Chandi Homam

Chandi Homam – Benefits, Cost, Procedure, Online Booking

Chandi Homam is a powerful homam performed to enjoy good health and happy family life. Chandi Homam is done to appease and seek blessings of Goddess Durga. The name Chandi is the other name of Goddess Durga as mentioned in Devi Mahatyam.

The Homam is considered as the supreme form of worship among the followers of Shaktism (devotees who consider Devi or Adi Parashakti as the supreme God) sect in Hinduism.

The Goddess Chandi is represented as the fierce and passionate form of Goddess Durga. As per the Devi Mahatmayam, the Goddess is depicted as eighteen armed, each possessing a different weapon.

The Goddess is considered as the Mother of the Universe and an embodiment of feminine power and energy. She is also believed to be the creator of the Holy Trinity of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva.

Who should perform Chandi Homam?

Here’s the list of people who should perform chandi homam:

  1. A person suffering from severe Doshas or ill-effects of planetary placements in their horoscope should perform Chandi Homam.
  2. Any person suspected to suffer from black magic, curses and negative energy are advised to perform the Homam to rid them of the evil influence.
  3. According to ancient scriptures, the Homam should be performed to overpower fear in general and especially fear of death.
  4. The Homam is also recommended for people who want atonement or forgiveness from the Goddess for any misdeed they might have committed in their life.
Chandika Homam
Chandika is the fierce form of Goddess Durga

What are the benefits of Chandi Homam?

Here’s a list of benefits of chandi homam:

  • It is believed that one can resolve issues related to health and family disputes by performing Chandi Homam.
  • The effects of curses and obstacles are removed from a person’s horoscope.
  • The Homam is performed to attain name, fame and success in the devotee’s life.
  • Performing the Homam grants success and a win over enemies or antagonistic elements in life.

When should I perform Chandi Homam?

The 9 days of Navratri are auspicious for performing Chandi Homam. Also, auspicious days like Ashtami, Navami, Chaturdasi, Magha Amavasya, Jyeshta Amavasya, Chaithra and Karthik Pournami are good for performing the Homam. It is preferred to perform the Homam during daytime and finish the rituals before sunset.

Chandi Homam Significance
Chandi Devi

What is the procedure to perform Chandi Homam?

Here’s how to perform chandi homam:

  1. The first few rituals are common for all rituals dedicated to God. Chandi Homam begins with Anujnaa (Permission from the Goddess), Acamanah (self-purification), Pranayama (to increase the spirituality inside the body), and Sankalp (take a vow to complete the ritual).
  2. The Ganapathi Pooja or Homam is conducted first to appease Lord Ganapathi without whose blessings, nothing is accomplished.
  3. The Kalasa Shuddhi process occurs next followed by the Agni Prathishthapana. This procedure involves the starting up of the fire inside the Homa Kundam with Camphor, dried coconut, and the Darbha grass. The Digpalaka Pooja is performed next to honour the rulers of the four directions.
  4. In an elaborate form of this Havan, the Panchopachara Pooja or the Shodasopachara Pooja are also performed.
  5. The Go-Pooja, Parivaara Pooja, Suhasini Pooja, Dampathi Pooja, and Brahmachari Pooja are performed before the Yagna.
  6. The Saptashati Parayanam is the main part of the Pooja. The thirteen chapters of the Saptashati have 3 parts dedicated to Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, and Mahasaraswati. These 13 chapters collectively contain 700 Shlokas that must be recited to complete the Homam.
  7. The last section of the Homam involves Uttarangam (Vote of Thanks) and the Poornahuti (Last offering).
Chandika Homam

What are the materials required for Chandi Homam?

The basic materials required for Chandi Homam are a Homa Kundam (a square shaped copper container), dry Coconut, Ghee, ladle, raw rice, kumkum, turmeric, Agarbattis (Incense sticks), lamps, Theertha vessels, flowers, and water.

Special food must be prepared that can be offered to the Goddess like fruits, jaggery or Panchamritham. The Darbha grass is optional along with Sesame seeds and Camphor.

Where to perform Chandi Homam?

Chandi Homam is an extremely elaborate Homam and is usually performed by several priests together in front of a large Homa Kunda. The Homam can be performed in all major Temples dedicated to Goddess Durga or Parvati like Sri Durga Parameshwari Temple in Mangalore, Sri Mookambika Temple at Mookambika, Chamundeshwari Temple at Mysuru, and the Mahalakshmi Temple in Mumbai.

However, booking for Chandi Homam must be made months in advance as the dates are usually unavailable for last minute plans.

What is the cost of Chandi Homam?

Since Chandi Homam is an extremely elaborate procedure, the cost of the Homam can range from ₹15,000 to ₹30,000 in some temples.

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  1. I want to perform Chandi Homam next week on an individual basis and NOT in a group. What is the cost and in which temple. I live in Hyderabad.

  2. Please provide details for performing Chandi Homam and where and where it can be performed. Also, Please give details regarding cost and package since we are based in Goa we would prefer performing at closest Durga devi temple. Thanks and regards.

  3. Seethalakshmi kolanakuduru

    We want to perform Chandiyagam during Dasseraha vacation
    Suggest the right place
    We stay at Hyderabad

  4. If I cannot go to the Temple in India.
    Can I make payment and have the Chandi Homam performed on my behalf?

  5. I Really Don’t Know About This Homam Useful And Valuable, After Reading Your Article Its Very Clear For Me .Thanks A Lot For Sharing Those Valuable Things

  6. Can this Homam be performed inside the house / flat of the person doing it?
    Or is it better to perform the Homam in a Temple premises?

  7. Dear sir, i have been suggested to perform chandi homam at home. We reside in hyderabad. Please suggest me the best person who will perform this puja and best time for it to be performed. We are not well to do, but would like to perform with the minnal cost for the same of our children who have some doshas.
    Than king you

    1. In one day..but rich people do it for 9 days.
      Saamuhika homam (group doing homam) will cost less…srikala hasti..hyderabad etc places u can do this.

  8. We facing so many problems, such as no marriage for my brothers, where ever questoined their only answer is devils eye, stree shapa, preeta bhade and maata mantra. What we do for all these problems. Some one says conducting chandi homa at shakti peetha. We don’t know wether where it will be conducted and its cost, please tell me , how much will it costs and shakti peetas in Karnataka . please.

    By Srilatha.

  9. నమస్కారములు
    శత చండీ యాగానికి కావలసిన వస్తువులు పండితులు అన్ని విషయాలకు సంబంధించి ఎంత ఖర్చవుతుంది దయచేసి వాటి వివరములు తెలియజేయగలరు

  10. Please tell me about chandi yaga and when to perform, I’m lacking behind in education and depressed also not able to remember after studying, please guide me

  11. We are facing health related issues in my home and always spending money in hospital in any manner. Please give your suggestion what type of pooja want conduct in my home to resolve the above mentioned issues.

  12. Can we pay amount for chandihomam in temples where the priests perform Homam on our behalf every month? Will this procedure have any effect on us?

  13. I have been recommended to do navchandi pooja now I’m a working lady do I have to get it done by sitting through the pooja and can it be done by any temple pujari in our local temples and cost of i

  14. Hi,

    I am from Hyderabad, Telangana State, please provide me following information to perform Maha Chandi Homam/ Yaagam?

    1. Where I can perform at Hyderabad ?
    2. When I can perform Homam ?
    3. How many days before I have to book ?
    4. What will be the cost to perform Homam ?
    5. How much time it will take to perform complete Homam ?
    6. Any pre requsites for booking and performing this Homam Yaagam (like married or not married and any other conditions) ?
    7. To whom have the contact for details ?

  15. Namaste. Can you recommend an online service for a distant Chandi Homa? I live in Europe. Locally this homa is not available, so a distant solution would be helpful.

  16. Parsharam.durgam

    Namaste I would like to perform Chandi homa because I am pacing health and money problems.and several problems so pls guide me how can I do this him a and were

  17. Thank you for your detailed explanation.
    I have one thought just cane
    A vidyuopasaka after leaving the body
    Nyasasa are performed to the body by issues and offer Abhishek’.

    Whether this body itself offered on the Homa Hundai at the end of Chandihoma

  18. What is the actual rate of chandi homa at kollur mookambika temple. How can i book it which date will i get if i will book on 11/01/2019

  19. Hi Sir,,My husband health is not good severly.he is 30 yrs old. recurrently getting ill-health.even we are in tough situation financially.can we do Chandi homam for benefits to get out of these I’ll health problems..while doing homam is it mandatory of our presence..because my husband cannot sit for long time..plz reply..

  20. Ajay Nath Prasad

    I have lost my two younger brothers and my parents. My house in Patna is abandoned because it is now under my cousins boundary.Also in my career after every 6 years or so something happens and I loose my job and quite a lot of money is lost. Now O want to put an end to all this and want to live peacefully with my wife and children. I should have good source of income so that life is peaceful.I want to perform chandi yagna. But please try to limit the expenses to as less as possible
    Because at present my financial situation is very bad. For last one year no salary only expenses. Dob- 26.2.1958.time-1.30 pm
    place- Motihari in Bihar.

    1. Some body/ General Talk is tyhat in Chandhi yagam during Poornahuti (Last offering), the Tiger Milk has to be offered. How for it is true. will you please clarify the same.

  21. Gudimetla Venkata Kalyana Sreenivas

    I want to get lot of wealth,Health, my Kid should be successful, family life should be happy and fame.
    Does Chandi homama helps.
    How much it costs

  22. Lakshmi Venkata Sai Kumar Bodagala


  23. How much time or days to take to gets its benifits…?
    bcz I already perform this havan in month of 13th april.
    still not gets its benifits.

  24. i read about chandi homam.but i heared from one of the priest that requirements will be nuts like,badham,pista in enormous level,also we have to be follow half day fasting for 48 days before do homam.please clarify doubts

  25. is chandi homam can be performed in factory or house business place. is gokarna temple priests are given permission to this pooja.

  26. We are planning to perform chandika homam at mysore. I am suffering a lot in terms of problems with respect to family and financially.

    Mine is makara rashi , shravana nakshatra i am married and i have a daughter who is of 5 years of age.

    We are joint family staying in a single house.

    – Can i perform this puja and take my wife and daughter as well. ? she is only 5 years that is my concern.

    – Will there be any effect if i dont take my father/mother/brother. ? ( which any way i cannot take due to various issues )

    – When is the auspecious day to perform this pooja so that i can take it forward. ?


    Chandi Homam can be performed in home if sufficient space exists. Otherwise in any temple. There is two types of chandi homam. 1) if performed in home for the purpose of a particular cause it is called Chandi homam 2) if performed for the sake of public at large and it shall be performed in Temple and is called Chandi yagam. There is no restrictions one should a strong will and wish can perform with the help of priests.

    T S V Diwakar


    గురువర్యులకు నమస్సులతో
    ఆయుత చండీయాగానికి కావలసిన వస్తువులు, పురోహితులు, వారియొక్క పారితోషకాలు, యజ్ఞగుండాలు సమస్తమూ ఎంత ద్రవ్యం కావలసిఉంటుంది తెలియజేయగలరు.

    టి ఎస్ వి దివాకర్

    నా యీ-మెయిల్ చిరునామా: [email protected]

  29. Dear Sasidhar Darla!
    Whats the difference between chandi homam and nav chandi homam! Our astrologer ask us to do chandi homam at our family temple. we enquired to the shivan temple priests they to perform chandi homam it cost around 1 lakh INR. After reading your post i am in bit confusion what is the difference between the two. Could you be explain?

  30. Sudarsanaraomullapudi

    In Vijayawada Durga Temple chandihomam completed within two it correct procedure?

  31. I need details regarding Chandika homam, could you please share the contact number of kateel durgaparameshwari temple to discuss on this?

  32. Where can I get a Telugu book of Saptashati with tatparyam ?
    Any video of the Homam to watch in advance and for getting acquaintance ?

  33. before doing chandi Homam we have to follow any procedure like we have not to eat non veg like that is there any specification is there kindly let me know .

    1. The Chandi Homam is an extremely elaborate Homam and is usually performed by several priests together in front of a large Homa Kunda. The Homam can be performed in all major Temples dedicated to Goddess Durga or Parvati.

  34. Which Day (thithi) is auspicious to perform Navachandi Homam and Navachandi Parayanam?
    Are. April 7 and 8 dates suitable for this?
    Can we perform this Homam in Sharadamata temple instead of Durgamata temple?
    How many priests are needed for nava chandi Paarayanam(samputi)?
    What is the approximate expenditure incurred?

    1. Nav Chandi Homam is a very elaborate and expensive procedure. It requires very experienced priests. The price varies based on location but it is usually around 50-70 thousand. You can perform it in Sharadamba Temple.

  35. Hi..
    I am a brahmin, planning to perform Chandi Homam at my home on April 22nd 2018, on occassion of 5 yrs completion on my home ghruhapresevam…. and DOB is 5th May 1984.

    Is it a good date to plan, or do you have any other date with good muhtutham with other dates.


  36. Pranam Sasidhar ji ????

    What CARE should be taken while performing Shata Chandi homam ?
    I have heard it is very difficult to perform and one should not commit even a smallest mistake.
    Could you please explain what kind of mistakes should be avoided here ??

    Thanking you SO much in advance,
    Harsha Kulkarni.

    1. Dear Harsha, We do not recommend performing Chandi Homam by yourself or at home. It’s a very powerful ritual and must be performed only at a Durga Temple in the presence of several priests.

      1. Thank you for your reply Sasidhar ji.

        Yes we are getting it performed in a durga temple by 50 priests. But still what CARE should we take on our part ?

        Harsha Kulkarni

        1. The priests will know all the procedures. Just make sure that some of the priests are experienced and have done the ritual before. It is preferred to perform the Homam during daytime and finish the rituals before sunset.

  37. 1.Can Chandi Homam be performed at home

    2.Whether after performing the Chandi Homam, can we visit on same day other’s home? Will it affect others, when we visit other’s home after conducting Chandi Homam.

    1. Chandi Homam is a very powerful ritual. We do not recommend it to be performed at home. Please visit a Durga Temple and arrange to perform the homam there. You can visit other’s home without any problem after the homam. It will not effect them.

  38. For information, Cost of Shatha Chandi Yagam is ₹5116 which is happening in my hometown​ at SriBhaktanjaneya​ Swamy temple Bellampalli….

    This cost looks less because many other things are donated by other devotees… Homa Gundam, Anna dhaanam, Tea supply, so many Tents, Chandi Ammavari idols, many other things etc…

    Eg: Ghee cost is more, imagine for 3 days for Shatha Chandi Homam..

    Around 30 renowned high knowledged priests/ Pujaris are participating from different parts of the country…
    3 days they really have to recite many Vedic Slokas, Amma Slokas is not an easy task that too with so much devotion and dedication..

    Cost depends on where the Yagna/Homam happens, type of Homam and many other miscellaneous costs.

    Jai Chandi Matha Amma ki Jai..
    Relieve from all our problems maa….

  39. I am so lucky to be part of Shatha Chandi Yagam currently happening today at SriBhaktanjaneya Temple, Bellampalli, Mancherial district, Telangana state… This ritual is for 3 days… Thanks Sasidar for giving good insight. Thanks to all the Priests for performing this ritual which is happening first time in my District..
    Thanks to my parents for making me part of this….

  40. suguresh kalmat

    Hi I am new here I want know all kinds of homas or yagas and it’s benefits and costs please provide me above details

  41. Hi,

    Can some one do the Chandi Homa in temple without my presence ? Because a out station Poojariji/Guruji told that they will perform this Homa on behalf of me, so that I can overcome from my problems, Please advise what can I do? I have so much of family problem

  42. Would like to get Chandi Homam done. Can you pls help? Are there any temples in Mumbai where this can be scheduled?
    Need to get it done asap

    Many thanks for your help

  43. In one of my friend’s home they are performing chandi homam. So, can we attend it? If attending, what can we take to the pooja? Please advise.

  44. If Chandi Yagam should not be performed in homes, what is the alternate but equally powerful homam could be performed in home. I need to remove all my thoshas in the horoscope and other family members’ horoscope, pithru thoshas, pilly, soonyam and good rains in the place of living.

  45. at what time should i start chandi homa in 2017. i am a slow re4ader .. so after chandi i have to pray kanya also ..i dont know how to adjust time . at what time shopuld i feed kanya on navani and do chandi home please advise


  46. Sir. Some people tell that Chandi homa should not perform in home, it should be in temple only. Is it right or wrong.

  47. Can I do at in my house chandi yagam
    If any problem s for this Pooja. Or

    Any good things
    I suffer before Chand yagam some problem.

    1. It’s not a good idea to perform chandi homam at home. It’s an elaborate ritual which requires a group of pandits and a lot of chanting. It’s better to do it at a temple. Also, its better to perform chandi homam during the 9 days of Navratri rather than on dasami day.

  48. Hi sir ,
    Namaste! ????

    I have one doubt. Who can perform this Chandi Homam? Means married person only should perform or unmarried (brahmachari)person also can perform.
    Please let me know asap..
    thanks in advance !

  49. I would like to perform Chandihomam in my house. Please send the details of chandi homam and its procedure sinice I would like to perform on Sep 29 On Navami day.

      1. You can perform Ganapathi Homam at home regularly but please do not perform Chandi Homam at home. It is too powerful and must be performed only in temple premises.

    1. It is not recommended to perform Chandi Homam at home. It is a very elaborate ritual and only learned priests can perform it and that too in the temple premises.

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