Bhoomi Pooja

Bhoomi Pooja – Procedure, Cost and Benefits

What is Bhoomi Pooja?

Bhoomi pooja is a ritual to honor Goddess Bhoomi and Vastu Purush (deity of directions). Bhoomi means Mother Earth. Bhoomi puja removes the bad effects and vastu doshas in the land. It begins before the construction of any structure. It helps in smooth completion of work.

Bhoomi Pooja is performed in north east -corner of the the construction site or for good agricultural yield. It is performed for Vastu Purush, Goddess Bhoomi, pancha boothas (the five elements of nature) and the deity of directions that removes all the bad effects and Vaastu doshas in the land.

 It is necessary to build the compound wall before constructing the house. The southwest part of the wall should be higher as compared to the other walls of the house. The walls on the east and north sides should be 21 inches shorter than the south and west sides.

After choosing the land for the construction, one should grow plants on the land. One can also keep a calf or cow in order to make the land more auspicious. One can also consult an experienced priest to perform the Bhoomi Pooja which will bring lots of happiness in the life of the individual. 

Who should perform Bhoomi Pooja?

Here’s who should perform Bhoomi Pooja:

  • This pooja is performed before beginning agricultural tasks on land, or building an apartment. It leads to prosperous outcomes.
  • It is also a very important pooja for the correction of the Vaastu.
  • This pooja is also performed to seek the blessings of Vastu Purusha. The pooja kills any kind of negative energies or ill effects at the Construction area where the house is to be constructed.

What are the benefits of doing Bhoomi Pooja?

Here is a list of benefits of doing Bhoomi Pooja:

  • It is very important that when you build a building or use a land for the cultivation purpose then one must seek the blessings of mother earth and offer the prayers. Hence it gets rid of all the evils and reduce all the negativities from the land.
  • It also helps for a smooth completion of work without any hurdles.
  • It also provides with well being and happiness of the people who are going to live in that property. If one is going to use the land for the agricultural purpose then it will help to yield more crops with a huge production.
  • Bhoomi Pooja will make Vaastu purush happy and grant his blessings to the worshipper.
  • Performing this pooja will also purify the construction site from any kind of negative energy and protect the home from any kind of troubles. This pooja will remove all the ill effects and purify all the corners of the house.

When should I perform Bhoomi Pooja?

The most ideal time for performing the bhoomi pooja is in the month of shravan, margshirsh, paush, and kartik. Vastu time decides the date for Bhoomi puja. It comes many a times twice in a month. The suitable week days for this pooja are Monday and Thursday.

These days are considered to be very auspicious for this pooja. Divaskarma, hadpaksha and shraadh paksh is very useful to avoid. Except the ninth, fourteenth and fourth tithi other all the tithi are auspicious. At the very first day of construction work one should count the number of lunar constellation.

If the number is between 1 to 7 or 19 to 28 than at that time the day for performing the pooja is inauspicious. If the resulting number is from 8 to 18 than that particular day is very auspicious.

How to perform Bhoomi Pooja?

Here’s how to do Bhoomi Pooja:

  • At the time of performing the pooja the very first step is to keep the site cleared.
  • Also, one should clean the dirt, trash holes etc.
  • The worshiper should be east facing at the time of performing this pooja.
  • The beginning of this pooja starts with the ganesh pooja.
  • In a cleaned platform one should place those deities that one worships.
  • Then one covers the coconut with red cloth and places it in the ground.
  • This pooja is incomplete without the havan.
  • The different main rituals include Devi poojan,taking a Sankalpa, shatkarma, pran pratishtha and manglik dravya sthapana.

What are the requirements for Bhoomi Pooja?

The requirements for this pooja are Kumkum (red sindoor) 100 grams, turmeric powder 100 grams, camphor /karpuram 1 packet, sandal powder 1 box, incense (agarbatti) sticks 1 packet, fruits – 5 types 2 each, beetle nuts 100 grams, beetle leafs 30, flowers 3 bunches, coconuts 5, rice 4 lb.

Other requirements are:

Navaratnas (9 types of gems) 1 set, dry dates 1 packet, Lemon (green limes) 5, Pancha Lohas (5 metals) 1 set, Nava Dhanyam (9 types of seeds) 2 packets, Coins – Quarters 40, White Cloth 1/2 meter, Milk 1 gallon, Water 2 gallons, matchbox 1, lamp,cotton wicks,oil 10, panchapatra,udharini, plate 1, kalas (kalasam) 1, Bricks 5, bell 1, bedsheet 1, plates – plastic 4, God picture 1, foam cups 5 etc.

What is the cost of performing Bhoomi Pooja?

This pooja might cost you from Rs. 3500 to Rs. 5500. By performing this pooja, one can seek the blessings of vaastu purush. It is very necessary to have an experienced priest to perform this pooja that will bring well being for the family and provide safety to it.

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