Thila Homam Rameshwaram

Thila Homam Rameshwaram – Cost, Benefits and Procedure

Thila Homam is a powerful Vedic ritual performed for the peace of souls of the ancestors and family members who died unnaturally. It is also a remedy for someone who is suffering from Pitru Dosha in his/her horoscope. Rameshwaram is the main place for performing Thila Homam.

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Significance of Thila Homam
Thila Homam is a powerful Vedic ritual

These unusual deaths may be because of:

  • accidents
  • drowning
  • burning
  • poisonous bite of deadly creatures
  • suicide
  • premature death
  • killed by strangling the neck or weapons
  • died at the time of delivery or/and
  • left home due to madness

In all the above cases, the dead soul waits desperately to become free from the evil powers of hell.

Devotees also believe that these souls are haunting or roaming in space and thus the Shastras advice the Thila Homam as a remedy to give the soul peace and to relieve it from negative forces. The Homam helps the soul find its way to rebirth or sends such a soul back to the lotus feet of God.

Who should perform Thila Homam?

Here’s the list of people who should perform Thila Homam:

  1. Someone whose ancestors died unnaturally.
  2. People with intense problems due to powerful enemies.
  3. Someone whose forefathers have not achieved peace because of the evil deeds they did during their lifespan.
  4. People with Pitra Dosha (Ancestor Dosha).
  5. Someone who has not performed Shradhh ceremony for ancestors.
  6. A person whose forefathers are causing unhappiness in their lives like delaying in settling down in a job, late marriage, delayed child birth, disobedient children or children giving troubles or suffer ailments, disharmony with family members and between couples, more unwanted expenditure than income, have legal proceedings and often occurrence of accidents.
Pitru Dosh Nivarana Pooja
Thila Homam is performed to get rid of Pitru Dosha

Thila Homam Benefits

Here is the list of benefits of Thila Homam:

  1. It helps in providing relief to the dead souls and protects them from the clutches of hell.
  2. Also, it helps in driving away from the sufferings of the dead souls.
  3. It provides immediate relief from the unexplained sufferings and worries.
  4. The homam also brings good wishes and blessings for a happy, healthy and unhindered successful life from these alleviated souls.
Lord Yama
Lord Yama idol used during homam

When should I perform Thila Homam?

The Homam can take place any day if you are performing in Rameshwaram.

The most auspicious time is in Mahalaya Amavasya which is an annual ritual that is celebrated 15 days before Navaratri. It is known as the Pitru Paksha in most of India.

Thila Homam can be performed as per tithi (time of death) and if that is not known then it can be performed on any Amavasya.

Lord Shani
Lord Shani idol used during pooja

What is the procedure for Thila Homam?

Time needed: 2 hours.

Here’s how to perform Thila Homam:

  1. Pitra Dosha

    The priests at Rameshwaram perform the Thila Homam by following the Vedic customs to dispose-off the challenges emerging because of Pitra Dosha.

  2. Departed Soul

    The relatives of the departed soul perform the Homam.

  3. Bali Tharpanam

    The major ritual involves offering the Bali Tharpanam to the ancestors in a Vedic ceremony while chanting the mantras.

  4. Agni Samagri

    Next, the priest offers the homam samagri to the Agni while chanting mantras and it mainly involves the offering of ‘Til’ or ‘Elu’.

  5. In Rameshwaram

    Only learned Tamil Brahmans of the Ramanatha Swamy Temple in Rameshwaram, Sri Parasurama Temple in Thiruvananthpuram, Janardhana Swami Temple in Varkala or the Thinaavaya Temple in Malappuram should perform these rituals.

Idols of Female and Male for Ancestor's Worship
Idols of Female and Male for Ancestor’s Worship

How long does it take to perform Thila Homam?

It takes around 2 hours to perform Thila Homam.

Lord Lakshmi Narayana Swamy
Lord Lakshmi Narayana Swamy idol used for pooja

What dress should I wear while performing Thila Homam?

Men should wear dhoti. Women should wear a saree or salwar. The dress that you wear while performing Thila Homam should be let off in the river after the Homam.

Lord Uma Maheswara Swamy
Lord Uma Maheswara Swamy idol used in pooja

What are the materials required for performing Thila Homam?

The major ingredients of the Thila Homam are sesame seeds or ‘Til’ or ‘Ellu’, Homam or Havan samagri and all the holy materials that one needs to offer to the Agni Dev or the Holy fire while chanting mantras.

Goddess Kamadhenu
Goddess Kamadhenu idol used for pooja

Where to perform Thila Homam?

Thila Homam needs to be performed at Rameshwaram which is the most powerful place for the Homam. If you are planning on performing the ritual in Rameshwaram then you should let us know at least a week in advance so that we can make the arrangements.

After the Homam, the ashes of the dead are mixed in holy seawater as it is believed that the dead soul will rest in peace and get salvation only at this spot.

The ritual takes place once in a lifetime, unlike other death ceremonies that take place annually or monthly. The new moon rituals can be performed regularly like any other auspicious Homa or Pooja but not the Thila Homam.

Rameshwaram is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India out of which 5 jyotirlingas are in Maharashtra.

Where to perform Thila Homam?
Rameshwaram is the most powerful place to perform Thila Homam

What is the cost of Thila Homam?

Major costs of the Thila Homam are that of the ingredients and Dakshana for the priests.

If Thila Homam takes place at the Rameshwaram temple, then below are the detailed costs.

Cost primarily depends on the count of chants performed during the homam. The cost of Brahmins is more due to the additional procedures required.

Thila HomamPrice Range
1008 Count12000 – 15000
3000 Count15000 – 17000
6000 Count18000 – 22000
10000 Count24000 – 27000

In addition to Thila Homam, below are the optional rituals that are performed and their costs.

RitualPrice Range
Sudarshana Homam 1008 Count12000 – 15000
Sarpa Shanthi, Rahu Ketu Shanthi12000 – 15000
Naga Prathista (including idol)17000 – 22000
Swayamvara Kalaa Parvathi (For delay in marriage) / Kalathra Dosham12000 – 15000
Thithi/Sraddam/Divasam (Yearly ceremony)5000 – 15000
Hiranya Sradham5000 – 7000
Theertha Sradham15000 – 17000
Kasi Yatra Sankalpam / Saikata Pooja in Dhanushkoti6000 – 8000
Ganga Pooja with Rudra Paarayanam5000 – 7000
God Nagaraja Swamy Thila Homam
God Nagaraja Swamy idol used during homam

Thila Homam in Tamil

The procedure for Thila Homam is the same in any language. Please refer to the Thila Homam Procedure section in the article.

Goddess Bhadrakaali Thila Homam
Goddess Bhadrakaali idol used in homam

Homam Videos

Please refer to youtube for videos related to this homam. There are not many of them though.

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  1. Sir, I am planning to visit Rameshwaram on Mahalaya, but would reach around 3:30 • pm. Please suggest if thilahoman would be ossible at that time. Thanks


    We want to do Thila homam on this adi amavasai i.e. July 31. I would like to know the details such as the amount, payment procedure, availability, timing etc. Kindly let me know how to contact and clarify these doubts.

  3. Madhu Tanjorkar

    We plan to visit Rameshwaram on 7th August for Thilahomam, how ling does the ritial last? We have a 3 year old with us. Is it safe for the kid to be during the homam?

    Please let us know how do you proceed with the bookings.

    Thank you

  4. Hi
    Kindly inform us on how to go about the pooka in rameshwaram ?
    Do all the family need to attend for the homam
    We are 8 together
    We have pitru dosha .
    We are from Malaysia and not well to do family .
    Thank you .

  5. Hi,
    Kindly suggest us how to go about to perform ancestral rituals at rameshwaram.
    We are (non brahmins – Naidu community),
    we have no male member in our family to perform this ritual because my brother also passed away.
    Kindly give us details regarding the type of ritual and cost, we will regard your advice sir.
    With regards.

  6. Hi there. Thila homam can be done before or after the yearly thithi.
    Is there any issues to perform thila homam first then thithi or yearly thithi first then thila homam .

  7. Hi
    My brother is not yet married since his jathagam has no doshams astrologer said kethu is located in 5th place. Is this because of pithru dosham. My father first married my mom’s sister she died while delivering a baby boy both of passed away I don’t know whether he died after his birth or born dead. And my father married my mom while my brother was 18 he also ended his life by committing suicide. Now my brother faced lots of problems now there is delay in marriage what shall we do now. Can you please suggest

  8. Hi
    Wish to perform Tila Homan at RAMESWARAM with 1008 ayurthis
    Pls suggest me the best days to perform and also the cost of Homan
    How many vathyars will be performing
    How many hours it will take .
    If I inform 2 or 3 days before is it ok
    As I face a lot of hurdles in life that’swhy one astro suggested .

  9. Sir
    Before get married with my mother,my father was got affair with one lady and she was pregnant at that time and so she got burnt herself and died,and same thing happened to my father,my grand father married one lady and he didn’t lived with her and got married second time with my Grand mother and his first wife was also died un naturally,now I want to confirm this thing ?Thila Homam has to be attend by myself or by my Father, because I felt due to this thosam,and I hope this is pitru thosam, I suffer with my marriage life and also with job…..
    So kindly revert me with the solution and the cost and who have to come Rameshwaram to Complete this Homam
    So kindly

  10. Hello Sir, I will be visiting Ramesh warm on 3rd June ( Monday) to perform Thila homam. Would like to know the cost , staying place etc…


    Dear Sir,
    I want to perform Thila Homam How much will be the cost and What is the correct Day for performng IS IT NO MOON DAY. or other ,My Number is xxxxxx

        1. Sasidhar Darla

          Depends on how many chants you need to perform. Drop us an email or call us and we will provide further details.

  12. Muralidharan

    Sir, My brother in law expired by accident in 2012. My sister wishes to do thila homam in Rameshwaram. She has an adopted son. But son’s adoption is not legal. NOT VAIDEGA MURAI. In this case who has to to thila homa. Sister brother in laws do not have belief in this rituals and even do not do any shradhams. Kindly give details of how many counts to be done with other homas. Sudershan homa can be skipped.

  13. Which place suitable to perform thila homam Rameswaran or Thiruppulani.We are not Bramins(non bramins).Please clarify this confuse. Rameswaran means suitable person to perform thila homam with phone no. or mobile no.

  14. Namaskaram.
    We are visiting rameshwaram on 9th July 2019 with family of 7 persons to perform tila homam.
    We would like to stay at shanker mutt or any good place with western toilet facility.
    Pls.advise the cost for rituals including sambavana to enable us to come prepared.
    Also pls.inform us the room rental charges.
    We may need 3 rooms.
    Jai ho

  15. Dear Sir,
    Pranams!!!My dear Father passed away on 16th Feb this year,and it was a natural death!!!!Since a few elders had suggested to perform Thila Homa,should it be done after the Varushabdeka function next year,or can it be done even earlier?????Do we have to do Thila homa for my father,even if its a natural death???Should I do it for my dear Mother,who passed away in 1997,due to natural causes!!!!We are doing yearly rituals for my mother without fail!!!!Thank you!!!

  16. Hi, My brother just passed away about 45 days ago. 38yrs old by committing suicide.
    Can I do Thila Homam immediately or only after 1 year?

  17. Srimanikandan.

    Hi Would like to do thila.homam this week in rameswaram. Can I directly go there and take help from priest to do that

  18. Best place for thila homam Rameswaram or thiruppullani. How many persons do thila homam. Time how many hours take. Reply in tamil

    1. The best place for this Homan Rameswaram orThiruppulani. No.of priest will perform Homan. No.of hours. Reply in Tamil.

  19. Hai. I am Deepak Arjun. Please tell me in detail about what are the changes observed after performing thila homam.

  20. My name is A.S. Raghavan. I am told that there is a system in Rameswaram (like Kashi) under which a puja can be performed after which a person need not perform shradh every year afterwards. Is this correct?
    I am an invalid and cannot personally come to Rameswaram to perform the above mentioned puja. Is it possible to get it done without my presence if I send the necessary amount?

  21. My father met car accident on 2013. From that incident onwards, I am in trouble.

    I checked with astrologer, they asked to do Thila Homan at rameshwaram. Please assist me where I can stay and do Thila homam

  22. My first son S.Kishore died 15 years back when he was 2 years old , due to illness.
    My third son S.Sabarish died in an road accident on 28.02.2018, when he was 10 years old.

    I am suffering with a lot of loan. I do not have job.

    People advised us to perform Thilak Homam

    Please advice us.

  23. As perMy son jadagam we should conduct thila homam.On behalf my son I conduct thila homam at advise and also inform the cost

  24. I was advised Thila Homam Pooja due to street shrapam. Is it necessary that a Tamil Brahman only can perform the puja? Or can a Maratha Brahman do that as well.

  25. We want to perform Thila Homam. 10008 counts. What will be the cost. Please reply back so that we can decide. Thanking you. Your Sai Kumar.

  26. Janaki Rajagopal

    Hi , I am Janaki Rajagopal, I would like to know who can perform thilai homam?.
    Is it true ones you perform thilai homam . You can not do it again.
    What are information of my husband’s side family members name I need to do this thilai homam for my husband.
    Janaki Rajagopal

  27. We are 4 male children for my father. Who has to homam. Whether the elder one or any other children. Iam 2nd one. Can i perform this homam.

  28. Myself and 3 sisters are children to my parents who are no more.Myself got divorce from my wife.I have no childran.My father’s younger brother and his wife are very aged and can’t travel.I want to perform Thilla Homam.Can I perform this Homam are Rameswaram?

  29. Three month back my daughter dead not in natural form. What shell i do at ramesawaram? In the mean time my second daughter’s horscope seems naga sarbaDhosam .Is do at the same time at Rameswaram on the same day?

  30. மகேந்திரன்

    எனக்கு அதிகமான கடன் பிரச்சிணை மற்றும் நகைகள் அடமானத்தில் உள்ளது. பிரசன்னம், பார்த்ததில் பித்ரு தோஷம் உள்ளதால் தில ஹோமம் செய்ய வேண்டும் என்று கூறினார்கள்.
    எனக்கு தாய் தந்தை இருவரும் உள்ளனர். அவர்கள் காசி மற்றும்,கயாவில் (tour சென்ற போது) தர்பனம் கொடுத்துள்ளனர் மற்றும் மாதம் மாதம் வீட்டிலேயே தர்பனம் செய்கிறார்கள். தற்போது அழைத்தால் ராமேஸ்வரம் வர மறுக்கிறார்கள். அவர்கள்”சார்பாக நான் மட்டும் வந்து தில ஹோமம் செய்யலாமா. பிரச்சிணை எனக்கு அதிகமாக உள்ளது.

  31. Muthukumaran Jegajeevan

    i want to perform thilahomam at rameswaram. I am coming with my mamiyar, maythunar, sagalai along with my wife(Entire Family – 6 )

  32. lorriane govender

    Want to perform -Thila Homam to be performed at Rameshwaram for Pithru Dosham.

    Must the family be present , because we are south Africa . What is the best way to perform this prayer.

  33. chandrasekharan c k

    i want to perform thilahomam at rameswaram..self with wife and daughter planning to reach on 16/9/18.. can homam be arraged on 17/9/18?
    Chandrasekharan Iyer

  34. My Father expired this year on aApril 22nd 2018 on sunday between 5 Am to5 30 Am exact time we do not know.
    We have performed as per rituals on 11th day and 12th day and as on today also.
    we are planing for thila homam in the month of Sep 2018 can you please inform us what are the procedure to b followed since my father is the youngest son of his father and my father elder brother expired some years ago and when ever they perform the paksha they do not invite, since now my father expired we want to perform all the rituals perfectly
    can you please suggest and inform us.

  35. What is the significance of 1008/3000 / 6000 / 10000 Counts? Can it exceed 10000 also? Is there any rule / reason for the Count? Are any rituals – eg. sankalpam and bathing in 22 Theerthams or Sankalpam at Dhanushkodi or Parvana Srardhams for ancestors – prescribed before or after Thila homam? What will be the cost and duration for those pre and post rituals?

  36. Dear sir,

    I have gone through the details. I would like to perform Thila Homam for my husband and do not know the thithi . Moreover I have only daughter. How can i perform Thila Homam? Is there any possibilities do so? If so request let me know and what are the charges, duration of stay etc.


  37. Preiset
    My mother died on 13th June 2002 morning, it is sudden death. we didnt know the reason.
    we couldnt find the reason. I am 46 years old married first elder sister married who got two son
    and have two younger sisters both married.

    my younger brother who is the only son who got married and having only one girl 9 years old.
    sethuramalingam 02.07.1982 birth place rameshwaram.
    kindly let us know for him thila homam is necessary what is his problem. he is having lot of problem financially job wise healthwise etc. also 3 sisters also having the same problems

    kindly help us.

    i am in mumbai

  38. my son marriage is getting delayed.My astrologer suggested for thila homam.My mother is no more where as my father is still alive.Can i perform thila homam now.If yes is there any special day to perform this pooja/homam or can i do any day as per my convenient at rameshwaram.Pls tell me

  39. Hi as per the Myoksha Travels instruction I have contacted Iyer to perform parihaaram. He is very informative and promised of arrangements for Homam. Thank you Myoksha Travels to provide this facility to get in touch with local iyer for hassle free visit.


  40. My father in law died naturally last year.. One year date is coming this month.. Need to give thithi to him.. May I know the cost and homam name for him to be done in rameshwaram

  41. If the problem is due to fore fathers of two brothers( now no more) and presently the children families of these two brothers would like to perform this Homam. My doubt is whether the homam has to be performed together or it can be performed individually as per their convenience.

    1. There is no need to do the thila homam together. The children families can do it individually as per their convenience. However, the results of the homam will only benefit the immediate family of the person doing it.

  42. We family had completed the death anniversary of relative.But yesterday the darpana was not complete as due to family fight with siplings.So there not ready to cooperate with thila homa.There is any alternate to do only with our family.

  43. Hello sir, my grand mother passed away in the month of July so now can we perform thilla homam next week.. Can we perform before her first year death ceremony.. Pls do reply sir…

    1. Dear Vinodini, The cost of thila homam varies between 8000-10000. We will contact you over your email to help arrange the homam for you at Rameshwaram.

  44. I am from Malaysia. I want to perform Thila homam at Rameswaram on the comingNovember 2017. Please advise the recommended dates and the details of material required plus the cost of the Thila Homam. Kindly send me the quotes for the packages available. Your recommend arrangements and full package with all the charges included. Please email me at : [email protected]

  45. I want to perform Thila Homam because my son’s marriage got delayed inordinately due to Pithru Dosham in his horoscope. My mother is alive. Does it not go against any spiritual text If I perform Thila Homam as advised by Jothidars to ward off Pithru Dhosam? Please reply

    1. Aswini Kumara Sarma

      Dear Karthick, Thila Homam should perform in Rameswaram only for maximum blessings (Aashirvadam) of Ancestors for future.

  46. My son was dead in a car accident on 01-07-2017 around 14:45 to 15:00 PM.
    so i want to perform Narayana bali and thila homam. what are the meterials required especialy photo , ash , dress etc of the dead may please be detailed. if his ash is required i should collect it after your reply only.
    seperate list of meterials for narayana bali and thila homam please detailed.
    what is cost of estimate in details such as meterials and dhatchana should be detailed.
    what is the right place for this homam i.e sethukara or rameshwaram?

    1. Dear Bhaskaran, We are so sorry to hear about your loss. We recommend rameshwaram for the homam. You need to consult a pandit in rameshwaram for the arrangements. Please drop us an email at [email protected] with your contact details and we will help you the best way we can.

    2. Aswini Kumara Sarma

      Dear Bhaskaran, no need to bring any materials as you mentioned, you can perform Narayana Bali and Thila Homam both at Rameswaram it in two days.


    pl tell me the total cost for thill homam secondly for performing this all brothers and sisters should accompanied or no

  48. I want to perform Thila homam at Sethukarai or Rameswaram by the end of April 2017. Please let me know the details of material required and cost of the homam. My Cell: +91 9871934765

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