Pitra Dosh Puja

Pitra Dosh Puja – Places, Cost and Benefits – Online Booking

Pitra Dosh Puja is performed by a person born under the ninth house where Sun and Rahu combine. If someone’s ancestors have not attained peace due to religious rituals at the time of death then this Dosha develops in the horoscope of the person.

Pitra Dosh is a very important aspect in the Indian astrology and one should amend it as soon as possible without any delay. It generally occurs when the ancestors find it very hard to free themselves from the ties on earth and results in hardships. If the pitras are happy with the devotion, then they surely clear all the path to happiness as well as success.

Where to perform Pitra Dosh Puja?

  • It is best to perform the Puja at Trimbakeshwar Temple, Nashik.
  • It can also be performed in Badrinath, Trimbakeshwar, Rameshwaram, Haridwar or Gaya by a learned priest following all the rituals.
  • This pooja can also be performed in Kasganj (U.P.), Bhimashankar temple (Maharashtra), Kaithal (Haryana), Mahamaya Mandir at Ratanpur( Chhattisgarh).
  • Moreover, this puja can also take place at Jabalpur, Gangasagar, Ujjain, Jagannathpuri, Pushkar, Chitrakoot, Rishikesh, Kashi Vishwanath and Prayag-Triveni.
Place to perform Pitra Dosh Puja
Bodh Gaya is one of the prime places which are considered auspicious to perform Pitra Dosh Puja.

Who should perform Pitra Dosh Puja and why?

  • According to the ancient text, Pitra Dosh occurs if any forefathers up to the 4th generation on the mother’s side had an early death.
  • This dosh also arises if the 7th generation on the father’s side had an unnatural death or expired at a very early age.
  • It is also very important to respect the parental desires of the ancestors and follow some good deeds.
  • If one does not follow this, then souls of the ancestors never rest in peace and become Pitra Dosh.
  • If a person does not perform pooja for their ancestors then he might suffer from the curse of “Pitra Dosh”.

What are the benefits of doing Pitra Dosh Puja?

Pitra Dosh Puja has the following benefits:

  • If a person does good for the upliftment and peace of their ancestors then he is sure to seek many blessings.
  • It is also seen that if a person does pitra dosh pooja then it removes all the obstacles and problems from his path.
  • This pooja also provides with harmonious and cordial family relations and the family life becomes very smooth.
  • This puja also provides peace of mind and provides financial stability.
  • This pooja also helps to eradicate acute diseases and relief from bad effects of the malefic planets and cures any destruction.
  • It also protects the family from any evil energies and gives them the strength to overcome all the hurdles of their lives very easily.
  • This pooja is a very powerful tool to overcome the bad conditions. It also revives good fortune and positive energy all around.
Benefits of Pitra Dosh Puja
Pitra Dosh Puja has a whole lot of benefits like the ones mentioned above.

When should I perform this pooja?

  • Amavasya and Ashtami are generally the best days to perform the Pitru Dosh Niwaran.
  • Some people also perform this pooja on Pitru Paksha.
  • Moreover, this Pooja should take place on the last day of Pitra Paksha. Depending upon the Kundli of the person and consulting the expert this pooja should take place.

How to perform Pitra Dosh Pooja?

Time needed: 3 hours.

For performing the puja you can reach Trimbakeshwar Temple in Nasik the evening before the Puja. You can also choose to reach the Mandir on the morning of the Puja.

  1. Tri Pindi Shradh

    Perform Tri Pindh Shradh for the Puja. The TriPindh Shradh is performed beside the Kund.

  2. Trimurti Worship

    Three Gods are worshipped on this Puja. Worship Brahma, Vishnu, Shankar, Gopal Krishna after performing Puja of the Kalash.

  3. Teerth Shradh

    Teerth shradh is performed at the house of the pandit only for those people who are performing just the shradh.

  4. Pindh to Ancestors

    A Pindh is given in the name of all the ancestors that have passed away. Starting from great-grandparents to uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, mother and fathers-in-law and anybody from the family who all are dead. It also includes the Gurujis who have passed away.

  5. Kala Til

    Kala Til, Jal, Pushpa, Tulsi Leaves are offered and these Pindhs are worshipped. The Vidhaan is of 1.5-2hrs.

  6. Donation

    You can donate foods, clothes in the name of the ancestors that are no more alive.

What are the materials required for Pitra Dosh Pooja?

Materials RequiredMaterials Required
AshtagandhaKaccha Soot
Abeer / GulalKapoor
Incense SticksRice
ElaichiRed Cloth
Ganga MittiNapkin
Ganga JalSapt-Dhanya
New Clothes (including Gamcha and Dhoti for men and new sarees for women)Cow Dung
Turmeric powder

What are the types of Pitra Dosh Puja?

There are three types of Pitra Dosh Puja performed at Trimbakeshwar. They are:

  • Narayan Nagbali Puja: This is a three day Puja. It is performed by the River. It is a very elaborate procedure. There are three parts of this Puja and requires complete dedication.
  • Tri Pindh Shradh: This is a one day Puja. This Puja is beside the Kundh.
  • Teerth Shradh: This Puja is performed at the house of the Pandit. This is also a one day Puja.

What is the Cost of performing Pitra Dosh Puja?

Pitra Dosh Puja is a day’s Puja. It takes around 3 hours to complete the Puja. The cost of performing this Puja is around Rs.2,500-3000.

If you have any questions about Pitra Dosh Puja, please leave your comment below and we will get back to you within one hour.

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202 thoughts on “Pitra Dosh Puja – Places, Cost and Benefits – Online Booking”

  1. Sandesh Kumar Kushwaha

    I want to do Tripindi Shradha pooja in Pushkar on 25th Sept 2019, can you suggest some best pandit along with contact no. to fix pooja timings.
    Also how to get confirmed that pitra dosh or negative energy is nullified or minimized.

  2. sir my father and i both have Pitru dosh in the kundali my father age is 70 years and my age is 35 years , then who will suPPosed to do Puja.
    and sir if someone dies in our relation then how long we have to wait to do a Puja.

  3. Jitendra Mandana

    I have to do Pitru dosh Puja.
    Please suggest me ausPicious dates.
    Also give me details like what to do, all family members are needed ?

  4. As per analysis my spouse is having pitra dosha as mentioned below.

    5th house lord situated in 11th house with sun and ketu.moon is situated in child house. Rahu is situated in luck house.

    My parents and her mother are alive.Is she eligible to perform pitra dosha pooja for begetting children.

    Please advise what to do for dosha nivarana if any prevails in horoscope.

  5. I have pitru doshaa in my kundali, my father is alive,
    Who will do this puja, is my father is mandotory to attend this puja?

    Pls help me…

  6. Sir me, my father and my sister has pitra dosh .Will it be okay if pooja is done by my father and mother ? And which pooja should we do Narayana nag bali 2. Tripuri shradh or simple pitra dosh pooja .
    Which is more powerful and give remedies for our career and wellness ?


  8. Sir I have pitra dosh so I want to this pooja so when should I do because I’m getting so problems in all marriage career family all so how much cast

  9. Astrologers say my daughter has pithru dosha nad go to rameshwarma for doing pitru dosha remedy. Her marriage is getting late because of this .But my husband doesn’t agree. How can i remove pithru dosha for my daughter? Please sir, I request you to help me .

  10. Shradha Nakhate

    My dad has pitru dosh and we want to do pitru dosh puja please suggest us a date and time for puja

  11. Naresh pareek

    My Dob is 9th march 1976 place Jaipur Rajasthan time 3.29 am. Do i need to do pitra Puja ??
    If yes then which poojand where and when .please suggest depending on my janmakundli

  12. Pradeep Valecha

    I am Pradeep Valecha.my birthdate is 5/11/1980
    Birth time_8/33am.do I have pitra dosh.if yes which Pooja should be performed

  13. Devendra Sharma

    U have mentioned pitru dosh poja is for 1 day.. But at nasik its for 3 days. Please guide what’s the difference in 1 day and 3 day pooja
    I was informed by one pandit from ujjain he does 1 day pooja of pitru dosh which takes 3 days at nasik. Can it be true
    Does pitru dosh poja done at Bhimashanker also due to have idea about priest doing the same

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      Pitru Dosh Puja is only for one day. In fact a few hours only. Narayan Nagbali Pooja in Nasik is for 3 days. It is an elaborate version of Pitru Dosh Puja.


    Namaskar, Guruji,

    I and my Daughter have pitru dosha in my kundali. Am 48 years old and my daughter is 20 and my parents are not live now. To perform this pooja we want to come to trimbakeshwar when ??. Pls suggest and pls let me know the charges with all Pooja material and Dakshina etc to perform this pooja.

  15. Ankit Kumar Mittal

    Namaskar, Guruji,

    I have pitru dosha in my kundali. Am 40 years old and my parents are not live now. To perform this pooja I am coming alone to trimbakeshwar on 17 August 2019 late nite. Pls suggest and pls let me know the charges with all Pooja material and Dakshina etc to perform this pooja.

  16. Namaskar, Guruji,

    I have pitru dosha in my kundali. Am 36 years old and my parents are living with me. To perform this pooja can I come alone to trimbakeshwar and perform the pooja . Pls suggest and pls let me know the charges and your contact number to perform this pooja.

  17. sonali shrivastava

    Many pandits have told that my in-laws are suffering because of Putra dosha. I have seen many suffering since married. Please guide. In-laws say they have done Pooja in Gaya

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      Check with your astrologer if the pitru dosh puja they did was done properly or not. If it’s not done properly, you might have to do it again.

  18. What are pitra Disha dates (tri Pind Sraddha) auspicious puja days in July 2019. Please let me know. Thanks

  19. I want to.perform pitta dish puja on Saturday 29th June 2019 at Trimbakeshwar temple.

    Can anyone tell me Pandit name contact number. So that you I can contact him.

  20. My father doesn’t perform shradh ritual for his father.. and many times i have argued with him saying he should perform. I’m a girl and can i perform shradh ?

  21. I want to fo this pitar fodh puja nivaran where. Whhich city i have to do this.please inform me as early as posssible.

  22. There is pitra dosh in my husband’s n my son’s kundali.Can my husband and my 7 yrs male child perform both alongwith perform tripindi shraad,a 1 day Pitra dosh nivaran Pooja suggested by our astrologer?

  23. I want to book pitra dosha pooja can u pls help me in get to the right person at trimbakeshwar.

  24. I want to know if I have pitra dosh in my horoscope jiten 23.01.1993 time 10.37 am place of birth hyderabad
    Which pooja will help me
    Which dates are suitable

      1. I am 34 yr old married female. My divorce case is going on. I have pitru dosh in my kundli. Please suggest me if i can perform this pooja.

        If yes when and where i can come for puja and what are the charges for the puja

  25. श्री चंद्रकांत भाऊसो जगदाळे

    ,ब्रम्हचारी दोष, असेल तर काय करावे. पित् ।काल सर्प दोष आहे

  26. Sir my name is nitin goyal from gwalior my doB 22/9/1990 .. sir meko pandit ji pitr dosh btaya ismai kitna amount ka hota h aur ye mere shadi ho gyai h par merre wife pregnant hai to mai aapne mumy papa ko le kaer aa sakta hu kya .. aaur wha aapki side se rhane ki vyvsta bhi ho jati hai kya.. please tell me.. my number is xxxxxxx

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      You need to consult an astrologer. If you want to perform the pooja, we can help you with it in Trimbakeshwar or Rameshwaram.

  27. Is it effectful when there is a situation of divorced.. Wife has gone her home..? There are so many problems between me and my wife..

  28. How much will it cost for the Narayan Nagabali Puja?
    & will the stay/accommodation of 3 days provided for by the panditji? ( I had been to Trimbakeshwar thrice for small puja of 1 day for friends & we were provided overnight accommodation by the Panditji/his friend in a house)

    Thank You.


  29. Please let me know what girls who are not married have to wear for this puja? also please share your phone number to contact you

  30. M. Ravindra Kumar

    Sir, my name is M. Ravindra Kumar from Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. Dob: 14 oct 1969 at 1.22 p.m. in Nellore (A.P) I live with my mother & sister, who is one year elder to me. My father passed away in 10 august 2008. We were brought up in orissa state as my father worked there in a central govt. organisation. My problem is, since 1983 when we were in orissa, things started going bad for our family. Both me & my sister failed in school, though we were not that bad at studies. Then big fights started between me & my sister for no reason,These fights never stopped for 25 years which ruined everything: education, health, marriage, jobs and money. 10 years back we could get private jobs but we lost them also recently. Neither of us could get married. Extreme bad luck is haunting our family. We did all poojas at various places. We also went to many holy places in india and did poojas but nothing worked. That bad luck is not leaving us. Is this pitru dosha or some shraap? or just our fate? Can u pls help?

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      We do not recommend any solutions. You must consult your local pandit/astrologer to get it checked.

  31. I want to do pitre dosh Pooja. I live in delhi. My date of birth 23-09-1962 at delhi. I can come to Nasik for Pooja. What is total cost of this Pooja and when can it be done. Send 2-3 possible dates.my mobile number is xxxxx. you can contact on my mobile

    1. Hi, It’s not about days, it’s about Count of Mantras Belongs to Lord Yama Dharmaraja, Ancestors and other deities, you can split your programme into 3 parts.. 

    1. mailaditisharma67

      Posted by: ASWA1983Hi, It’s recommended to be performed at Sea Shore and River Side only that too in sacred Places…

      So Rameshwaram is a good place to do this? What is the procedure?

  32. Namaste
    I am from South Africa and will be in Haridwar and Rishikesh on the 18/19 of September and wish to do a Pitr pooja there an dalso feeding of beggars, can you please send me the email address of the person and can contact to secure for the pooja and what is the cost of doing the pooja and the feeding.

    Thank you

  33. Rakesh Kumar Khanna

    I am Khanna (khatri ) I wish to perform pitra dosh puja Is there separate pandit for surname Khanna
    Which place I should go for Puja
    I stay in Delhi

  34. Which one is the next date for pitra dosh Puja? And what time we need to present over their? How much cost for this Puja?

    1. Neeraj Shrivastav

      Hi can you please tell me which type of pooja i need to do i mean 1 day or 3 days, i am sharing my details so pls confirm according to my kundli.
      DOB : 1-8-1991
      Time : 9:50 PM
      Place : Datia

    2. Surendra Asati

      Sir, my DOB 07/01/1966 ( night 12.55 on 6th jan.) , at Tirora ( Maharasthra), can I do one day puja, if yes then is it possible on 10 th April 2019.


    I am willing to perform the pitro dosh Puja at trambakeswar temple , which date is the best in March 2018 to perform the Puja

  36. I want to do pitta dosh nivaran Pooja at Trimbakeshwar temple in the last week of of February.
    What is the auspicious date?

  37. Suraj Bhan Jain

    My son, Saurabh Jain, DOB 18.11.1985 at 01.18 AM at Delhi.
    Is any Pitra dosh puja required by me.
    If yes please guide about the details.
    Suraj Bhan Jain

  38. Any priest who performs tri pindh dosha Pooja for a reasonable price pls send the details and contact number of the priest residing in Gokarna

  39. Do I have to be present personally ?
    What type of pitrodosh puja to be performed is decided by the priest after going through the horoscope ?

    1. Hi , Few pandit ji told my brother that he is having pitra dosh. although my parents are alive. My brother is facing trouble in daily life. his business is lost. my bhabhi ji is also unable to conceive and she met with an accident. my father got heart attack two times.

      My brother doesn’t have kundali , his name is ajay gupta, age around 42 years. his birth place is BHIND in Madhya pradesh. time and date we dont know.

      what should we do? whether he is having pitra dosh or not? is it required that he him self should perform this pooja because he is not able to perform it for coming one year. can i perform this pooja instead of him? i am his younger brother.

  40. Hi I have been suffering from pitru Dosh and would like to get the pooja done.

    Shall I get it done in my behalf ? Which one is the best place who could perform on your behalf

  41. I want to do pitra dosh puja but my father is alive they did not want to come in puja. Can I do without my parents this puja I am elder son in my house please suggest me. Some person are saying your father is alive you can’t perform puja your father should perform puja but my parents are not interested . I am living separate from my parents past 11 years I am facing pitra dosh problem please suggest me

  42. Namaskar
    My birth details

    Iam unmarried and having finance problem( business is not running well. Most of the time i had loss )

    Could you please predict because of what dosh i have such problem.

  43. Date of birth : 25/Nov/1986, 23.35.. Place of birth – Hyderabad.
    Am the 3rd and last son to my father..

    Mere khundli me Pitru dosh hai bolke ek pandit ji ne kaha, kya khundli me dosh hai.. please let me know about this.. thank you in advance..

  44. Can pitru dosh puja be performed in Somnath? The pandit has asked for gold vishnu murti and and jewlery? I would like to do it correctly
    But dont want to be cheated. They are 6 pandits who will chant and it is 2 day puja .

  45. What is the cost of tripindi Shradha ? Can we attend marriage within one week after this pooja ? Sister in law’s daughter’s marriage.

    1. pandit Keshav sanchihar

      This is depends on pandit who perform the pooja if it performs for 3 days they may generally charges 21000 and one day 5000 to 7500. After the pooja you have to go home and stay three night then you may join the marriage.

  46. Dob- 31-07-1992
    Time- 21:47
    Place- bhilwara Rajasthan
    Q- मेरी कुंडली में पित्र्र्र्र्र्र दोष को लेकर कई पंडित जी के भिन्न भिन्न मत है, क्या कुंडली में दोष है?
    और 3 वर्ष पूर्व मेरे पिताजी ने गया जी तीर्थ में पित्र्र्र्र दोष की पूजा करवाली थी, (दादी और भतीजे की अकाल मृत्यु) क्या मुझे मेरी कुंडली में दोष के कारण पुनः ये पूजा करनी होगी?

  47. 1, Is there any place in south India to perform pitta Disha puja?

    2. Can pitta Disha puja perform by 6th son. However eldest and youngest are still there ?

    3. I am staying in Bangalore with my wife and one and daughter. Are all four can perform this puja or only I perform

    Please guide us…


    Bholanath Sonkar

  48. Namaskar!!! Meri dob 12-08-1977 hai, birth time 11:25 am and birth place geeta colony, trans Yamuna, Delhi hai. Plz tell me kya mere upar pitra dosh and kal sarpa dosh hai? Agar hai to kya main in dono ka nivaran is pitra paksha Ki amavasya ko kar sakta hun? In dono pooka ki vidhi and cost bataye. Main ye karwana chahta hun.

  49. I have pitra dosh in my Kundali. Would like to have dosh nivaran puja during this pitra paksha. I have to come from Delhi.
    Please advise the cost & timings for the puja etc.

  50. How to reach Chandod near Bharuch by bus from Surat.What are the pitra dosh puja rates in Chandod Gujarat.please reply

  51. My date of birth is 02-02-1976 and time is 04:30 AM, place is Ambala Cantt (Haryana). Kindly let me know if i have pitra dosh as even at this age i am not settled and financial crises are still there.

  52. Pandit ji
    Pitru dosha puja is Enchanting the mantras for 8 to 10 days. 2 to 3 hours per day.
    Can this puja can perform with breaking of days and continue for total 10days. Kindly let me know.


  53. Harkesh Kumar Sharma

    Sir Namaskar,

    My mother and my wife is suffering from the disease every time and we are not living happy with family. By confirmation of Pandits that We all are suffering with Pitra dosh. My parents are alive, Is this true that parents are alive and we will suffer with Pitra Dosh. Kindly suggest.

    If we are suffering with Pitra dosh, Kindly advise that can I do this Pooja alone at Haridwar? What will be Pooja expanses and it will finish in how many days, please suggest. Can I call you, Kindly suggest your contact number please.

    Harkesh Kumar Sharma

  54. I need to get a pitra dohsa puja done for myself and I live in Germany. I can’t come to Delhi before july and need this puja to be done as soon as possible. Can you please help organise this for me? Do lete me know the approx cost for the same too.

  55. Please tell us the cost of getting the pitri dosha puja done for my wife and me. Also please tell us how to contact the temple/pundit at Trimbakeshwar,

  56. There is a pattern of early deaths in our family( my parental side). male members die young. How to get over this? Is it because of Pitra dosh? who should perform pitr dosh puja?

  57. I want my older son to perform Pitra dosh puja as well as my younger son daughter. We do not live in India . Is it possible to do it without them being present

  58. Pandit ji said my son has to do Kal sarp dish puja and pitru dosh puja now pandit ji says my grand daughter also has to do same puja . How do I go about this ? My son has done kal warp dish puja about 16 years ago . Does he have to do it again . One pandit ji said all the boys have to do it together. I live in dubai . Can pandit ji do it in delhi with the help of other pandits

    1. Dear Saroja, If you are already talking to your panditji then please follow his advice. He knows about your family’s situation better than us. The only thing we would recommend is that please do the pooja in person. There is no effect in doing the pooja without attending in person.

  59. Sir im in a big problem,, where ever I go so many crows following me and shOuting from so many years…what I should do and im suffering from so many problems….


    Dear Sir,
    I want to know about details of Pitra Dosh Puja. I want to visit and contact with you at the earliest. Please give me your number.
    Thanking you
    Indranil Ganguly

  61. Ian ashok Kumar wants to perform this puja. Ian at Gurgaon. Where to contact and at which place I should go. Instead going at far place, can it be done at Haridwarinstead going to Gaya. Will it be equal result giving. Ashok

  62. Dear Sir,

    According to one of the pandit ji at Haridwar, pitradosh puja is normally performed within 4-5 hours and have the same benefits as is done in 7-8 days.
    Please advise


    1. No moon day or Amavasya is generally the best day to perform the Pitru Dosh Niwaran. Some people also perform this pooja on Pitru Paksha. Moreover, his Pooja should take place on the last day of Pitra Paksha. Depending upon the kundli of the person and consulting the expert this pooja should take place.

    1. My dob is 20/07/1978 my sun is in the
      8th place in karkida rasi iam suffering from jobs marriage which is delayed can i have pitru dosha can you tell me

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