Narsingh Temple

Narsingh Temple Joshimath

Narsingh Temple Joshimath is a dedication to Lord Narasimha, the fourth avatar of Lord Vishnu. Moreover, the temple sits in Joshimath, which is in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand.

Nevertheless, this shrine is also one of the 108 ‘Divya Deshams‘ of Vishnu. Since the temple is a part of ‘Sapt Badri’, it is also popular as Narsingh or Narsimha Badri among its devotees. Moreover, Adi Shankaracharya set up this temple as a dedication to Lord Vishnu’s Narsimha avatar.

Introduction of Narsingh temple
Adi Shankracharya established the Shaligram idol of Vishnu’s Narsimha avatar here.

Reportedly, devotees observe shrinking in the right wrist of Narsingh idol which continues to occur. Moreover, an existing prophecy hints towards the occurrence of a destructive landslide after the wrist of the idol falls off.

Hereafter, the route to Badrinath will close forever. Nevertheless, this temple makes its place in the Char Dham Yatra packages within Uttarakhand.

According to the prophecy, after route for Badrinath temple is closed, Bhavishya Badri will be the place of worship for the devotees of Lord Badrinath.

Narsingh or Narsimha Temple – Facts

DietyLord Vishnu’s Narasimha or Narsingh Avatar
Temple timings6 am – 7:30 pm
Time required for Darshan30 minutes
Best time to visit the templeMarch – June
Entry feeNo fee
Nearest AirportJolly Grant Airport
LocationJoshimath, Uttarakhand

What are the timings of Narsimha Badri, Joshimath?

Devotees can visit the temple during the following timings:

Open6 am
Close7:30 pm

What is the significance of Narsingh Temple Joshimath?

Narsingh Temple Joshimath holds major significance as the fourth incarnation of Vishnu that depicts him being half-human and half-lion. Diety’s idol in the temple is 25 cm high and sits on a lotus. On the left-hand side of Lord Narsingh, there is an idol of Goddess Chandika.

While, on Lord Narsingh’s right-hand side are Lord Ram, Goddess Sita, Lord Hanuman and Garuda. However, the temple has also installed idols of Badrinath, Kuber and Uddhav. Devotees believe that Badrivishal rests in the temple during winters. Hence, the priests move the idol of Badrinath temple to Narsingh Temple during winters and place it alongside the Narsingh idol.

The idol of Lord Vishnu in Narsingh Avatar located inside the temple is made of Shaligram.

What is the history of the Temple?

Narsingh Temple Joshimath has a history of around 1200 years and was home to a sage called Badri Nath. Also, the idol that sits inside was constructed during the reign of Lalitaditya Yukka in the 8th century.

History of Narsingh temple
Lord Vishnu appeared in Narsimha avatar to kill the arrogant demon Hiranyakashyap.

An ages-old tale states that Lord Narsingh saved his devotee Prahlad from the tyranny of his father. Eventually, Lord Narsingh took the life of the demon Hiranyakashyap.

What are the festivals celebrated at Narsingh Temple Joshimath?

Some of the festivals celebrated at Narsimha Badri in Joshimath are:

  • Holi: It is a Hindu festival which relates with the story of Lord Narsingh saving his devotee Prahlad from his aunt Holika. Hence, when Holika sat in the fire with Prahlad on his father’s order, she was burnt off while Prahlad came out alive.  The festival signifies the victory of good over evil and is played with colours.
  • Narsingh Jayanti: It calls for a celebration on the day when Lord Vishnu appeared in his half-human and half-lion form, popular as ‘Lord Narsingh’. This festival falls on the Shukla Chaturdashi in the month of Vaisakh.
Festivals celebrated at Narsingh Temple
This festival of colours called Holi is celebrated to signify Lord Vishnu’s win over Hiranyakashyap.

How to reach Narsingh Temple Joshimath?

Here’s how to reach Narsingh Temple Joshimath:

  • Air: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun is the nearest airport available to reach Joshimath. It is at a distance of 268.4 km from Joshimath.
  • Train: There are two railway stations near to the temple namely, Dehradun ( 294Km) and Rishikesh ( 256Km).
  • Road: There are buses available for Rishikesh/Badrinath from ISBT Kashmere Gate. The temple is at walking distance from the Joshimath bus stop.

Where to stay near Narsingh Temple Joshimath?

Some of the places where one can stay near Narsingh Temple Joshimath while undertaking the Char Dham Yatra are:

  • Super 8 Temple: This hotel offers a comfortable and hygienic stay. Both exteriors and interiors are a sight to watch and enjoy. Moreover, everything is available in a budget.
  • Country Inn & Suits: This place is an amazing blend of scenic beauty and high-tech luxuries. Moreover, everything can be availed in a budget. Also, the place is a divinity for travellers.
  • Temple Travelodge: This hotel offers an entire bunch of modern amenities. Moreover, it slips easily into one’s budget. Also, it is located quite close to the temple.

What are some places to visit near Narsingh Temple Joshimath?

Some of the places to visit near Narsingh Temple Joshimath are:

  • Rudraprayag: It is the confluence of river Alaknanda and Mandakini in Uttarakhand. Moreover, it is fourth in the Panch Prayag. It’s home to numerous Shiva temples. Also, It is a part of part of the holy Dham Yatra within Uttarakhand. This confluence is 115 km away from Narsimha Badri.
  • Vasudeva Temple: It holds its place in the list of famous Vishnu temples in India. Nonetheless, the temple resides 30 yards away from the Narsimha Badri. The main deity of the temple is Vasudeva whose idol is carved out of black stone and is 6 feet high.

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