Golden Temple Vellore

Golden Temple Vellore

Golden Temple Vellore is in Malaikodi at Vellore city in Tamil Nadu.The temple’s chief deity is ‘Sri Lakshmi Narayani’ where devotees from all religions are welcome to visit the temple and have darshan. The Sri Lakshmi Narayani temple inside Sripuram held its consecration (maha kumbhabhishekam) on 24 August 2007.

It is a sight to behold. Constructed by Sri Narayani Peedam and headed by Sri Sakthi Amma, a spiritual leader, the grand temple boasts of spectacular art work.

What is the history of Golden Temple Vellore?

According to history, Sripuram Golden Temple was built in 7 years which is a very short time. It was then inaugurated onAugust 24, 2007 . The golden temple has attracted thousands of devotees. The entire temple had a covering of 9 to 15 layers of gold foil.

The temple is decorated with sculptures of the human person, richly decorated with columns and a roof.

What is the significance of Golden Temple Vellore?

Here’s the significance of Golden Temple Vellore:

  • Temple of Mahalakshmi or temple of Lakshmi Narayan who is Ardha Mandapam and Vimanam has a coating pure gold including both interior as well as exterior.
  • Vellore-based Sri Narayani Peedam has designed the temple, advancing by religious head Sri Sakthi Amma also known as Narayani Amma. The forehead with gold protecting has complex designs and art forms in silver.
  • The illumination is organized in such a way that the forehead papers even during evening. The forehead consists of more than 1500 kg of gold.
  • There was individual creation of details, such as transforming the gold sections into gold foils and then increasing on the gold foils on birdwatcher.
  • Sripuram design symbolizes a star-shaped path(Sri chakra), in the center of the lushgreen surroundings, with a duration of over 1.8 km.
  • Sahasra deepam or 1008 lamps is a sacred installation here.
  • Messages by ‘Amma’ are there out along the path to the temple with messages from the Gita, Bible and Quran.

What are the timings of Golden Temple Vellore?

Here are the timings of Golden Temple Vellore:

Timings From To
Open 4.00 AM 8.00 PM
Abishekam 4.00 AM 8.00 AM
General Dharshan 8.00 AM 8.00 PM
Aarthi Seva 6.00 PM 7.00 PM


How to reach Golden Temple Vellore?

Here’s how to reach Golden Temple Vellore:

  • Air: airports of Bangalore and Chennai are the nearest airports with regular flights.
  • Rail: The nearest railway station is Vellore katpadi Jn railway station, which is only 12 km distance from Sripuram.
  • Road: there are many buses that run from Bangalore, Chennai, Tirupati and some other main cities.

Where to stay near Golden Temple Vellore?

Some of the places where one can stay near Golden Temple Vellore are:

  • Hotel Gold in the heart of the city on national highway no.1, is a famous hotel that has a promising atmosphere and well suited accommodations.
  • Hotel Khanna Fiesta at Anna Sallai , Vellore is another place to check in during your visit. It is rather popular for its complementing decor and accommodations.
  • Hotel Surabi at Officer’s Lane is also a great place to tuck in. It has great staff and room service that has received much praise.

What are some places to visit near Golden Temple Vellore?

Some of the places to visit near Golden Temple Vellore are:

  • Vellore Fort was built during the 16th century AD by the Aravindu Dynasty of the Vijaynagar Empire. Later the fort’s ownership passed through the various dynasties like the Marathas, Bijapur Sultans, the Carnatic Nawabs and the British. The massive ramparts and moats have made the fort a strategic location, it was also known to have Tipu Sultan’s family and the last king of Sri Lanka as prisoners during the time of the British. The fort complex contains a church, a temple and a mosque.
  • Jalakandeswarar Temple is within the Vellore fort complex and is for Lord Shiva. The Temple is also one of the amazing specimens of the Dravidian architecture and houses one of the most intricately carved stone pillars. The temple also has a huge 7 tiered gopuram and adorned with various intricate carvings.
  • Yelagiri is another small hill station in Vellore. The town is in the middle of flowery meadows, tea estates and orchards. The various lakes and waterfalls in Yelagiri attract a huge number of tourists.


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