Sudarshana Homam

Sudarshana Homam – Cost, Benefits, and Procedure

Sudarshana Homam is a Hindu ritual involving fire. Participating in Sudarshana Homam helps a person destroy negativity, gives him victory over the enemies, and protects against the evil eye.

The homam grants purification and helps in restoring energies and health. It also promotes success and provides deep levels of purification.

Sudarshana Homam owes it’s origin to the Sudharshana Chakra which is among the major psychic weapons of Lord Vishnu who is the preserver as well as the sustainer of the Universe. Lord Vishnu has always been portrayed as holding the mighty Sudharshana Chakra which is a kind of a wheel, in one of his hands. This is his weapon and he always triumphantly flings it at the negative forces to forcefully slice them with a spinning motion.

Lord Vishnu Sudarshana Chakra
Lord Vishnu holding Sudarshana Chakra

According to Hindu scriptures, the Sudharshana Chakra originated from the extra shavings from the Sun God, Surya. Saint Vishwakarma created a few powerful golden objects from the Surya Deva including the Sudharshana Chakra. Devotees also believe that the weapon had 108 serrated edges. The Sudharshana Chakra is a mighty weapon that had the power of a million suns.

Who should perform Sudarshana Homam?

A person should perform Sudarshana Homam if he/she:

  • needs relief from the evil eye
  • needs relief from the intense problems due to powerful enemies
  • requires protection from any strong and negative interference which could be in the waking state, sleep state or dream state
  • wants a lot of wealth
  • wants a strong victory or highly successful results
  • wishes to get rid of health issues
  • wants to pursue deeper experiences of purification
  • wants to work for the people and community

Sudarshana Homam Benefits

Here’re the benefits of participating in Sudarshana Homam:

  • Sudarshana Homam helps gain prosperity
  • It helps in healing the body and provides rejuvenation of health
  • Moreover, it helps in the purification from the harmful and toxic energies
  • Sudarshana Homam helps to achieve sincere desires
  • It provides also huge victory and immense success with manifestations
  • Further, it provides immediate relief from the unexplained sufferings or worries
  • The Homam also helps in providing protection from the powerful enemies and evil eye

When should I perform Sudarshana Homam?

One can also perform the homam on Ekadashi, Dwadashi, and Poornima. Also on the dates that fall on a Wednesday and Saturday or during Buddha Horas are also favorable for performing the Sudarshana Homa.

What is the procedure for performing Sudarshana Homam?

The Sudarshana Homam is the best protection from all the evils, dosha nivaran and to get relief from the troubles from enemies, evil eye, black magic, and fear. It also helps in persecution by evil spirits and health problems.

Sudarshana Chakra
Lord Vishnu with Sudarshana Chakra

Here’s how to perform Sudarshana Homam:

  1. The Homam starts with the recitation of the Sudarsana Manthra Japam.
  2. Recitation of the Sudarshana Ashtottharam which starts with the Sudarsanaya Nama and concludes with the Naarayaanakrupavyuha Tejaschakraya Nama, takes place.
  3.  After that, the priest makes you take the Sri Sudarsana Homa Maha Sankalpa where you invoke the deities to bless you.
  4.  After that the priest invokes all the deities including Lord Kumbam, Lord Varuna, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Narayana and Lord Sudarsana and performs the Shodasopachara Aaradhanam.
  5. Agni Prathishtai follows this.
  6. Then the homam starts with the Sri Sudarsana Shadakshari performed 108 times with aahuthi
  7. After all the Aahutis, the Poornahuthi takes place which is the conclusion of the Homam
  8. After the Poornahuthi, all the spectators go around the Agni Kuntam and recite Sri Sudarsan Ashtakam.
  9. The Bhasmam from the homam is then worn on the forehead protection this the homam concludes here.

What are the materials required for Sudarshana Homam?

The major requirements for the Homam are the Sudarshana Yantra, which is worshiped with Sudarshana Mantra Japa. The Homam requires the Homa samagri including molten butter, herbs, and sticks of certain trees that one needs to offer into the sacrificial fire along with the powerful chanting of mantras.

Apart from this the offerings to Lord Sudarshan also include fruits, flowers, incense sticks, and the Naivedhyam Prasad. Pooja of the owner of Sudarshan, Lord Vishnu has to be performed with Tulsi leaves.

Where to Perform Sudarshana Homam?

This Homam should take place at a Mahavishnu temple by a professional priest. If you want it to take place at your home, then you need to consult a learned Brahman.

Can I perform Sudarshana Homam at home?

Yes, you certainly can perform the Homam at home. However, please take the help of a learned pandit and perform at home.

What is the cost of Sudarshana Homam?

Major costs of the Homam are that of the ingredients and dakshina for priests. The ingredients cost somewhere between Rs. 2000/- to Rs. 3000/-. Thus the total cost of the Homam is less than Rs. 10,000/-. If the homam takes place at the temple, then there could be additional fees.

What is Sudarshana Homam Mantra?

To get blessings of Lord Sudarshana, it is advised to chant this mantra daily. Here are the Sudarshana Homam Mantra Lyrics.

Om Namo Bhagavathe Mahasudarshanaya Deepthre,

Jwalapareethaya Sarvadigshobhanakaraya Brahmane Para Jyothishe,

Hum Paht Swaha

Sudarshana Homam in Tamil

This Homam takes place in all major Indian languages and Tamil is one of them. Please consult a Tamil Pandit.

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  1. N Mallikarjuna Rao

    I am from Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.My daughter is in Rahu mahadasa. Her date of birth is 05-05-2003. She is suffering from mental tension. one pundit suggested me to perform Sudarshana homam.kindly suggest me in this matter.

  2. Performed Sudharshana homam and the ash is placed in black cloth hanging atop of entrance of home, how long should that be placed.

    1. Mohinish Chand Alahari

      Not sure where you are based but the sudarshana homam is performed in Yadagirigutta Narasimha swami temple and the ticket price is only 1116

  3. Sujatha Jagannathan

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’ve the following questions kindly answer me the same;
    (1) For how many months or years does the Sudarshan homam ensure protection for the doer and his family?
    (2) Can one Sudarshana homam nullify all the black magic, spells, etc?
    (3) Will the homam shield the doer and his family in all aspects always or only for short duration?

    Kindly, answer the above questions at the earliest.

    Thanking you,

    Yours truly,
    Miss. Sujatha Jagannathan

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      1. There is no specific timeframe as such.
      2. It depends on how it is performed
      3. Again, there is no specific timeframe. Do the pooja again if you think your problems are nor resolved yet.

  4. Hello, my dob is 10 jan 1989 01:25 am gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh where as I am running through guru Mahasabha facing lot of problems regarding family, marriage and bussiness relations

  5. Sreevivasan VS

    We want to perform ganapathi homam sudarshana homa and chandi homawith tamil Pandora within Temple premises. Please inform cost. Probably May 2 or word.
    V.S.Sreevivasan advocate Tirupur Tamilnad.

  6. What is the cost of sudarshan homam if we perform at home financial problem and health problems and negative energy

  7. What will be cost if I do at home and if anybody is suffering from evil spirits is this Homan is benefits pls suggest

  8. We are advised by a priest of Hayagreeva temple to perform sudarshana homam for 18times at the place where we reside.What will be the cost ?

  9. Where can one perform sudharshan Homan, in the house or in temple.?How long is it done?
    What is the cost???

  10. I recently witnessed sudarshana homa at my uncle’s house. There was a shloka recited on the lines of
    kanaka rajatha chakram
    bhasuraa ramya chakram
    giri vara guru chkram
    kEshava swami chkram.
    Asura nidhana chakram
    kaala dandaagni chakram
    bhavathu bhavathu chakram
    bandhavO vishnu chakram
    I want to know the full shloka. Kindly help. Thank you.

  11. Hi I want to make this homam in my father house. Can u provide all which r requirements including Brahman also in warangal.

  12. My wife pregnancy is getting delay.. v r talking lot of treatment but no sucess.. few of jy family members asking us do sudharsana homam to get pregnant.

    Sudharsana homam is for pregnancy also?
    V r in abroad our parents can do that in india or myself and my wife need to participate in pooja? Shall i do it hear?

    1. Hi.. I would recommend you to see prashna jothidam to understand what is prohibiting you from parenthood. According to the dosha, pariharam and prayarchiththam shall be done. May be SUDHARSANA homa is like a general paracetamol, but this cannot be prescribed for all the diseases and to all the patients. Find out the cause and do worships in line with it.

  13. Is sudharshana homa benefits will stay for certain period and should we repeat it ? .
    Does it destroys evil people in life ?

  14. Hello, Happy evening Swamiji,
    Which homam is best to do in the month of January 2019. Am suffering from huge loss in my business we are running paying guest for girls and boys for past 3 years has gone. From the day one to now no gain at all. Even single Paise won’t be savings in my hand.and I ‘ve only one daughter now she is 11months old baby we have to do hair remove seremany

  15. ఒంట్లో దుష్ట శక్తి ఏమయినా ఉంటే ఈ హోమం వలన బయటకు వెళ్ళి పోతుందా దయచేసి తెలియచేయండి. హరి ఓం

  16. I need to do
    மஹா கணபதி ஹோமம்
    “. சுதர்ஸன. ”
    “. லட்சுமி குபேர ”
    “. மிருஷ்யூ. ”
    “. திருஷ்டி. ”
    ஆயுட் விருத்தி. ”
    தன்வந்திரி. ”
    குலதெய்வம். ”
    நவகிரக. ”
    Approximate cost of this homam

  17. Hari Om, Please give me the names of the Mahavishnu temples where this homam is done in Bangalore. Can only one person living away from the spouse perform this homam. Waiting for the early reply. Hari Om.

  18. My family astrologer advises me to perform sudarshana homam in sri ramar temple. It is usuallyh performed in vishnu temple I am told.
    The purpose of the homan is to get rid of all obstacles which we are facing for my sons marriage which is delayed due to one reason or
    the other. If there are obstacles within the family from relatives and friends and if there are efforts by misguided people to stall or postpone
    the marriage prospects of my son, this homan will help save clear all those obstructions which come in the way of marriage. In short, this
    puja is to get the blessings of Lord Vishu thru sudarshana homam to get rid of all kinds of obstacles created by people within and outside
    the family in the matter of marriage of our only son whose marriage prospects are getting delayed due to unknown forces which are working
    against our sons marriage prospects.

  19. Sir thanks and very good information. I want to perform sudarshna human in my business place. Now my business is not profitable and huge loans. So I need to improve my business. Kindly suggest me.

  20. Minimum How many priest are required to perform sudarshana a homam. Some say it’s 5 and not 2? Any specific reasons for the priest count?

  21. Namaskar Swamiji, kindly let me know whether the ekadashi/dwadashi for performing Pooja has to be Krishna paksh or Shukla paksh? Which is preferred? In this month which are the auspicious day and time for performing Pooja?

  22. Namaskaram Swamiji,
    My husband and me have misunderstanding and he lives in a different place. I live with my daughter who is studying in college. My parents are very old and ill and live in another city. Can I perform Sudarshan Homam at my home in Chennai without them? Please advice. With regards, Kalaivani

  23. I have seen different version of this mantra and confused about word dikshobhana haraya ot karaya? what does dikshobhana mean?

    Om Namo Bhagavathe Mahasudarshanaya Deepthre,

    Jwalapareethaya Sarva dikshobhana karaya Brahmane Para Jyothishe,

    Hum Paht Swaha

    other version is
    om namo bhagavate mahaa sudarshanaaya deeptre jvaalaa pareetaaya sarvadik kshobhaNa haraaya, hum phaT brahmaNe paranjyotishe svaahaa “

  24. While performing any homam, is it necessary to have bhoo sparsham?
    If performed on the third floor of a building, will the effect be nullified?

  25. Very deep my heart there is a earning to perform sudhashana homa in my office. Can I do this homam in my office? I do not have the yantra, is it a requirement to have the yantra?

  26. my son married then not understanding both with me. my grand son can’t seen myself. they live in separate portion in my house. last one and half year not talk with son under control in his wife family. some body said do sudharsana homam and get your problems solved. i wish to do homam is possible




  28. Hi can i perform sudarshana home for removal of Stree shapa , does it really work.
    also do we need to have our parents present,

  29. Subhash shirodkar

    Sir, I am facing lot of problem in my Buisness,By doing Sudarshana Homa m at Home I will get Benifit of it, Please advice Thanks

  30. Dear Sir, I am a brahmin Unfortunately I have away from home unable to perform Sudarshana Homam at home is there is any other alternate to perform at temple but my enemies of my family is at near by area of home and also there are some supporters at home. I could not reveal the secret of performing Sudarshana Homam at home.

  31. At the time of Sudarshana Homam 108 slokam of lord Sudarshana will be read (I don’t no exactly what is that, I am surching for it as a lay man can I read those like Vishnu sahasrasathanamavali) if so we’re do I get.

  32. Hi, I want to do this in my home. I am from chennai. Can you tell me the cost for doing this Sudharashana Homa? Also I need to get learned brahmin to do this homa perfectly. Is it possible?

  33. Can you check the horoscopes of my husband and mine?We were married in the month of December 2017 i.e.,love marriage.But we are thinking that the muhurtham is not correct…so please suggest me any pooja for our bright future…..

    1. You need to consult an astrologer for checking your horoscopes. Do not worry about what muhurtham you got married. Just love each other and understand each other. Things will be fine and you both will have a great future together.

  34. I really appreciate your efforts in letting all of us know on Sudarshana homam procedure I have certain doubts kindly clarify me on the below points thank you very much in advance
    1) How much japa must be performed before starting the Homan.
    2) how many brahmin are required to perform this Homan
    3) the moola mantra is very short, i have heard the different one wgich os very big, please suggest which one we need to chant
    4) someone told, Ashta dravya is required to perform the Homam is it true, if so what are those dravya
    5) finally is it to be performed in the evening or in the morning

  35. Dear Sir,

    I’ve been married for 12 yrs with 2 kids, since begining my mother in law used to poison my husband ears and created conflict between us. He started demanding that i get my marital property in my name which eventually my mother gave.
    He insisted to construct the home on the existing once. It has been 11/2 yrs we started and all the problem began my husband started having an affair, he and his mother deserted us, filed police complaint and divorce. My husband is totally in the clutches of that other female and his mother too is supporting it. I with the help of my mother have completed the home and before we (me, my kids and my mother) could move in my husband has met with a terrible accident and he is in hospital now.
    I’ve to move to that home because my rent tenure is over and i have to pay emi’s too. I spoke to a priest he said that i do abhishekam for lord ganesh and then move in, but another priest has informed that we have to do Sudarshan homam.
    My husband is not in position to sit and perform puja and even if does he won’t come.
    Kindly guide me if my son can sit or I alone can do it?
    Is it necessary that i perform this puja now or can i do gana homam and when everything settles can i perform sudarshana homam?
    Please help me in guiding me ritual which will put our lives back in track.

    1. Please do ganapathi homam along with your son and move in to the new house. Please keep your expenses under control and use the money for your kids education. Be tough and I am sure you will get through the hard times.

  36. If i perform in yadadri temple 1116 cost is enough…should i bring anythings or everything is given in temple for sudarshana homam specially family members cheated and gave us money of property. So specially i want to do for this so suggest will it be successful

  37. Hello sir,i want to do sudarsanahomam where i can do, means I saty at rented house.there shall i do? my own house is there in a village so my doubt is which is good.

  38. Dear Sir,
    I want to do homam for my son to do good in studies/Exam/Concentration & for his future prospectus.(12th std appearing in 2018).

    Which homam will be good.

    Please suggest.


  39. In the case of a death of an unmarried sister, can our another unmarried sister who performed the karma perform sudharshana homam by herself at home?
    If so, when? Can she perform after 6 months or after one year?

    1. Yes, another sister can certainly perform sudarshana homam at home. Please take help of a learned priest for the procedure and arrangements. It’s better to perform as soon as possible after the death.

    1. The material required for Sudarshana Homam are the Homa samagri including molten butter, herbs, and sticks of certain trees that one needs to offer into the sacrificial fire along with the powerful chanting of mantras.

  40. Is there any difference between sudharshana homam and sudharshana puja? Also I heard that based on our birth horoscope a Jyotish has to suggest us for how many days that puja has to be performed. Please suggest.

    1. Sudarshana homam and Sudarshana puja are one and the same. The homam is usually a one day ritual. But if your jyotish is recommending it for multiple days based on your horoscope then we suggest that you follow his advice. If you like, you can email us your birth horoscope at [email protected] and we will provide our recommendations.

  41. Dear Sir,
    My friend invited me to join his dhanvanthiri Sudharsan homam. He is doing this homam for his parents. Shall I join this homam.

      1. Thank you so much for your reply.

        If I join that homam ( .dhanvanthiri Sudharsan homam) What benefits I will get.. Is it good for me??

  42. we stay in hyderabad..want to perform sudarshana homam at home.. is there any one who can perform this homam pls send me details along with cost ,time to perform and how much time will it take to perform.
    [email protected]

    1. Dear Aparna, We do not provide priest services. You need to contact a pandit in your area to do the sudarshana homam. We would recommend you doing the homam in a mahavishnu temple because it is much more effective.

  43. Venkat Pendiala

    Can Some one give contact details of A Brahmin in Hyderabad who can perform the Sudarshan Homam please.

  44. The details provided are very enlightening. Very happy to know so much about Sudarshana homam. Thanks a lot.

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