Krishna Pushkaralu

Krishna Pushkaralu 2016

Krishna Pushkaralu marks the time during which water from the 12 holy rivers is divinely mixed with River Krishna. Among the several hundreds of rivers flowing throughout the length and breadth of our country, River Krishna holds a prominent place in our hearts and minds.

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River Krishna is the fourth largest river in India. The delta region of the river is one of the most fertile areas in our country and a site for prosperous agriculture. The river is the lifeline for states like Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. It also supports an indispensable variety of flora and fauna that survive on the water from the River. Modern man depends on this river, not only for water but also for electricity, as there are about 13 hydroelectric power projects and dams built on this river.

The origins of River Krishna have been traced to the hills and plateaus of Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra. The Panchganga Temple is the site of the origin where the river drops out of a “Gaumukh” or a Cow’s mouth.

The beginnings of the Pushkaralu can be traced back to a legend. As per the story, a Brahmin in a village performed severe penance dedicated to Lord Shiva. He was granted a boon by the Lord that he will have the power to purify the holy rivers. As a result of this power, his name eventually became Pushkar meaning “the one who nourishes and purifies”. The God of Planets and Guru, Brihaspati requested Pushkar to purify the 12 holy rivers when he travels from one zodiac sign to another every year.

As per the beliefs, the first 12 days when the Jupiter (Brihaspati) enters the zodiac sign Virgo (Kanya Rasi) is celebrated as the Krishna Pushkaralu. It is believed that on the first 12 days and the last 12 days of Jupiter in any zodiac sign, Pushkar travels with Brihaspati and purifies the holy rivers.

Krishna Pushkaram 2016

The festival of Krishna Pushkaralu is celebrated once every 12 years to honour River Krishna and seek her blessings. Although the occasion is celebrated all over Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, the focal point of the festivities is the city of Vijayawada.

The festivities of Krishna Pushkaralu held in 2004, attracted over 30 million visitors to the city and ghats of Vijayawada. This year, the sacred 12 days festival of Krishna Pushkaralu begins on 12 August 2016 till 23 August 2016 in Vijayawada. Large crowds of visitors, tourists, saints, and priests are expected to attend the festival with great enthusiasm and thankfulness to our mother nature.

Krishna Pushkaralu Dates

The grand festival of Krishna Pushkaralu will be held from 12 August, 2016 – 23 August, 2016.

Krishna Pushkaram Ghats

Although theoretically one can take a holy dip anywhere along the length of River Krishna during Krishna Pushkaralu, the State Governments of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have organised and constructed several bathing ghats with facilities like changing rooms and guards in Vijayawada.

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Pushkar Ghats in Andhra Pradesh

Ghat Location
Bhavani Ghat Bhanipuram, Vijayawada
Durga Ghat Near Prakasam Barrage, Beside Model Guest House, Vijayawada
Krishnaveni Ghat
Padmavathi Ghat Opp.PNBS, Krishna Lanka, Vijayawada
Punnami Ghat Bhavanipuram, Near Punnami Hotel, Vijayawada
Vijaya Krishna Ghat Kanakadurgamma Varadhi, Vijayawada (Urban)
Gollapudi Main Ghat Gollapudi, Vijayawada
Surayapalem Ghat Suraypalem, Gollapudi, Vijayawada
Ferry Ghat
Sangamam Ghat
Guntupalli Ghat Guntupalli, Ibrahimpatnam Mandal
Tummalapalem-1 Ghat Tummalapalem, Ibrahimpatnam Mandal
Tummalapalem-2 Ghat Tummalapalem, Ibrahimpatnam Mandal
Damuluru Ghats-1 & 2 Damuluru, Ibrahimpatnam Mandal
Vekanuru-1 Ghat Vekanuru, Avanigadda
Vekanuru-2 Ghat Vekanuru, Avanigadda
Edlanka Ghat Edlalanka, Avanigadda
South Chiruvolu Lanka Ghat Chiruvolu Lanka, Avanigadda
Kothapeta Ghat Kothapeta Village, Avanigadda
Puligadda Ghat Puligadda Village, Avanigadda
K.Kothapalem Ghat Kokkiligadda Kothapalem, Mopidevi
Bobbarlanka Ghat Bobbarlanka, Mopidevi
Mopidevi Warf Ghat Mopidevi
Kosuruvaripalem Ghat Kosuruvaripalem, Mopidevi
Pedakallepalli Ghat Pedakallepalli, Mopidevi Mandal
Pedakallepalli Ghat-1 Pedakallepalli, Mopidevi Mandal
Pedakallepalli Ghat – 2 Pedakallepalli, Mopidevi Mandal
Hamsaladeevi Ghat Hamsaladeevi, Koduru Mandal
Ullipalem Ghat Ullipalem, Koduru Mandal
Salempalem Harijanawada Ghat Salempalem, Koduru Mandal
Pittalanka Padavalarevu Ghat Pittalanka, Koduru Mandal
Kummaripalem Ghat Kummaripalem, Koduru Mandal
V.Kothapalem Ghat V.kothapalem, Koduru Mandal
Royyuru Ghat Royyuru, Thotlavalluru Mandal
Vallurupalem Ghat Vallurupalem, Thotlavalluru Mandal
Thotlavalluru Ghat Thotlavalluru
Chagantipadu Ghat Chagantipadu, Thotlavalluru Mandal
Devarapalli Ghat Devarapalli, Thotlavalluru Mandal
Illuru -1 Ghat Illuru, Thotlavalluru Mandal
Illuru – 2 Ghat Illuru, Thotlavalluru Mandal
Illuru – 3 Ghat Illuru, Thotlavalluru Mandal
Yanamalakuduru Ghat Yanamalakuduru, Penamaluru mandal
Pedapulipaka Ghat Pedapulipaka, Penamaluru mandal
Chodavarm Ghat Chodavarm, Penamaluru mandal
Kasaranenivaripalem Ghat Kasaranenivaripalem, Penamaluru mandal
Gani Atkuru Pushkar Ghat Gani Atkuru, Kanchikacherla Mandal
Chevitikallu Pushkar Ghat Chevitikallu, Kanchikacherla Mandal
Kunikinapadu Pushkar Ghat Kunikinapadu, Kanchikacherla Mandal
Munnaluru Pushkar Ghat Munnaluru, Kanchikacherla Mandal
Punnavalli Ghat Punnavalli, Chandarlapadu Mandal
Kasarabada Ghat Kasarabada, Chandarlapadu Mandal
Ustepalli Ghat Ustepalli, Chandarlapadu Mandal
Gudimetla Ghat Gudimetla, Chandarlapadu Mandal
Gudimetla – 2 Ghat Gudimetla, Chandarlapadu Mandal
Popuru Ghat Popuru, Chandarlapadu Mandal
Sri Vedadri Village Ghat Vedadri, Jaggaiahpeta Mandal
Sri Yogananda Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Vari Ghat Vedadri, Jaggaiahpeta Mandal   Directions
Sri Ravirala Village Ghat Ravirala, Jaggaiahpeta Mandal
Sri Bhavani Muktheswara Swamy Vari Ghat Mukteswarapuram, Jaggaiahpeta Mandal   Directions
Uttaravahini Ghat Mukteswarapuram, Jaggaiahpeta Mandal
Vadapalem Ghat Vadapalem, Machilipatnam Mandal
China Yadara Ghat China Yadara, Machilipatnam Mandal
Bhogireddy palle Ghat Bhogireddy palle, Machilipatnam Mandal
Papavinasama Ghat Ghantasala
Srikakulam Ghat Srikakulam, Ghantasala Mandal
Ramudupalem Ghat Ramudupalem, Challapalli Mandal
Inapuru Ghat Inapuru, Pamidimukkala Mandal
T.Kothapalem Village Ghat T.Kothapalem Village, Nagayalanka
Sri RamaPada Kshetram Ghat Nagayalanka
Nagayalanka 7th Ward Ghat Nagayalanka
Brahmananda Puram Ghat Nagayalanka
Gullalamoda Ghat Gullalamoda, Etimoga Village, Nagayalanka

Pushkar Ghats in Telangana

In Telangana, following areas have been developed to receive visitors for the Krishna Pushkaralu 2016:

  • In Mahboobnagar District – Beechupalli, Rangapur, Alampur, Nadi Agraharam, Chintarevula, Nandimalla (Narayanpet), Krishna, Pasupula and Panchadev Padu (Maktal), Chellepad (Weepanagandla), Jataprole (Weepanagandla), Somasila (Kollapur), Malleswaram, Manchalakatta and Lingala.
  • In Nalgonda District – Wadapally in Damaracharla mandal, Mattapally in Mattampally mandal and Nagarjunasagar in Peddavura mandal, Mellacheruvu mandal, Utlapally in Peddavura mandal, Adavidevulapally in Damaracharla, Mahankaligudem in Nereducharla are locations for Pushkaram

Poojas conducted at Krishna Pushkaralu

  • Pindapradanam – This is a unique ritual in which the devotee offers Pindas (leaf with offerings to the departed souls is set afloat in water) to ancestors who were deceased. It is done with the belief that their souls will be set free and attain salvation.
  • Mahasankalpam – The Pooja is performed by priests on the banks of River Krishna for removing one’s bad karma and sins.
  • Laghusankalpam – This ritual involves taking a holy dip in the River during Krishna Pushkaralu by uttering the names and gotras to appease God and fulfill your wishes in this life.
  • Sariganga Snanam – This ritual is performed for a better family life, especially better relations with children and spouse.
  • Prayaschittam – This ritual means that men and women accept their mistakes and misdeeds to God and seek forgiveness.
  • Gouri Pooja – Kumkum Archana and Gouri Pooja are performed to appease Goddess Gouri (Goddess Parvati) and seek her blessings during Krishna Pushkaralu.
  • Ganga Pooja – It is believed that during the Krishna Pushkaralu period, water from the 12 holy rivers is divinely mixed with River Krishna. The Ganga Pooja is performed to seek the blessings of all the Rivers at once.
  • Musivayanam – It is a tradition in which a married woman is respected and treated with gifts. These gifts can also be offered to the husband when the wife dies. It is believed that by doing this Pooja, the wife’s soul can attain salvation.

Do’s and Don’ts at Krishna Pushkaram Ghats


  • Take a dip in the River Krishna only at the authorised Bathing Ghats mentioned in the list above.
  • Pilgrims should take a dip at the bathing Ghat that is nearest to them to avoid traffic hassles during Krishna Pushkaralu.
  • Pilgrims must follow rules and regulations imposed at the Bathing Ghats as well as in and around the city to enable the smooth organisation and conduction of the festival.
  • It is imperative that people visiting the city and the sacred Ghats remain alert and vigilant. Unidentified and unaccompanied baggage must be reported immediately to the nearest police official or security booth.
  • Cleanliness and sanctity of the place should be maintained at all costs. Garbage and other kinds of refuse must be disposed off ONLY in dustbins.
  • Pilgrims should arrive at the bathing Ghats with minimum baggage. It is the pilgrims’ responsibility to take care of their belongings.


  • Do not throw litter, bottles, clothes, flowers etc. into the river. Remember that you are worshiping the River as a goddess. It is a lifeline to our civilisation and hence must be given utmost respect.
  • Use of plastic bags and soaps is prohibited for bathing in the Ghats during Krishna Pushkaralu.
  • Washing of clothes or relieving yourself openly in and around the bathing Ghats is prohibited during Krishna Pushkaralu.
  • Since the number of people visiting the venues will be large, it is better to be patient and wait for one’s turn to bathe than just pushing and shoving for a chance.

Krishna Pushkaralu Emergency numbers

LandLine Numbers : 0866-2474700 ; 0866-2474701

Mobile Numbers : 7702201597;7702201598;9000705973;9866449521

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  1. Dear sir can you please tell me is that ok to have a holy dip after pushkaralu because I missed the dates. Please mention till when if so.

  2. Somebody is telling that Pushakara snanam should not be done in 2 days or 4 days or 6 days or 8 days or 10 days or 12 days . It should be done either in 1day or 3days or 5 days or 7days or 9 days or 11 days continuously. Is there any such rule in purana grandhas. Please tell me.

    1. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has given a statement that the Krishna Pushkaralu will be inaugurated on the 12th of August in the morning by the Kanchi seers Vijayendra Saraswati and Jayendra Saraswati.

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    1. Dear Siri, We are not sure about arrangements in Maharashtra. We will update our website if the government releases some info about it.

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    1. That’s a great thought. You need to contact the pushkaram committee for that. Just be there during the dates and we are sure they will let you volunteer. goodluck!

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