Ganapathi Homam

Ganapathi Homam – Cost, Benefits, Dates and Procedure

Ganapathi Homam is a ritual dedicated to Lord Ganesha, performed to seek his blessings and achieve success before imparting on any venture. As per Hinduism, the grace of Lord Ganesha can remove obstacles in life and fulfill any task that you are undertaking.

The Elephant-faced God, Lord Ganesha is the Supreme Being who removes obstacles from one’s plan or a venture in life. He is Vighnaraja or Vignaharta by many of his devotees. Also, he is important for his Siddhi (success), Buddhi (wisdom and intelligence) and Riddhi (prosperity). He is the first one that the devotees honour among all Gods in most of the worship rituals and services. The God is also famous as the God or Patron of Arts and Sciences.

Who should perform Ganapathi Homam?

The main purpose of Ganapathi Homam is to remove any obstacles in any venture undertaken by the devotee. Devotees believe that by doing this ritual, the venture begins and successfully runs in a smooth manner.

Here’s who should do Ganapathi Homam:

  • People seeking success at the start of any business, work life, student life, marriage, Housewarming (Griha Pravesh) and even Naming ceremonies (Naamkaran).
  • People who are specifically affected by Kethu Dosha. Lord Ganesha is the planetary overlord of Kethu. Hence, one should perform the Ganapathi Homam to please Lord Ganesha and to remove the malefic effects of the Dosha.

What are the benefits of performing Ganapathi Homam?

Here is the list of benefits of performing Ganapathi Homam:

  • The devotee can get rid of all the obstacles and problems that he or she might encounter in their new ventures of life, both professional and personal.
  • Performing the Ganapathi Homam grants wealth and solves wealth related issues in a devotee’s life. Lord Ganesha is believed to be the governor of the Mooladhara chakra, which signifies material prosperity.
  • Performing the Ganapathi Homam enlightens the spiritual mind and makes one conscious of the higher realms of existence. Lord Ganesha is the gatekeeper of the Sushumna Nadi, inside the Mooladhara Chakra.
  • One can achieve prosperity, health and a happy domestic life by worshiping Ganesha once a year by conducting the Homam.
  • The Ganapathi Homam also gives the benefit of good health to the devotees who might suffer from ailments like anxiety, depression and injuries sustained during accidents.
  • People also believe that worshiping Lord Ganesha ensures success and wins over mortal enemies.

What are the best days to do Ganapathi Homam?

The days of Sankashti Chaturthi of every month and Vinayaka Chaturthi are considered as extremely auspicious days for this homam.

Here are the Ganapathi Homam dates for 2019:

Ganapathi Homam Dates
Month Date Time
April 22-04-2019 (Monday) 11:25 AM, Apr 22 to 11:04 AM, Apr 23
May 22-05-2019 (Wednesday) 01:40 AM, May 22 to 02:41 AM May 23
June 20-06-2019 (Thursday) 05:08 PM, Jun 20 to 07:08 PM, Jun 21
July 20-07-2019 (Saturday) 09:14 AM, Jul 20 to 11:39 AM, Jul 21
August 19-08-2019 (Monday) 01:13 AM, Aug 19 to 03:30 AM, Aug 20
September 17-09-2019 (Tuesday) 04:33 PM, Sep 17 to 06:12 PM, Sep 18
October 17-10-2019 (Thursday) 06:48 AM, Oct 17 to 07:29 AM, Oct 18
November 15-11-2019 (Friday) 07:46 PM, Nov 15 to 07:15 PM, Nov 16
December 15-12-2019 (Sunday) 07:18 AM, Dec 15 to 05:34 AM, Dec 16

Here’s when to perform Ganapathi Homam:

  • The Homam should take place early in the morning, before sunrise and the Poornahuti (the last offering signifying the end of the Homam) should take place at sunrise.
  • The 3rd day of Navratri which is Tritiya is also a great day to perform Ganapathi Homam.

What is the procedure for performing Ganapathi Homam?

Here’s how to do Ganapathi Homam at home:

  1. Anjuna

    Mantras for asking for cooperation and permission from Lord Ganesha and other Gods to perform the Homam.

  2. Aachamanam

    The procedure involves sipping of holy water for inner purification of body and soul.

  3. Vighneswara Pooja

    The Pooja involves worshiping Lord Ganesha requesting him to remove all the obstacles in the Pooja.

  4. Pranayama and Sankalpam

    This involves taking a vow to please Lord Ganapathi.

  5. Kalasa Shuddhi

    This process is for holy water that one sprinkles on oneself.

  6. Agni Prathistahapana

    One should start the fire inside the Homam Kund with a camphor.

  7. Dikpaalaka Pooja

    The Dikpaalaka Pooja along with the Panchopachara Pooja also takes place for the Lord. The priest pours the preliminary offerings into the Havan Kund with the invocation of the God. Then he chants several Ganapathi Mantras in front of the Kund. After the Poornahuti, the ritual of Udvasana (concluding the ritual) takes place.

What are the materials required for this Homam?

The basic materials required for Ganapathi Homam are Ghee, Modhaka, and the Durva Grass. The Purnahuti, which is the last offering should consist of Coconut, Banana, Honey, Sugarcane, Ghee, Modhaka, Jaggery, and Puffed Rice. Besides these offerings, one must possess a Homa Kunda (can consist of bricks).

Additional materials required are Karpoor, Kumkum, Sandalwood paste (Chandan), Haldi (Turmeric), flowers, Theertha Vessel, spoons, vessels for the Ashtadravya, and Conch.

Where to perform Ganapathi Homam?

A devotee can perform Ganapathi Homam by himself or can arrange a Pandit. Since the procedure and the rituals are simple, this pooja can take place at home or office too. Most of the temples, irrespective of the main deity, offer the seva of Ganapathi Homam as their service.

However, one should enquire and book the Homam in advance during the festive season and on auspicious days like Vinayaka Chaturthi.

What is the cost of Ganapathi Homam?

The cost of performing ganapathi homam varies but is usually around ₹1000 to ₹3000. The cost includes the materials required and dakshina for pandit. It is better to take help of your family pandit or ask friends for recommendations of a good pandit.

If you have any questions about Ganapathi Homam, please leave your comment below and we will get back to you within one hour.

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  1. Sir, i want to Perform ganesha homam on 30th october 2019 during my house warming ceremony. Please fix the timing of the homam. Thank you very much

  2. Very good information regarding Ganapati homam , we will get full information about the Pooja , thank you very much

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  4. My son aged 32, unmarried, having kedhu dosham, rohini star, rishabha rasi, his marriage is delayed without any particular reason. His father expired suddenly,seven years before. We are Viswakarma caste. My doubt is this can he do this ganapathy homam. Heard that a single boy should not do this homam. He is having one younger sister 24 years at home. Please advise whether we can do this homam at home or not?

  5. My father passed away on 10th may 2019. The pandit suggested to perform udaka shanti puja, rudrabhiskam and ganapathi homam with in 27 days on any day. Is it genuine??

  6. I am married lady.can i do ganapathy homam for my new flat without spouse.which days in June after 15 .06.19 good for the same.I need two or three dates.can you help me get a pandit in tambaram, chennai?

  7. Can we perform Ganapathy Homam on 08/05/2019 ? Here the pandit is asking Rs.5000/- + Dakshina. Can we do it ?
    We are doing Homam since we all are facing health issues in turn…Please comment..

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      You may perform the pooja on the 8th. We cannot comment on the price the pandit is asking. It is between you and the pandit to decide on the price based on how the pooja is performed.

      1. We are doing Homam since we all are facing health issues in turn. Is it correct… Please comment..

  8. Hi my grandfather passed away 2 months ago and wanted to know if der s any other Pooja dat v can perform while waiting for ganapathi homam for a year

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      It’s better to stay away from any sort of pooja for an year. The first year is the mourning period.

  9. We are moving to new house(second 0wned) we have to do Ganesh Homan within two days plz let me know the cost ,pandith and date and time.

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      Cost depends on place to place. Please check with your local pandit. Best date for the month of May is 22nd.

  10. Namaste i am vasantha i want do ganapsthi homam my house. I want shift ground floor. When is best date. Next month. How much cost. Magairam my naalu

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  12. I’m interested to perform the homam, can I get the contact details of the pundits near Royapettah, Chennai.
    Also need estimation cost. Date 26/4/2019

  13. I have taken sankalp and wants to do udhyapan
    Should uruapan be done as soon as the vow is finished is there any time limit?
    Can Ganesh puja Ganesh be done on dwadshi?
    I finish my path on April 30 can I do puja on May 1st? I am in Dayton Ohio America.May 1st is dwadshi and Subhavastu muhurut is at 11:50 am I think is that a good time
    I am confused
    Also Can I do puja and Havan at 7:30 pm?
    Which is a good day in May ? to do udyapan of Ganesh puja and Havan

      1. my periyappa ( dads elder brother is passed way ) they are in a different city. can i still go ahead and perform ganapathi homam at my home after 13th day ceremony in their place?

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    Also need assistance for what to do and what not to do before, during and after the Homam.

  15. Namasthe,
    As per my birth star early hours of April 19,2019 is chosen as auspicious time for our gruha pravesha. I wanted to perform Ganapathi Homam on that day but the priest suggests to postpone it to some other day as April 19th falls on Friday and it is not good to perform homam on Tuesdays n fridays .. Plz advise me is the priest correct in saying so or shall I proceed with performing homam on that day

  16. I have attended many “Ganapati Homam” poojas and so much interest in it. I would like to get one book which provide all the details of “Ganapati Homam”, i.e. Pooja samagri, procedures of pooja, arrangement of pooja sthal, mantras (chatting at the time of performing pooja), etc.

    Could you provide such a book for me.

    Thanks and regards,

  17. I am a solitary devotee of Ganesha.
    He is my favorite.
    I am thinking i would like to have a Homam performed to worship and ask for help in opening my way in my work, prosperity, opening a clear way for me to develop my own business successfully. Also, health, peace, and help advancing in my music through piano/singing, performing success.

    What would this cost in U.S. dollars?

      1. i was hoping you had a temple to perform a homam.
        I am not educated in Hinduism, but i am strongly drawn to Hinduism, and i am learning the process.
        I live in the U.S. and do not have a place to perform Homam.
        Thank you kindly for any direction and help with this.

  18. My father in law passed away in Dec’2018 and within two months my mother in law also passed away. Mentally we are upset of their sudden demise. We are reconstructing our house and the work may finish at the end of April. Can we perform ganapathy homam after the work is completed ( End of April / May’19) ie., within one year of death of my in laws?

  19. Do we need to buy a new kamakshi lamp (Kamakshi vilaku) for Ganapathi homam in new home?
    Is April 15th good day to do Ganapathi homam in newly constructed home?

    1. ganapathi & navagraha homam&nakshatra homa can be done in the month of April 2019 is a good day of this month homa

  20. I run a hotel, and I v already done ganapathi homam at the beginning of my hotel. Now one of my new staffs wants to perform homam in his name within hotel premesis , will it hamper my success

  21. Prabhusrinivasan

    Need to do ganapathi homam in my homw town erode.Will you provide service on erode for doing it.What the cost of doing ganapathi homam?

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    My brother’s father in-law purchased house and my brother wife is pregnant so they want to do ghanapathi homam. In that Homan can a yelder brother and his wife sit in that homam since my brother wife is pregnant.

  23. Sir, in our house there are lot of bhuta , prethas which are troubling everyone in house, actually some strong evil entered into my sister body and talked with me, it has conditioned me not to pray to our God, do not make it angry, I have to listen whatever it says, or else it has warned me it will kill my sister, I am not able to do any Pooja at home, not able to perform any vratha for God, so many obstacles coming, I do not know where will this takes us to, I am scared, please help me sir, I want to do Ganesha homa to vanish all evil spirits present inside my sister body and evil spirits present at home, please suggest strong Ganesha homa, where I can get rid of all these, waiting for your reply sir

    1. Please take your sister to Chottanikkara Devi Temple in Kerala. Attend the 8:30pm Pooja there. It will help get rid of evil forces in your sister. After that come back home and perform Ganapathi homam.

  24. Good evening sir,

    I want to do ganapthy homam in my house , how many pandits required to perform ganapathy homam in house.
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      I want to conduct vinayaka shanthi for my son’s marriage in my house in chandra layout, bangalore. Please tell me the cost including dakshine.

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  30. Many People are suggesting that gana homam have to start only in the early morning, why? is it that applicable to grihapravesham as well ( if the Muhurtham is in between 8.45 AM to (.30 AM) as per tamil traditions

  31. What are good days to do Ganpati Homam between nov 5th to 10th and what time?

    Is date and time dependent on Rashi of person who is doing Homam or in generic good day and time ?

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    Does selection of day and time for Ganpati Homam depends on Rashi of husband and wife ?

  33. should only brahmin per form ganapathy homam or any other individual can do it by learnng and do it regularly by himself?

  34. In south, Varuna aavahanam on Kalasha and Lakshmi aavahanam on lamp are done and archanai is performed prior to Ganapathy homam.
    Is it mandatory to do the same or one can directly proceed with Ganapathy homam?

  35. What date in December 2018 is auspicious and good day for doing Ganapathy Homam first Time in the house bought in Dallas, U S A
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  38. Shilpa Pisipati

    Hello, this was a very good information. Thank you !!
    I have a question please, can the Ganapati Homam be peformed by the husband only, without his wife being on the side?

  39. Meena Vishnu Kesarkar

    Ganapathi Homam can be performed on Dussehra Day ie on 18th October 2018. Please advice good time to perform this Homam

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    After how many days we can cook non-veg at home after performing ganapathi homam.

  41. I want do pooja on between 6th October to 11 th October 2018. Can you suggest the time and date
    Raasi: Tula
    Can the pooja will be performed by single person (Lady)


    Bought new flat for son. When can I do Ganapathy homam between 7th and 15th of October?
    Can you please suggest?
    Thank you.

  43. Thota Gopi Ashok

    17:57 HRS
    Maesha Rasi
    Kruthika Nakshatram

    11.30 A M



  44. Let me know which date to perform Ganapathi & guru Homam in this month September 2018

    My Natchathira Magam
    Raasi and lagnam Simham

  45. How can I get the mantras to be chant while doing puja. Or any guide with instructionswhich help me to perform puja correctly.
    Pls let me know
    My number is 9711489369.

  46. Sir,

    I am from Coimbatore.We bought a old house.Can we do the Ganapathi Homam in puratasi masam ?
    Could you please provide me good date before October month starts.

  47. I want to know which date of this month can best day to perform ganathi hoomam as my husband rasi is poosam.. want to know what is the cost to the same.

  48. hello sir,

    how to perform 21 ganapathi homam.. is the procedure for that homam any different. And we are planning to perform 21 ganapathi homam let us know best date according to Dublin Ireland.

  49. Hello Sir. I am from Malaysia. I would like to perform ganapathy homam on 16th September 2018. Please tell me if the date is okay and time best suited for pooja? Thank you sir.

  50. Sir, I am planning to shift my residence to a new Flat on 6/Sep/2018. I would like to do a ganapathy homom on same day. Please tell me if the date is okay and time best suited for pooja? Am in Bangalore

  51. is it good day to perform ganapathy homa n navagraha shanthi on 8 or 9 sep 2018, can we do it on amavasaya dat, doea it have any negative affects. plz suggest

  52. Respected Sir, I have been staying in my present house (own house) in Hoskote, Bangalore with my family members (wife, son and daughter) since May 2014. After that I didn’t do any pooja. Now am planning to do a Ganapathi Homam between 16th & 23rd Aug 2018 as my childten are here. Shall be thankful, if you could let me know an auspicious day for doing this pooja before 24th Aug. My star is Pooradam. Thanks.

  53. Dileep Sathyan

    Dear Sir
    I am staying in Muscat, Oman with my family since 2006 on wards. I want to learn and do Ganapathi homa for myself at my home. How I can lean this auspicious pooja? Please advice me..

    with love and regards

  54. Sir, Iam planning to shift my residence to a rented house on 29/june/2018. I would like to do a ganapathy homom on 16 june 2018. please tell me if the date is okay and time best suited for pooja?


  55. Our house 1 and half year old house. In our we feel small unnecessary expenses taking place. There was a scorpion inside our compound. I and my daughter met a small accident. We feel some unrest in our family after getting into our new house constructed by house. But, all problems are within control only. But, some people told us to conduct Ganapathy homam in our house. Kindly tell us what to do.?

  56. Gurupada Swamy

    Hi Sir, Can you confirm that Aug 10th is best day for ganapathi homam?

    on that day is my marriage 1st year anniversary, so please let me know if this day is fine for pooja?

  57. Gurupada Swamy

    is it fine if ganapathy homam is done before or after black moon day? Means next day or day before of black moon day?

  58. C Krishnamoorthy

    Thanks for the details. I have one query. Is someone who perform “Justice Ganapthi Homam” or “Needhi Ganapathi Homam”. If any body knows please send me the contacts.

    C Krishnamoorthy

  59. Dear Sir,
    We are in chennai planned to shift house for rent. Planned on 3rd Sunday 18 – 4.30am Ganapathi pooja. Is it neccessary to do Navagrapha pooja & Lakshmi pooja too along with Ganapathi homam??

  60. I need to perform Ganapathy homam to my house can any body give the no. for good pandit. I stay in Ayapakkam in Chennai near Ambattur.

  61. Hi
    Is 20th May a good day for doing Ganapathi Homam. What is the best time for Singapore? 4 – 6 am or 5 – 7am ?

  62. We are starting a factory so planned Ganapathy homam in factory place. Me and my husband gonna sit for pooja. Shouldn’t we eat non-veg for next 48 days if we do pooja?

  63. manjunatha Keralapura

    Besides doorva what is the other samidh/samith that is used for Ganapathi/Ganesh homam? (saajya samidhbhiryajathi in Ganapathy atharvasheersha) tells which samidh?

  64. information is very useful. I live in Hyderabad, would like to know if you will be able to help me with a good maharashtrian pujari to perform this homam.
    Thank you


  66. Hi, We are planning to do ganapathy homam in our new home. Can you please suggest some good dates and time to do the homam and gruhapravesham between Apr 14,2018 to Apr 22, 2018? we live in chicago, USA. Thank you.

  67. Sir, At present my age is 39 years. But still not I have not got marriage.What type of pooja should I do and which date. D.O.B-22.04.1978.Please advice me.

  68. I plan to perform Ganapathi Homam on 31st March. I hope I can stay at my home on 30th night. Please clarify. I do not have any relatives nearby.

  69. Jayasankaran.M

    I am from Malaysia.

    Recently our God Avatar made of wood caught fire due to my daughter careless. Everthing destroyed including our god pictures. We have re-done the Avatar with concrete structure and are ready with everyting new things including the pictures.
    Planning to have Ganapathi Omam and Mahaletchumi Oman this week. What is your suggestion??


  70. its been more than 6 years we renovated our house and we are plannign to rennoavte our house and perform ganapathy homam.we had many financial and health issues.So we have selected May 7 to be the day for ganapthy homam.Is it fine?

  71. last year my wife felt down and had operated in hip. she have continuously health issues and also have financial problems. my neighbour told to do ganapathi homam. pls. advise which day is best for doing this pooja in march and april’18

  72. Geeta Balakrishnan

    I had contacted earlier thanks for all the timely reply.Now the griha pravesham is on 12/03/2018 ie tomorrow. Is it a good day.

  73. Today at 9 P.M is auspicious for performing ganapathy homa @ my home.

    Please give guidance.

    Chandha kula

  74. Hi Sir

    Our New house will get ready by April’2018. May I know the auspicious dates for Ganapathy Homa in the month of Apr’2018.


  75. Sir,
    I am vacating to a new house for rent within the same town. House owners are Christian and it has been constructed before four months so one of our uncle advised to perform Ganapathi Homam in new rent house on March 1st please advise what type of Ganapathi Homam we can do

  76. I live in mangalore. My son mithun rashi punarvasu 1 pass.. .his exams coming in May. He is in third year MD course. Since he is starting to prepare for final exams.. I want to perform ganpati homa.for starting revisions. Here in Nearby temple they perform.this homa . Which is best day in this week? I have to perform in temple only.which is the earliest best day?

  77. Sir,
    My mother in law i.e., my husband’s mother expired three months ago. We have to shift our house as we got transfer. We are moving to our own house which was let out till now. Can we perform Ganapathi Homam? Should it be performed immediately after moving to our house or can be done sometime later.

  78. Sir, I live in USA. Planning to do ganapathi Homa in my house. Can u suggest good days in March 2018 for the Homa according to the location and time. We live in Texas. Thank you!

  79. Geeta Balakrishnan

    I had contacted you earlier regarding Ganapati homam and poojas.Thanks for the reply.The date of registration is fixed for 12th feb 2018 between 10am -11am.Is this date good for collecting the keys? The property is in kerala.kindly guide me.

  80. Sheela Manjunath

    Sir, I am from Bangalore. We are renovating a house of 3 floors. @ 1st Floor, work is getting completed by 17 Feb 2018 and due to space constraint we want to move ASAP. Can you please advise, what pooja needs to be performed after 17 Feb 2018, so that we can move. We also plan to perform Sri Satyanarayana Pooja once we get the Ground Floor also completely renovated (expected to be completed by End April 2018). As of now we are staying in 2nd Floor (no work is expected to happen in 2nd Floor). Kindly Advise.

  81. geeta balakrishnan

    thank you sir for the reply .is there any temple in mumbai or kerala where we can do pooja for having children.There is subramanya mutt in chembur near to where we stay.its a branch of kukke subramanya temple. we have seen the doctor.Actually there is no gynaec problem.They say its unexplained infertility.
    Thanks a lot sir.i am at peace now.

  82. geeta balakrishnan

    we are purchasing a flat in the name of my son & my husband .Formalities are going on .Is it good to take possession in the 3rd week of feb.I would like to do ganapathy homam and also suggest a pooja for having children. My son is married for 4 yrs.

    1. Yes you can definitely take possession of the house in 3rd week of Feb. Please plan for Ganapathi Homam on a Tuesday. To do pooja for having children, please go to Adi Jagannatha Perumal Temple in Thiruppullani near Rameshwaram. King Dasaratha worshiped here when we had problems with not having children. After that Rama was born. The temple gives a payasam as prasadam and both husband and wife should have it. I hope it will help your son.

      It is good to seek God’s blessings but at the same time please ask your son and daughter in law to consult doctors and seek their help as well.

  83. Hello,
    I have been experiencing lot of problems particularly last two years.. We have got shifted to our house nearly two years back after long time.. From then lot of troubles.. Like health problems n more expenses.. I’m planning to invest in new business too.. Is it good to do ganapathy homam for that.. Or will you suggest any other poojas like that or along with.. Suggest any good dates in February and March for that..

      1. As I can’t take on 3rd February.. And Is it OK to perform on any other dates in February itself ?? Or I should opt for March 5 only.. If yes.. Is Feb 9th a good day for that..??

  84. Sir
    Good morning
    Myself uttarabhadrapada nakshatra meena rashi can we perform Ganesha homam for getting the blessings of lord Ganesha for marriage. If yes please do mention the good dates to lie after 15th Jan 2017

  85. Dear Sir,
    Is it must to perform Ganapathi Homam after renovating the house, it have been 1 year back we renovated and can we do ganapathi Homam Now?

  86. My star is bharani,husband and elder daughter star is punarpusam,younger daughter star avittam.since we have many problems planning for ganapathi ,navahraha&lakshmi homam on 6th December.ur sugesstion please.

  87. Thanks for your kind and prompt reply. My further question is:
    My wife is Aslesha , mine is Bharani, daughter’s nakshatra is Punarvashu-4 [Kataka]. Marriage Anniversary Karthigai month,Shukla-Sapthami thithi, Tiruvonam/Shravana nakshatra – which happens on Nov25 around 6am – 12.30pm.
    (1) Should we do on this date that too post sunrise?
    (2) or we should do before sunrise in which case it is Shashthi, and not sapthami thithi.
    (3) or should we perform on Nov26 before sunrise which is anyway sapthami.
    (4) or any other date based on stars mentioned

  88. Should Ganapathi homam performed in house or temple? Which is more effective? I have recently moved to a new rented location. Should I do at home?

  89. Hi. I would like to engage a temple priest to perform Ganapathy and Mahalakshmi Homam Pooja in my home. Please advise suitable dates between 25th Nov to 30th Nov 2017. Thank you.

  90. I am from Malaysia. My prayer room was recently on fire. I have renovated the house and moved in. I approached a pandit and he suggested to do ganapathy homam and laxmi pooja at home. He said it is auspicious to do ganapathy homam during the month of Margazhi. Is it true? Would u please suggest me any dates in the coming days or month for prayers?

  91. Sir I am Mahendra Babu from coimbatore , tamilnadu. I got married 3 years before & dont have child till now. i want to perform ganapathy homam & shall i plan for ganapathy homam for this purpose? also please suggest a day in this month. thank you.

    1. If you do not have children, then please consult your astrologer and check if you have Kaal Sarp Dosh. If yes, then perform Sarpa Samskara Pooja in Kukke Subramanya. Ganapathi Homam is good but you need to find out the specific problem.

  92. Hi,

    AIm living in Rent house now, can we perform the Ganapati homam in rent house?
    If so the pooja fal will get to me in doing rent house? Please suggest?

  93. I would like to know the cost for performance of panchami homam ganapathi homam in any kerala temples.and the details of the temple and the best day to perform in these 2 months

  94. I bought a five years old building (suitable for giving for rent as workshop or any small industry) for investment purposes. I will be going to perform Ganapathy Homam in November 2017. When shall I perform. Please advise me. (My raasi Rishabam Rogini Natshathra.

  95. Madireddy Srinivaas

    Respected Sir,

    This is Madireddy Srinivaas, from Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh. I kindly request you to clear the doubt that Ganapathi Homam was made on 5.9.17 (Tuesday) at kakinada in Andhra Pradesh. It is preferable for ganapthi homam on Tuesday. My star is Revathi . is it good for Ganapthi homam on that day (5.9.17). Ganapathi Homam was performed my Pandit for my prosperity in my Life (like job and Marriage ) , At present my age is 38 years. But not settled in job, Earning, and also Marriage.
    pleas advise you. is it good or not

    1. It was a good day to perform Ganapathi Homam. Please have some patience since it will take some time to reap the positive benefits of homam. Please trust in god and pray regularly.

  96. Hi My name is Balaraman Chitra nakshatra thula at what day I can perform Ganapathi Pooja my wife uthradam mahara .

  97. how many years once ganapati hoomam to be done in house, because we are in our house since 20 years but we done a ganapati hoomam only on 1997.

  98. Thank you for yr valuable information… We are gujaratis and our main procedure is to lay kalash… This should be done when before ganapathy homam or after.. And we are based at bangalore… I had read somewhere that after hpma house shd not be closed. What to do.. And after the homa, Does the benefit of homa go to person performing the homa or to person staying there.

    1. You need to lay Kalash after performing Ganapathi Homam. House can be closed after the homam. There is no problem there. If you are doing the homam for the house, then the benefit goes to the house. Lord Ganesha will protect your house and whoever is living there.

  99. We r construting a house at kochi nearing completion… With dashera c???? being considered auspicious planning to have ganapathy homaam on 30th September 2017.. Is the day ok and can it be done before fully complting the house… Finishing work of laying tiles going on..

  100. Can ganapathy Homan performed in ippasi month? Is it good to do in that month? If so please let us know the best date in that month.

  101. My son starting business at Bengaluru want to do Lakshmi ganapati homam where should we do at home or in office and what is best day according to his janma nakshatra kruttika

  102. We have repainted our house now.Kindly, tell me the perfect date for Ganapathi Homam.And will it be nice to perform it after pooja rituals?

    1. Ganapathi Homam must always be performed before any other pooja rituals. You can perform any day but the coming Tritiya during Navratri (Date: 23rd September) is the most auspicious nearby date.

  103. For Ganapathi Homam..plz suggest me a perfect date as we have decided to make Homam and will it be nice in performing the Homam after pooja rituals?

    1. Ganapathi Homam must be performed before starting other pooja rituals. It should be the first. You can perform any day but the coming Tritiya during Navratri (Date: 23rd September) is the most auspicious nearby date.

  104. For homa can individual who is yet to marry can sit to perform under the guidance of pundit or is it compulsory to sit couple. Whether it can be during Dussera on a stamina, navami. Kindly giide

  105. Very nice post. Lord Ganesha is worshiped before any auspicious occasion and ritual. Ganpati Homam can be performed for peace, health and prosperity in one’s life. I would suggest everyone to perform Ganpati homam once in a year either by himself or in supervision of a pandit.

  106. What are the other auspicious days this homam can be performed? If we cannot do on 8th Sep or 9th Oct 2017, which are the coming Sankashti days, what would be the next best day between 20th Sep & 4th Oct, can you please suggest.Also, is it a compulsion to perform before sunrise? Can it be done during the day or at moonrise?

    1. Dear SK, It is more effective when performed on Sankashti days. However, if for some reason, you are not able to do so then you can perform on any other day. There is no specific requirement.
      You should certainly perform the homam before sunrise for maximum effect.

  107. Hello sir

    We are in rented house
    kindly suggest if we can perform the Ganesha homam and
    if we perform do the benefits wil come to us or the house Owner. Or
    Shall we perform in temple.

    1. Dear Nilesh, If you are performing Ganapathi Homam even at rented house, the benefits will certainly come to you and your family. Please find a good pandit and go ahead and perform it. May Lord ganesha give you a lot of success and happiness!!

      1. Dear Rohini, There is no issue in performing ganapathi homam before entering a new home. It is done very frequently during house warming ceremonies. You can go ahead and do the ganapathi homam.

  108. my wife star is Bharani .the apartment purchased in her name. The pundit fixed the auspicious day as August 31st, 2017.Since on that day, up to 6 am Navami is there. up to 7.30 ema Kadam also there .If we perform Ganapathi Homam after 7.30 am is it right or wrong.? kindly advise us.

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