Hanuman Chatti

Hanuman Chatti Temple – Timings, Significance and History

Hanuman Chatti is a Hindu temple that lies on the road to Badrinath Temple in Uttarakhand. It is 286 km away from Rishikesh and is at a distance of 34 km from Joshimath. This temple is a dedication to Lord Hanuman.

Hanuman Chatti is located at the Sangam of rivers, Hanuman Ganga and Yamuna.

Moreover, the inspiration on behind the temple’s name lies in an interesting mythological event involving Hanuman and Bhima. It is one of the main attractions in the journey of Char Dham Yatra Uttarakhand.

Hanuman Chatti Introduction
Lord Hanuman is the main diety of the temple.

Hanuman Chatti Temple – Facts

Temple Timings5 am – 12 pm
2 pm – 9 pm
Time Required for Darshan20 minutes
Entry FeeNo fee
Best Time To VisitMarch to June
Nearest AirportJolly Grant Airport

Timings of Hanuman Chatti Temple

The gates of the temple are open for devotees at the following timings –

DarshanOpen TimeClose Time
Morning5 am12 pm
Evening2 pm9 pm

Significance of Hanuman Chatti Temple

Hanuman Chatti might be really small temple yet it is significantly known for its natural surroundings and serene atmosphere. The temple provides a sense of peace to the devotees.

Significance of Hanuman Chatti
Yamunotri is a 10 km trek from Hanuman Chatti temple.

Moreover, the temple is located at the head of a very popular trekking destination i.e. Yamunotri. Moreover, it is considered supremely sacred place among the devotees of Lord Hanuman.

History of the Temple

The history of Hanuman Chatti dates back to the time of the encounter between Lord Hanuman and mighty Bhima at the spot where the temple resides at present. So, it all began with Draupadi’s demand for Saughandika flower.

Bhima set out on the search for the flower on the Gandhamadana peak. But drowned in his pride he killed numerous animals on his way. Hence, to break his glass-like pride Lord Hanuman decided to teach him a lesson.

On his way, Bhima encountered a monkey lying in the path with its tail spread out such that Bhima was unable to pass-through. Bhima, the mightiest of the Pandavas requested the monkey to move his tail aside and let him pass. Hereafter, the monkey complained about his inability to move due to old age.

Hence, hearing his reply Bhima started fuming with anger. Eventually, he began trying to move the monkey’s tail himself. However, giving several attempts to the task he failed to move the monkey’s tail. As a result, his pride was shattered to pieces.

History of Hanuman Chatti
Lord Hanuman and Bhim’s encounter prior to Kurukshetra war.

By this time, Bhima came to the realisation that there was something more than ordinary about the monkey. Hence, he requested the monkey to reveal his true identity. Hearing this, Lord Hanuman appeared before him in his true self.

After that, Lord Hanuman also blessed Bhim and assured him victory in the Kurukshetra war. Hence, the place became popular as ‘Hanuman Chatti’.

Second born of Kunti, Bhima was Lord Hanuman’s brother as he was born to Kunti after she invoked Vayu Devta.

Festivals Celebrated At Hanuman Chatti Temple

The main festival celebrated at Hanuman Chatti is:

  • Hanuman Jayanti: The day records the day of birth of Lord Hanuman. Hence, on this day devotees of Lord Hanuman flock to the temple to celebrate his birth and seek his blessings. Moreover, they also make offerings at the temple and receive the pious prasad. The day observes the devotees of Lord Hanuman singing Hanuman Chalisa. Moreover, devotees also read excerpts from Ramayana that remind of Lord Hanuman’s heroic deeds, devotion and bravery.

How To Reach Hanuman Chatti

Devotees can reach the temple by following modes of transport –

  • Air: Jolly Grant Airport present in Dehradun is nearest to the temple. It is 187.5 km away from this Hanuman temple.
  • Train: The nearest railway station to the temple is Rishikesh railway station. It is at a distance of 202.5 km from Hanuman Chatti.
  • Road: Buses are available from ISBT Kashmere Gate to Rishikesh. Hereafter, one can hire a taxi or use state transport buses to Hanuman Chatti.

Where to Stay near the temple

Some of the places fit for a stay near Hanuman Chatti while undertaking the Char Dham Yatra are:

  • The Kedar Dev’s: The hotel offers a package of all the modern amenities. Moreover, the place is hygienic and budget-friendly. Also, the view from the hotel is breath-taking beautiful.
  • Narayan Palace Hotel: The hotel offers comfortable accommodation to its guests. Additionally, the rooms are fully carpeted and appointed with all modern amenities including satellite television and direct dial telephone. .
  • Jagirdar Guest House: The place offers tented accomodation and a budget stay. Guest can enjoy a breath-taking view of the great Himalayas and the luscious green mountains.

Other Temples near Hanuman Chatti

Some of the temples near Hanuman Chatti are:

  • Badrinath Temple: Badrinath is a small temple town located in Garhwal, Uttarakhand. Nevertheless, Badrinath Temple is also one of the shrines in the Char Dham pilgrimage in India. Moreover, the site is just 11.7 km away from Hanuman Chatti.
  • Bhavishya Badri: Ranked fourth among the ‘Sapt Badri’ temples. According to beliefs, Lord Badri will take abode in Bhavishya Badri at the end of Kaliyuga. It lies at a distance of 51.3 km from Hanuman Chatti.
  • Yogadhyan Badri: It ranks fifth among the ‘Sapt Badri’ temples. Hindu mythology states that the Pandavas were born here. Furthermore, it is also the place where Pandu attained salvation and died. Moreover, Yogadhyan Badri has a bronze image of Lord Vishnu in a state of meditation. This temple is 9 km away from Hanuman Chatti.
  • Dhyan Badri: It falls in the sixth position in the string of ‘Sapt Badri’ temples. It has an image of Lord Vishnu which was established by Urvarishi. Moreover, the image is four-armed and construction of black stone. Also, it portrays Vishnu in a meditative posture.

These temples are also a part of the Char Dham Yatra destinations of Uttarakhand

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