeri for Akshrabhyasa.
    in your previous post you mentioned that they do only for children above 2.5 years.
    please confirm. accordingly we shall plan for a visit

  50. hello actually my parents are old they are intrested in visiting srungeri temple how to reach srungeri via train

    1. Dear Krishna, There is no railway connection to Sringeri. Udupi and Shivamogga are nearest railway stations. Sringeri can be reached from Bangalore . There are KSRTC buses available. It can be reached from Mangalore and Udupi / Manipal also. There are many private buses to Sringeri from Mangalore and Udupi.

      Please let us know if you need any other information or any help in organising the tour for your parents.

  51. Vijaya Lakshmi ingarsal.n

    Want to do aksharaabhyasa for my child wich day will be gud and wat age now she is 2 years

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