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Putrakameshti is a unique yagna that has its own special place in Hinduism. Moreover, Hindus perform this yagna for the sake of having a child. Putrakeshti Homam is also famous by the name, Santhana Gopala.

Putrakameshti Homam is also undertaken by the couples who long for a male child or successor of the family. Lord Vishnu is the deity of this yagna. Nevertheless, it forms a part of the Kaamya-karma.

Origin of Putrakameshti Homam

  • Suta Samhita states that Lord Vishnu himself is the giver of this special knowledge of this homam.
  • It was the great sage Sanat Kumar who first came to know about it from Lord Vishnu.
  • However, the great sage passed on the knowledge of the Homam to sage Bodhayana.
  • Performing the yagna in accordance with Yajurveda guidelines results in the attainment of a child.
  • Hence, it is a spiritual remedy for the removal of inherent doshas of a couple.
  • Nevertheless, the result of the yagna helps the couple to have a healthy progeny with Narayana’s blessings.

Legend asscociated with Putrakameshti Homam

Legend of the Putrakameshti Homam
King Dashratha of Ayodhya performed the yagna for the attainment of his four kids.
  • The origins of this yagna has its roots in one of the major Indian epics known as Ramayana.
  • Moreover, it was King Dasharatha of Ayodhya who first undertook the yagna that Sage Vashishta recommended him.
  • Rishishringa Muni, an Yajurveda expert was the supervisor of this holy yagna that King Dashrata undertook.
  • Yajurveda is a holy Hindu text that contains the guidelines for the prayers of the yagna.
  • Forth the successful completion of the yagna, the Lord of Fire that is Agnidev gave a bowl of sweet to the King.
  • On Lord Agnidev’s advise the King gave the sweet to the three of his queens.
  • And this resulted in the birth of his sons, Sri Rama, Lakshman, Bharata and Shatrughna.

Who should perform this Yagna

This Holy Yagna should be undertaken by a couple whose facing unwanted delay in parenthood. Nevertheless, an experienced priest must supervise the whole process.

Procedure of this Holy Yagna

Procedure of Putrakameshti Homam
Putrakameshti is a special yagna that is fruitful only when performed according to proper guidelines.
  • Homam is the religious ritual that is done in order to invoke the blessings of the deities through the intervention of the fire.
  • For Putrakameshti Homam, the couple invokes the Supreme creator of the world, that is, Lord Vishnu.
  • Reciting the Purusha Suktam written in Rig Veda 10.9 invokes Lord Vishnu.
  • The hymn has sixteen verses glorifying Lord Vishnu as the ultimate Purusha. A celestial being with infinite heads and feet.
  • The verses call Lord Vishnu as the origin of the human’s race. Further, describing how different species came into being from his body parts.
  • Recitation of these verses are accompanied by the usual practices of the Homam.

Samagri or Things Required for the Putrakameshti Yagna

Milk with a mix of floral scented oil
Seasonal fruits
Small Piece of Banyan Tree
Holy Water
Incense Sticks

Benefits of the Putrakameshti Homam

  • Since Lord Vishnu is the centre of this holy ritual, the couple gets his blessings by performing it.
  • However, Lord Vishnu’s blessings come as a reward of a healthy child for the couple.
  • Moreover, the positivity that arises from the chantings results in the activation of the fourth chakra that is Anahatha.
  • Anahatha is the chakra of love where Vishnu resides. Its activation ensures a strong bond between couples.
  • This activation also releases the couple’s stress and restores their peace of mind which stimulates the process of childbirth.
  • Moreover, it also instils good qualities and success in the child to be born.
  • This yagna also removes the obstacles in childbirth like issues of infertility etc.
  • Furthermore, it also frees the couple of any ill effects arising from the undesirable position of planets in the birth chart.

When is the best time to perform Putrakameshti Homam

Wednesdays and Thursdays are quite auspicious for performing the Homam. However, one can also decide as per the nakshatras in their kundalis.

What is the cost of this Homam?

Putrakameshti Homam can cost somewhere between Rupees 7500- 27000.

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