Yamunotri Temple Culture & Festivals 2019

Yamunotri Temple Culture & Festivals

What are the festivals celebrated at Yamunotri Temple?

Some of the festivals celebrated at Yamunotri temple are:

  1. Basant Panchami – It indicates the arrival of spring as well as the end of the winters. The festival starts with various cultural programs. Common people perform poojas and make offerings to the goddess. People also wear yellow colored dresses on this day as per custom.
  2. Phool Dei – This festival occurs on the first day of March. Young girls and children of the community visit their neighboring homes. They gift each other flowers, rice, and coconut. People consider it as a goodwill gesture.
  3. Olgia – This unique festival occurs in August. It celebrates the harvesting season and rich agricultural produce. It is also popular as the Ghee Sankranti. People decorate their forehead with ghee. Later they consume Dal & Chappatis with ghee.

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