Sarpa Samskara Pooja

Sarpa Samskara Pooja – Kukke Subramanya Temple – Online Booking, Benefits, Dates

Sarpa Samskara Pooja is one of the most powerful and potent ways of pleasing the Nagas. The pooja resolves the ill effects of killing a snake in a previous birth. Sarpa Samskara Pooja is performed in Kukke Subramanya Temple in Karnataka. The pooja removes the Sarpa Dosha from one’s horoscope. Our guide explains Sarpa Samskara Pooja procedure, how to book online, benefits of performing sarpa samskara pooja and the best dates to perform.

Sarpa Samskara Pooja Video in Kannada

As per the legend of Kukke Subrahmanya, Lord Subrahmanya (Lord Shiva’s Son and popularly known as Karthikeya) is believed to be the protector of snakes. It is believed that Vasuki, the king of Snakes was protected from Garuda (Lord Vishnu’s bird) by Lord Subrahmanya at this very place. Hence, it is a common belief that anyone who harms a Snake must come and appease Lord Subrahmanya to get forgiveness from the divine sin.

Kukke Subramanya Temple Sarpa Samskara Pooja
Sarpa Samskara Pooja is performed at Kukke Subramanya Temple

How to book Sarpa Samskara Pooja online in Kukke Subramanya Temple?

You can book the pooja online at the official temple website

The booking slots are opened 90 days in advance. But remember to book as soon as possible because the slots get filled very quickly.

You can also book the pooja offline by paying cash at the temple counter.

Sarpa Samskara Pooja Online Booking
Sarpa Samskara Pooja can be booked online or directly at the temple

Who should perform Sarpa Samskara Pooja?

Here’s who should perform Sarpa Samskara Pooja:

  1. As per Hindu beliefs, any man or woman who has knowingly or unknowingly killed a snake in their previous birth suffers from the Sarpa Dosha in his or her horoscope. The direct effect of this Dosha is that one’s marriage can be delayed or unsuccessful. A person suffering from the Sarpa Dosha must perform this Pooja to atone for their sin. The astrologer usually informs one about the presence of the Sarpa Dosha in one’s horoscope.
  2. Any couples having infertility issues or trouble conceiving a child are advised to perform the Sarpa Samskara Pooja.
  3. A person experiencing delayed marriage or delay n occurrences of any important issues are advised to perform the Pooja.
  4. A person experiencing skin diseases or bad health must perform the Pooja.

What are the benefits of Sarpa Samskara Pooja?

Here’s the list of benefits of Sarpa Samskara Pooja:

  1. By offering the Sarpa Samskara Pooja to Lord Subrahmanya, it is believed that one gets relieved from the Sarpa Dosha in his or her horoscope.
  2. This Pooja is performed for achieving better career and financial growth of a person.
  3. Fertility and child-related issues are believed to be resolved by performing the Pooja.
  4. Problems such as delay in marriages and skin diseases are cured after performing this ritual.

When should I perform Sarpa Samskara Pooja?

The Sarpa Samskara Pooja can be performed on all days except Ekadashi, Dasami, Gokulashtami, Shivarathri, any Eclipse days, and during the Temple annual festival which lasts for about 15 days.

The monsoon season is not a suitable time to perform this pooja as the Temple is located in a hilly area where mudslides are very common.

How to perform Sarpa Samskara Pooja?

Time needed: 2 days.

Here is how to do Sarpa Samskara Pooja:

  1. Priest appointed by temple

    A maximum of 4 persons are allowed to attend the pooja under 1 ticket. The temple appoints Brahmin priest for the people who are not well versed with the rituals of the Pooja.

  2. 2 days pooja

    The whole pooja is a two-day program. The pooja starts at 7 AM on the first day and ends at 12:30 PM on the first day. The devotee has to wake up early and take a dip in the Kumaradhara River. They have to then report at the Adi Subrahmanya Temple where they will be given a Deeksha Vastra. This Vastra is important and should be worn on the second day of the Pooja.

  3. Food and prasadam

    After the rituals end on the first day, the devotees are provided food and prasadam. As per the tradition, the participants of the pooja should not eat outside the temple premises during the two days of the pooja.

  4. Pinda Pradana

    The second-day rituals consist of Pindi Pradana and Tarpana for 64 times. This ritual means the transferring of the soul to higher realms of existence and granting of Moksha. The pooja concludes with the Naga Prathishtha at the Subrahmanya Temple.

What are the materials required for Sarpa Samskara?

One must wear washed and decent clothes to the Temple premises. Men are advised to wear Dhoti and women must wear Saree or Salwar Suit.  All the Sarpa Samskara Pooja articles will be provided by the Temple authorities by paying the required money at the counter.

Where to perform Sarpa Samskara Puja?

Sarpa Samskara Yagashala Kukke
Sarpa Samskara Pooja is performed in the Yagashala in Kukke Subramanya Temple

The Kukke Subramanya Temple located in the Subrahmanya district of Karnataka is the place where one must go to get rid of this Dosha. The Temple is located 280 km from Bengaluru. The beautiful temple town is easily reachable by road and train. Regular buses are available from all major cities and towns in Karnataka. The Subrahmanya railway station is also well connected to major cities in and around Karnataka.

Here is how to reach Kukke Subramanya Temple.

What is the cost of performing Sarpa Samskara Pooja?

The cost of performing the Sarpa Samskara Pooja at the Kukke Subrahmanya Temple is Rs.3,200. The Booking must be done well in advance as the unique pooja slots get filled up fast.

Ashlesha Bali Pooja

You can perform Ashlesha Bali Pooja after the completion of Sarpa Samskara Pooja on Day-2. This pooja usually lasts for 2 hours. It is performed on Ashlesha Nakshatra. The cost of the pooja is Rs.400.

If you have any questions about Sarpa Samskara Pooja, please leave your comment below or whatsapp us and we will get back to you within one hour.

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  1. Dishaa Bhandari

    I wanted to check if there are any food restrictions after performing sarpa samskara Pooja at Kukke subramanya temple.

  2. I have been booked and confirmed the sarpasamskara pooja on 28/08/2019 but i want to post pone the same for next month so what is the procedure

  3. Hi mam,I am from bangalore we are booked Pooja on 24 august but my Period is going on its will comPlete it on 24 only we can do the Pooja otherwise we can Postond the Pooja. Please sujest me

  4. Dear Team,

    We have booked Sara samskarana ….but due to heavy rain trains are canceled , now i need to do the same on another day, kindly hel, nobody receiving the calls also.

  5. How can we postpone the already booked tickets to sarpasamskara at kukke Subrahmanya? What are the procedures? Please inform us soon

  6. For sarpasamskara pooja. We wearing the new clothes. If we wear first day .or second day of the pooja plz answer me sir

  7. Is it good to perform sarpa samskara Pooja me and my husband horoscope doesn’t have that dosha.we are looking for children

  8. Is it good to perform Sarpa samskara horoscope doesn’t have that sarpa dosha. Married and looking for children. My husband also doesn’t have that sarpa dosha

  9. Sarpa Samskara Pooja – Kukke Subramanya Temple :—–Sarpa Samskara Puja with Nagaprasthista means will they keep Idol of Naga Devatha on behalf of us .. Please confirm .. and Can we come directly ? As dates are not showing in calender for this month ..please confirm

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      That is correct. If you come directly without advance booking, then you will not be able to get pooja.

  10. Disha Bhandari

    I have a query regarding the Pooja…if it can be done the day after the lady’s menses gets over.
    Please confirm.

  11. surendra reddy

    hi, i boocked ticket for sarpa samskara aug25 , it is compulsory to reach before 1day. other wise come to morning 5-6am, pl give the clarification i will book bus/train tickets….return jurney also

  12. For sarpasamkara Pooja can I leave the wearing clothes in the river tell me the information about the clothes

    1. Sir a astrologer adviced me that sarpa samskara should be performed 3 times a year after year is it true

      1. Sasidhar Darla

        Usually, one time is enough. The only time you perform more than once is if the first time is not done properly.

  13. Hi sir ,online booking is full can I go directly to temple I mean is there any offline booking in temple

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      You can go to the temple for tickets but if the online quota is full then there is nothing they also can do.

  14. If we are performing Sarpasamskara, do we need to stay in given lodge room only or we can stay anywhere outside?

  15. 1) While performing Sarpasamskara Pooja, do we need to leave our clothes on the first day or second day?
    2) Does the temple provide any pooja clothes or we need to carry our own

  16. Hello,
    1)Can we do only sarpasamskara pooja without nagaprathishtapana ? I see the booking is combined online?
    2) is it mandatory to do ashilesha Bali on ashilesha nakshtara only(any significance?) or we can do any other day?
    Thank you

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      1. Nagapratishta is a part of Sarpa Samskara Pooja. So it is mandatory.
      2. You can do Ashlesha Bali Pooja on any day but the effect is more when you do it on Ashelsha Nakshatra.

  17. Dear sir
    I have paid amount for sarpasamskara pooja through online and booked a slot (seva date is 18 July 2019) Order number is KKSV263309 But I want to change this to 28 of August after several attempts I informed the same to your office give your suggestions

  18. Hi,
    I booked sarpa samskara pooja for aug 25 and 26th. I saw that 4 people of family can attend in one single booking. I wanted to know if with single booking can i, my wife, my father in law and my cousin brother’s son attend or seperate booking is needed.

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      4 of you can attend for one pooja with one ticket. If all 4 of you have sarpa dosha then you need to perform pooja separately with 4 tickets.

  19. Sir,

    The performers of Sarpasamskara Pooja should stay back in Temple for 2 Days. So they have to reach Temple one day before of Pooja ?
    What time on 2nd day can be moved out of temple?

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      Reach temple the evening before pooja date. You can leave after the pooja completion on 2nd day afternoon.

  20. Shankaragouda B

    I have booked pooja on 04-aug & 05-aug for my name with family.we want to come with fully 12-15 members.pls advise.
    01.when to come
    02.Accomadation & food facilty for all 15 members.
    03.I want to come with my small kid aging 6 months.
    04.I want give mudi .
    05.Can I have contact details for any clarification.

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      1. You need to arrive in Kukke the night before the pooja.
      2. Temple will provide accommodation for the booked members only at an additional cost.
      3. That is fine.
      4. You can.
      5. For any details please contact temple authorities.

  21. Is that compalsary, On first day After taking bath in kumarsdara we have to leave our clothes their it self please clear me abt this .

  22. Hi,we already booked the pooja dates on july 21 and 22.but in our house my dad passed away we postponed dates on august 24 and 25.i called in office they booked august 24 and 25 but we got only confirmation message on our mobile number but we did’t get any mails.any sugestions?

    1. Is Sarpa samskara pooja helps to get rid of Kuja dosha? Because my sister having kuja dosha.
      Only me, my sister and my mother can do that pooja?

      1. Sasidhar Darla

        We are not sure about Kuja Dosha. Sarpa Samskara Pooja is usually done for getting rid of Kala Sarpa Dosha.

    2. Archana .. Can you please give me mobile number of temple/admin .. as i tried with the numbers available online but nothing is working .. Thanks

      1. Sasidhar Darla

        Please check their website for temple number. We do not have any special number to contact the temple.

  23. Is it good to share the sarpa samskara & aslesha bali pooja prasadam (coconut) with in-laws when only I & my husband has the performed the above 2 pooja.

  24. Hi, Could you tell me by what time the pooja and all rituals get completed on day 2? Need to book tickets to travel back to my place.

      1. In the official website it is mentioned Nagaprathishta prasadam will be given after midday mahapooja on second day So do I have to wait till noon?

  25. Hi Sir,

    We are planning to book Sarpa samskara pooja on 28th August 2019, can we also perform Aslesha pooja on 29th of evening at 6.00 pm.As the Aslesha nakshatra is on 29th August.kindly confirm.


  26. Hi.. I have booked slot for Sarpa Samskara Pooja on July 21st. I want to postpone/cancel the slot. There is no option in the website. How can I do?
    Please help me in this.

  27. Hi,

    I want to do the Sarpa Samskara Or Sarpa Dosha for my sister. My sister cannot come for this pooja due to some problems. Is it possible that me and my husband can do the pooja on my sister’s behalf.
    We want to do 15th and 16th august.

  28. Hi , sir we wanted to know is there any rules to be followed for few days before performing the sarpa samskara Pooja like in terms of food, etc

  29. Hi,

    Is it compulsory to do sarpa samskara with family members(in-laws) or is it ok if I and my husband go and does sarpa samskara and other poojas

  30. Hi,
    Wanted to know if the sarpa samskara pooja can be done alone or it has to be done with the head of the family. Like father or husband. What if the father is not alive and husband is not staying together. Pls clarify these queries bcos I want to get the pooja done.

  31. Bhagya Lakshmi M

    Hi wanted to book online on 29 and 30 July but I’m unable to select the dates i wanted only limited slots are available or we can visit the temple the before can book offline . Please help me on this

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      You need to book online. If your preferred dates are not available then look for alternative dates. If you directly go to temple then you will not slots.

  32. I have all ready booked after booking they said to call for srapa samaskara section but they r not picking the call

  33. Hi, could you please confirm if August 06 & 07 or 24 & 25 (slots are available) are suitable to perform the pooja as I am not aware on how to check if these days don’t fall under those specific days during which pooja is not performed?

      1. I have already checked and the above dates are available. Just want to know if those dates are suitable to perform the pooja.

  34. HI , I have booked for sarpa samskara pooja on 19th July 2019, please let me know the details of pooja , like which day we need leave our clothes (1st day or 2nd day )and is it mandatory for each person to leave clothes , what about the food and room facility , please anyone reply me regarding this information.

  35. Dishaa Bhandari

    I have one more question… My daughter who is 9 years old also has kaal sarpa dosha on her horoscope… Can we perform the Pooja for her also in the same spot as mine? Please advice.

  36. Hi,
    Would like to know if we have to stay with accommodation temple reserved for us or we can stay other places. Is it okay to take kids 7 and 13 for SS pooja.

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      You can stay even in private hotels. The temple accommodation is also not free. You will have to pay extra. You can take your kids along with you.

  37. Sir,
    Is it okay to do Sarpa Samskara on Naga panchami day, unknowingly my brother has booked it on the same day for us!

  38. Dishaa Bhandari

    I want to know what time does sarpa samskara pooja finish on day 2, and if we can do the ashlesha Bali Pooja at 9.15 am on day 2. I am planning the SS Pooja on Aug 1/2… So since Aug 2nd is ashlesha nakshatra… It is important for me to know of I can do the ashlesha Bali Pooja at 9.25am.

      1. Can the Ashlesha Bali Pooja be done immediately following that, or there is a fixed time for that. Also can the Ashlesha Bali Pooja be done on day 1 of the SS Pooja in the evening at 6pm?

        1. Sasidhar Darla

          Do the Ashlesha Bali pooja after the completion of Sarpa Samskara Pooja on Day-2. You can do it at 10 am slot on Day-2.

    1. Hello Disha.. My husband and myself had been to subhramanya just 3 days earlier.. Please book the dates prior and on the decided day that is the very first day they will ask u to come at around 9 to sarpasamkara Hall.. The ritual would go for an hour.. That day you are not supposed to enter the temple.. Then they will ask u to the come the next day to very same Hall at 5.30 which would go till 7. After that at 10 u can perform ashelsh bali pooja.. I hope I answered ur queries

        1. Yes possible to do both the poojas on the 2nd day.. Not the first day.. Anyway the purohits there are friendly and would guide u through the same.. Please note that you don’t go on ekadshi day..

      1. Also I wanted to know if the Ashlesha Bali Pooja has a fixed time, or it can be done even after the SS Pooja gets over. thanks

        1. Ashlesh bali pooja is done in batches like as pooja.. So on the 2 day after u finish pinda pradhaan at 7am.. Later you can have your refreshments and after that the slot of A. B pooja you get is at 10am.. Go to protocol office just outside the temple n book the slot

  39. Dishaa Bhandari

    I want to book for sarpa samskara Pooja on Aug. 1st and ashlesha Bali Pooja on Aug. 2nd 2019… Please guide if both poojas can be done and how I can book the same

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      Both poojas can be done. Sarpa Samskara you can book online. Ashlesha Bali you need to book once you reach the temple.

  40. Due to some inevitable circumstances, we have to change the date of Sarpasamskara Pooja, which is already booked online. How can we change the date?

  41. We have booked for Sarpasamskara…is Aslesha Bali Pooja is included in it or should we have to book separately

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      You have to book Ashlesha Bali Pooja separately. You can do it once you reach the temple. No advance booking is needed.

  42. Hello, we are a couple facing delays, obstacles and discords in trying to have a child. Would this Pooja be recommended to solve this problem? Since we reside in a different state, can the Pooja be done on our names while we are remote? Can this Pooja be done in July or August?

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      You can certainly do this pooja. However, you need to be present in person. Check for available dates online in July and August and book a slot.

  43. Hi Sir,

    I have a question about sarpa samskara pooja. I have booked for the pooja in August and I am married. I have been asked to perform the sarpa samskara.

    Will the rituals be done by me or should my husband do the rituals of samskara such as Tarpana and all since I am a women.

    Kindly confirm this.

  44. Renuka says
    July8 2019 2:45pm
    I have already sarp dosh pooja nivaran 2years for astrology. Again if are required.

  45. Hi,

    We have booked SS on August month and we are husband wife 2 kids with my in laws total 6 people. Want to check if all of us are allowed in the Pooja as we are same family?

  46. we already did sarpa samskara last year sir,
    again it is required to do , if yes how many times it has to be done.

  47. Sir, Me and my brother both have sarpa dosha…whether we have to do sarpa samskara pooja seperately or together. Please confirm sir so that we have to plan for online booking in July 3rd week.

  48. Sir, can we do sarpa samskara pooja in ashada i.e this July month 3rd week. Please give suggestions…

  49. As this is 2 days Pooja, if we book on Friday, will it be continued on Sat or Monday? I am tamilian, will there be a language problem in understanding the rituals?

  50. Hi, I booked slot for sarpasamskara and naga prathishta. When should I be there and whether the accommodation will be provided for three days or only for two days. When can we leave kukke subramanya after finishing the Pooja on second day

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      Accommodation will be provided for 2 nights at extra cost. You can leave Kukke on 2nd day afternoon after the completion of pooja.

  51. If I booking online by using phone how can we get booking receipt nd Pooja conformation date. Nd payment receipt

  52. hi im planning for ss pooja im from hyd my illaw saty in banglore can in go to banglore after 2 day pooja n satya as hyd is far to drive, or should i go to hyd directley form kukee or can i visit darmastala temple

  53. I want to do both ashlesha Bali Pooja nd sarpasamskara. Can I do both 2 Pooja at a time or first perform ashlesha Bali puja nd then after one month do sarpasamskara puja? Plz answer nd help me

  54. i got my periods on June 19th after that i got some infection and was taking antibiotic tablets, so after taking that tablet i am getting little bleeding, and in 5 days i have sarpa samskara pooja where i booked it earlier. So can i attend this pooja?

  55. I tried to book for Sarpa Samskara pooja on July 22nd but the slots are not available. Is there any other way to book on that date as it is very important for my family?

  56. Can we perform Ashlesha Bhali pooja before Sarpa Samskara. Is there any limitation that we have to complete sarpa Samskara before Ashlesh Bhali pooja? Please advise.

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      There is no such order. But usually, if you want to perform them together then people perform sarpa samskara first followed by ashlesha bali.

      1. Can we perform Ashlesha Bhali on second Day of Sarpa Samskara after finishing Sarpa Samskara Pooja. We already booked tickets for Sarpa Samskara but have not planned for Ashlesha Bhali pooja. So we want inlcude that as well, but we have only 2 days time. Please advise

        1. Sasidhar Darla

          Yes. You can perform Ashlesha Bali on Day-2. Book for those tickets when you go to collect your Sarpa Samskara tickets on Day-1.

  57. Which type of color cloths is better for Ss pooja ? And what is the room rent which they reserved for us in Ss pooja ticket money?and we must sleep on the floor that 2 days ?

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      there is no specific color code for the dress. room rent is Rs.500 per night. It is extra and not included in ticket amount of the pooja. There is no need to sleep on floor.

  58. My name is Kumar. I’m 41years unmarried and father expired. I have kala sarpa dosha. Can I perform the pooja and with whom ?

  59. My date if bitth 17.5.1975
    Time -0045 hrs
    Place Delhi.

    Marriage delayed
    Could u pls suggest is puja at Kukke temple is essential for me??

  60. We booked the tickets for Sarpa Samskara on 21 Jul 2019, and also we need to book the tickets for Ashlesha pooja on the day-2 and which slot is suitable .

    Also we need to to Harivana naivedyam,please provide pooja timings.

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      You cannot book ashlesha tickets online. You need to purchase them once you reach temple. book the slot for 2nd day afternoon.

  61. Hi ,

    Vinod Here,

    i will to have sarpa samskara pooja to my sister, how many days before i need to book for it .


    My Brother booked a Sarpasamskara with Nagaprathista Seva ticket for 30-06-2019 he was having health issue so he unable unable to attend the pooja and the day so please we can transfer the ticket are can we change the date so please give me the suggestion thanking you sir

  63. Sir, my grandmother expired today so the 11th day ceremony is on 30th of June, I have already booked ticket for sarpa samskara Pooja on 4th of July, can I perform it

  64. Hi sir, I request you to please response my doubts we are performing sarpa samskara pooja in July ashada.. is that ashada is good to perform..

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      When you book pooja ticket online, accommodation will be reserved for you. Once you visit the temple to collect the ticket for the pooja, they will ask you if you want to pay extra for the temple accommodation. You can then pay the extra amount and get your room.

  65. Hello Sir,
    Harish Here, from Bangalore.
    I booked Sarpasamskar seve to 22nd June,

    We can take room facilitie (log-in) on 21st afternoon in Temple lodge ?

    2nd Day what time Pooja will completed.

    After pooja we need to return to Bangalore by Bus only.

    Harish Ss

  66. Sir I am srilatha. I booked online for sarwa samskara Pooja for July 25th two days Pooja, I mentioned my dad’s name for Pooja in online ,now can I change the devotee name for my husband???

  67. Hi, am Raj here from Bangalore. Today by father killed snake outside of our home. Next to our home there empty sire with full bushes. While cleaning bushes. Dad killed nagarahaavu snake. We burnt it completely as someone told that we should not leave snake with hurting it. It will again come back and taje revenge. So do we have to do any Pooja or not. Please advise the next step.

  68. Is it mandatory all family members need to cum one day before Sir to get original ticket in Temple office r anyone can .com and buy

  69. Hi

    What will be the total cost of sarpa samskara pooja…?????

    I want to know this before booking for the pooja….

    Thank You

  70. sir im aditya unmarried 30 yrs old, i have sarpa dosha… willing to perform sarpa samskara pooja, this has to be done by my self or it has to be performed by my parents? i heard pinda pradhana has to be done by my parents only.. is it true?…

    or without parents i can alone do it.. pls clarify this

  71. 1. With me my family members are also participating in pooja. So, even my family members should also leave their clothes.
    2. Should we wear new cloths or clean washed clothes are ok

    Please answer Sir

  72. i book my sarpasamskara pooja on 10/6/2019 but i forgot to take a print out for conformation slip. but now i trying it wont get. please arrange this option to take print out of order no in kukkesubrmanya web sit it would be very help full for devotees to take a print out. and also add in kukkesubranamya websit serch option it help a loat.

  73. Hi sir, I booked on June 9th I didn’t get any email confirmation. only online booking confirmation receipt I got .. The pooja definetly ll occur on 9th or not.. Thanks in advance sir.

  74. Dear sir,
    We are going to dharmastala on 10th june and planning to get done sarpasamskara Pooja on 11th and 12th June at kukke.
    We have not booked ticket online. Do we get Pooja ticket on kukke temple directly on 10th evening.

  75. Ankit S kothari

    In karlsurp dosh this Pooja is valuable pls reply n 2nd day till what time Pooja gets complete pls

  76. Kirti Krishna Badkundri

    Can we go first to Dharmasthala and then go to Kukke and perform NagaDhosha pooja. Is it ok or not?

    Should we leave our worn cloths in Kukke.
    Please reply.

      1. Kirti Krishna Badkundri

        Thanks Sir,

        With me my family members are also participating in pooja. So, even my family members should also leave their clothes.

        Also, you didn’t answer my first question. Please can you reply.

        Can we go first to Dharmasthala and then go to Kukke and perform NagaDhosha pooja. Is it ok or not?

  77. vasu deva murthy

    i booked to july 1 but i didnt get any email but i got online receipt at what time i should be there at what day i should be there

  78. Hi.. can you tell me when the pooja will end on day 2… I need to catch a train at kasargod at 5 pm on that day… Will it be possible?? Are there any buses plying between kukke subramanya and kasargod??

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      The pooja will end by 11 am on day-2. Not sure if there are any direct buses to kasargod. You can go till mangalore and then go to kasargod from there.

        1. Sasidhar Darla

          Naga Pratishta will be done after the pooja. So yes you might have to wait till 12:30 in that case.

  79. We are a family of three brothers of whom two are married and the middle boy is not interested in getting married. For our family is it sufficient for to do the SARPA SAMSKARA poja for my father or for all separately.

  80. Can we perform sarpa samskara Pooja on Amavasya.
    Will the tickets be available to perform Pooja in temple on a day before.

  81. Hi
    My wife got miscarriage in 3rd month, we are going to kukke temple on 6th Jun, can you pls advise which pooja we need to do. We went 4 members me, my wife, her mother and her brother.

  82. Chaithra baburaj

    We are planning to visit the temple on Monday evening and do sarpa samskara pooja on Tuesday this week… Should I book the tickets for Pooja well in advance or can I come n get the Pooja tickets for Tuesday by Monday evening.. Please get me the information

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      You must book the tickets online well in advance. I don’t think you will be able to get the tickets directly at the temple for the next day.

  83. If a boy is having Sarpa Samskara Dosha can he perform Pooja alone or with family. He’s not married yet.

  84. Sir my daughter was married. Bed gotra is Kasyapasa. She has abortion during g 4 month of lregnancy. My daughter in-law during g her 2 ND pregnant cy at 4 th month she also had abortion. Am I to take 2 tickets. Can I perform for prospects to daughter anddaugbter in lawon1 ticket. Please advise

  85. Nemali vevkataramana rao

    I was asked to perform this pooja toget rid of dosha past janmas since I am suffering from all sorts os trouble and also harm done to Naga sarpas will also be excused

  86. I have been advised to perform the Sarpa Samskara Pooja by my astrologer.
    Do my father need to perform this ritual with me or I can do it myself.
    Please advise

  87. I want to perform sarp samskar Pooja for my sister We are 4 members in family myself father.mother and sister.We have not booked ticket on online can I come directly and do Pooja by taking ticket in que against cancelled booked ticket on28 .May 2019

  88. What should not eat after performing sarpasamskara Pooja, I.e., eating vegetables which should not eat and non veg for how many days.

  89. Hi,
    I am Surya, we are 4 sisters out of 3 were married and 4th sister is awaiting for marriage. We total of 8 members were interested to come for the temple to perform sarpasamhara dOsha. How many tickets we need to book.? 2 tickets are enough or as we were married need to book 4? Please guide us?

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      Just one ticket in the name of person who is performing pooja. 4 people can accompany that person.

      1. Hi, we thought that each pair to take one ticket.we are 8 we booked 4 tickets for are saying 2 tickets are enough for 8 people. So is there any compensation for extra two tickets.please confirm us.or if you consider that two amount for accommodation that is also helpful for us.please let us know.

  90. Online slots are filled so can we come directly to the temple to book for sarpasamskara and ashlesha Bhali pooja at the temple.please guide us. If so when should we come one day prior to the Pooja date?

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      It won’t work. If online slots are filled you won’t be able to get the ticket at the temple.

      1. Hi sir,
        We want to perform both sarpasamskara and ashlesha Bhali pooja, ashlesha Bhali pooja to be performed only on ashlesha nakshatra. Slots are busy on June month. But ashadam starts from July 3rd. Will it be good to perform these pujas on ashadam? Will there be effect? Please suggest.


    Sir Namaskara , Nanu Prabhakaran purchased jamin wish to construct a farm house before strating the construction we want to perform SARPA SHANTHI POOJA kindly guide the pooja has to be performed at the jamin procedures please .

  92. as per one astrologer I am informed to perform Naag Shanti homam. Kindly let me know the details. Because in seva list there is nothing like this other than Sarpa Sanskaar seva. Is Sarpa samskaara same as Naag shanti homam. Kindly clear my confusion.
    Thank you.

  93. Shanthaananth

    Is available individual sarpa samskara puja….if it possible…what is the cost.reply me sir

  94. Hello,

    I have kuja dosha, I am unmarried and I am planning on performing the sarpa samskara Pooja in January 2020.

    Is it okay if I don’t attend the Pooja and my parents perform the Pooja for me because I read somewhere that parents perform the Pooja if the person is not married. So I would like to ask if my presence is required even if my parents are performing the Pooja?

  95. I wish to do the sarpa samskara Poona for my son . Can I do so. He will not attend as he is not a believer

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      The person for whom you are doing must attend. If the dosha runs in family then it’s ok if the head of the family does it.

  96. hello, I wish to conduct the pooja for my sister. to make her married life joyful and smooth.
    please suggest if i can conduct it with my mother without my sister and her in laws

  97. Chandrashekaraiah

    Kalasarpa Dosha Pooja Marisa beku,vamsha paramparyadinda Hodge navu yavagha hello Marisa beku,seva karchu detail ,kutumba sameta how many days barebeku dayavittu tilisi idara bagge. Waiting for your reply.

  98. I want to do the sarpadosham samskara puja immediately can i.go.there and directly take the tickets???

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      You can but i don’t think tickets will be available. They are usually booked at least one month in advance.

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      Please go to temple website for bookings. Usually it’s better to book 1-2 months in advance.

  99. We have booked pooja on 22 nd June 2019 can we be there by 22 nd morning by 5 am? And we also wanted to perform ashlesha bali please let us know when we can do it?

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      Yes 5 am on 22nd is fine. Ashlesha Bali pooja can be performed on 23rd afternoon after the completion of Sarpa samskara pooja.

  100. we wish to come on wednesday……. it is must booking before came or after reach the temple also we can book?

  101. Uma Katyayani

    Hi, myself Uma 32 yrs. . I don’t have any Sarpa dosha , but due to Rahul in second place , I am still single & still not settled either by profession or personally . So shall I go for Sarpasamaskara puja or any other. Plz suggest.

  102. Can i attend the sarpa samskara pooja alone? As I have a small baby and it would be difficult to carry the baby along with me.

  103. Hi, sir i have seperated from my husband, so on which gothra i have to do puja, whether its my parents gothram or my ex husband gothra and i have kid with me.

  104. Hi sir, My parents they were unable to come, so can i perform alone sarpasamskara puja.Is it possible ?

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      Search for kukke subramanya sarpa samskara pooja online booking in google. you will find the link easily.

  105. Sir i want details about sarpa shanti pooja. We will doing sarpa shanti pooja on Tuesday. We will coming on Monday
    We will Booking advance or before the pooja day we will paid please send me a reply Sir or call me back.


  106. Hi, in one ticket, can I attend pooja along with my wife, my 7 year old daughter, and parents. I mean total four adult and one child?

  107. Hello sir,

    For skin disease and health issues which pooja should be performed from this three poojas.. Sarpa samskara pooja or ashlesha pooja or nagaprathishtha?? And what are the differences between these pujas and their benefits?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Sasidhar Darla

      Please perform Sarpa Samskara Pooja because it is the most comprehensive pooja. For benefits, you can read our article.

  108. Hi,
    What is the difference between Ashlesha Bali puja and Sarpa samskara? Are they done for same purpose ? Which should be done for delayed marriage?

    1. Ashlesha Bali Pooja is like a quick version of Sarpa Samskara Pooja. For delayed marriage I would recommend Sarpa Samskara.

  109. Hi I am based at Mumbai and it’s difficult to travel and stay for two days,is it possible to pay online and have the Pooja performed in our absence.or is our presence necessary

  110. In which Temple Sarpa Dosha Nivarana pooja is best.. in Kukke Subramanya swamy Temple or
    Ghati Subrahmanya swamy Temple..?

  111. For infertility which pooja has to be done and is there any specific day to perform. Do my parents and along with my husband can attend in one ticket or do we need to do separately.

  112. Can we perform Sarpa Samskara and Ashlesha Bali pooja in one visit? If so, are there any rules on which should be performed first? Is it true that Ashlesha Bali pooja should be performed on Ashlesha nakshatra days only?

    1. You can perform Ashlesha Bali as soon as you complete Sarpa Samskara. Sarpa Samskara will be done by 10am on Day-2. You can schedule your Ashlesha Bali pooja after that. It is not necessary to perform Ashlesha Bali pooja on Ashlesha Nakshatra days only. You can perform it on any day.

  113. ಶ್ರೀಧರ್

    ಹಲೋ ಸರ್ ಸರ್ಪ ಸಂಸ್ಕಾರ ಪೂಜೆ ಮಾಡಿಸಲು ನೇರವಾಗಿ ಕುಕ್ಕೆ ಸುಬ್ರಹ್ಮಣ್ಯಕ್ಕೆ ಪೂಜೆ ಮಾಡಬಹುದಾ ಇಲ್ಲ ಧರ್ಮಸ್ಥಳಕ್ಕೆ ಹೋಗಿ ಬಂದಮೇಲೆ ಪೂಜೆ ಮಾಡಿಸಬಹುದು ಕುಕ್ಕೆಯಲ್ಲಿ ಪೂಜೆ ಮಾಡಿಸಿದರೆ ಏನಾಗುತ್ತದೆ ವಿವರಿಸಿ

    1. ಎಲ್ಲರೂ ಹೇಳುತ್ತಾರೆ ಮೊದಲು ಧರ್ಮಸ್ಥಳಕ್ಕೆ ಹೋಗಿ ನಂತರ ಕುಕ್ಕೆ ಸುಬ್ರಹ್ಮಣ್ಯ ಸರ್ಪ ಸಂಸ್ಕಾರ ಪೂಜೆ ಮಾಡಿಸಿಕೊಂಡು ಬರಬೇಕೆಂದು ಹೇಳುತ್ತಿದ್ದಾರೆ ಡೈರೆಕ್ಟಾಗಿ ಕುಕ್ಕೆ ಸುಬ್ರಹ್ಮಣ್ಯಕ್ಕೆ ಹೋಗಿ ಪೂಜೆ ಮಾಡಿಸಿಕೊಂಡು ಬರಬಹುದು ಇದರ ಬಗ್ಗೆ ಸ್ವಲ್ಪ ಮಾಹಿತಿ

  114. Is there necessary to participate all family members or we can also participate except one member in family coz our Father is not able to come can we participate 3 members except my father??

  115. Sir please tell me my sister in law is pregnant , I can perform Kala surpa dosha pooja.i am staying away from her but my parents are with her.kindly reply as soon as possible.

    1. ಶ್ರೀಧರ್

      ಸರ್ ನನಗೆ ಸರ್ಪ ಸಂಸ್ಕಾರ ಪೂಜೆ ಪೂಜೆಯನ್ನು ನೇರವಾಗಿ ಸುಬ್ರಹ್ಮಣ್ಯಕ್ಕೆ ಬಂದು ಪೂಜೆ ಮಾಡಿಸುವುದು ಧರ್ಮಸ್ಥಳಕ್ಕೆ ಹೋಗಿ ನಂತರ ಕುಕ್ಕೆ ಸುಬ್ರಹ್ಮಣ್ಯ ಪೂಜೆ ಮಾಡಬಹುದಾ ಎಂದು ತಿಳಿಸಿ

  116. ನಾನು ಈಗ ಬುಕ್ಕಿಂಗ್ ಮಾಡಿ ದರೆ ಯಾವಾಗ ನಂಬರ್ ಬರುತ್ತದೆ

  117. We are five members in a family do we have to book seperate tickets for each person or for whole family one ticket

  118. Namestay,
    1. My question is about sarpa samskara pooja ( 2days) , Want to know how much time is taken to
    complete pooja on 1st day and also on 2nd day with naga prathista. (We have 3.5 years kid so want to know the details to manage the things well)

    2. Hope the kid(3.5 years) doesn’t require ticket.
    3. Can we get any AC accommodation in Kukke ?.

    Thanks in advance for your help and support

  119. We can go directly to temple and do sarpa samskara pojja without out onlibe bokking I can reach their and get booking

  120. I am planning for Sarpsamskara. I’ll be travelling with my brother & son. All 3 of us have Kala-sarpa Dosha. Do we have to do 3 separate bookings for Puja, or it will be done for all of us in 1 booking.

    1. ಶ್ರೀಧರ

      ನನಗೆ ಜ್ಯೋತಿಷಿಗಳು ಕುಕ್ಕೆಯಲ್ಲಿ ಸರ್ಪ ಸಂಸ್ಕಾರ ಮತ್ತು ಆಶ್ಲೇಷ ಬಲಿ ಪೂಜೆ ಮಾಡಿಸಬೇಕು ಎಂದು ಹೇಳಿದ್ದಾರೆ ಅದಕ್ಕೆ ಎಷ್ಟು ವೆಚ್ಚ ತಗಲುತ್ತದೆ ಎಂದು ತಿಳಿಸಬೇಕು
      ಬುಕ್ಕಿಂಗ್ ಎಲ್ಲಿ ಮಾಡಬೇಕು ಈ ಪೂಜೆ ಎಷ್ಟು ದಿನ ನಡೆಯುತ್ತದೆ ಎಂದು ನನಗೆ ತಿಳಿಸಿ

  121. Hi, I have booked online for Sarpa samskara. They have mentioned, a room will be reserved for Seva in their website. So is it guaranteed that we will get a room to stay once we reach there?

    1. ಸರ್ ಜ್ಯೋತಿಷ್ಯರು ಹೇಳಿದ್ದಾರೆ ಕುಕ್ಕೆಯಲ್ಲಿ ಸರ್ಪಸಂಸ್ಕಾರ ಮತ್ತು ಆಶ್ಲೇಷ ಬಲಿ ಪೂಜೆ ಮಾಡಿಸಬೇಕು ಎಂದು ಹೇಳಿದ್ದಾರೆ ಅದಕ್ಕೆ ಪೂಜೆಗೆ ಎಷ್ಟು ಹೆಚ್ಚು ಆಗುತ್ತೆ ಎಂದು ತಿಳಿಸಿ ಹಾಗೂ ಎಷ್ಟು ದಿನ ಪೂಜೆ ನಡೆಸುತ್ತಾರೆ ಆನ್ಲೈನ್ ಬುಕಿಂಗ್ ಮಾಡಬೇಕು ಮಾಹಿತಿ ನೀಡಿ

  122. Sir,

    I have visited Dharmastala after doing Pooja of Aashlesha Bali unknowingly. Is it ok to visit or I have done a gross mistake. Is any corrective steps need to be take.


    For sarpasamskara pooja.. the room are reserved & what is the cost of room for 2 days. Please confirm..

  124. Hi sir
    my query is about sarpasamskara nd nagaprathistapane is going to do for only individual family or whole

  125. Hello sir
    I have to do sarpa sarkari pooja in this pooja my husband also should attend because we have no childrens and which days pooja will do so pls tell me which site I have to book pooja in online

  126. We have booked tickets for tomorrow as our relative is expired we are not able to perform pooja… Please let me know how to change booking date

  127. hello Sir,
    I have performed sarpasamskarana pooja yesterday in kukke how many days we should not eat non veg & what are other things to be followed
    please inform

  128. What is the dress code for ladies…in website i read as women must wear saree and blouse……please clarryfy about this seva is on 17april ..tomorow im leaving from home to kukke..How many days we shuold not eat non veg..

  129. Sir
    My query is about leaving the clothes.
    Is we need to drop our cloth wore on fst day of pooja there itself..or can we bring them back..

  130. Sir,

    Is Kalasarpa Shanti and sarpasamskarana is same. If not, then for Kalasarpa Shanti which Pooja need to be performed.

    Thank you.

  131. Hi sarpasamskarana seva date is booked on 28th may..can u plz tell me when i should be there..and how many days (as its 2 days mentioned in internet means 28th and 29th or 27th and 28th)..wat about accomadation ..will they provide ..please tell me clear about the procedure

    1. You need to be there by 27th evening. Pooja will be on 28th and 29th. By 29th 12 noon you will be free to leave. Accommodation will be provided by the temple but at extra cost.

  132. I have booked for sarpa samskara on may 17,& 18. At what time Pooja will end.I have to book train at 1 pm on 18 may.(kukke to Bangalore)

  133. Hello ,

    We have booked sarpa samskara pooja for Saturday .. should we come there on Friday or can we come on Saturday morning .. what will be the rituals held on Friday ?

    1. You need to be there by Friday night. It is ok if you reach there on Saturday early morning before 6am. It’s a 2 days pooja. Saturday and Sunday in your case. By sunday noon you will be free to go.

  134. Hi sir,my husband have sarpa dhosham now should all in the family attend the Pooja and whether we can do the Pooja on any day,we are thinking to com on Monday 15th April 2019 will the Pooja be available.Thanks

  135. Hi,

    Our sarpasamskaara pooja is on April 23rd and 24th. Wanted to check on the current weather condition. Is it too hot now?
    Will there by sufficient water in kumaaradhaara river to take bath. Could you please let us know the cost of AC rooms ?
    Please provide this info.

      1. Hi,

        I would like to prepone the sarpasamskaara date from April 23 to April 21. Can it be done? Request you to please share the procedure.

        1. You have been so good in responding the queries in time. thanks a lot.

          I did contact them, and as per them, though they can postpone, they can’t advance the date. They suggest to check day before 21st.

  136. We need to perform Sarpa Sanskara on 15/04/2019…Kindly lets lnow the procedure to w followed. Our number is

  137. Sir we need to do the sarpa samskara dhosha shanti on 19th Apr 2019 where I should I contact for ticket booking and what is the cost kindly confirm the same and awaiting for your reply

  138. We want to perform pooja on 7 april 2019 how to book ticket for it… Is it good day to perform… What are the ritual to follow when Pooja will be completed

  139. I booked sarpa samsakara Seva on 8/4/19 . But can’t came.
    How to postponed sarpa samsakara Seva another date.

  140. Do we need to follow anything regarding food ???after sarpa samskara,ashlesha Bali, naga prathishtapane?.pls reply

  141. Hi , I am trying to book pooja in the month of April 2 nd weekend but slots are not available is it possible to come directly and book for the same pooja.

    Please treat this in priority and revert back .

    Thanks in advance.

  142. My question is me and my daughter are having sarpa dosha can we perform the puja together because my daughter is only 6 years old

    1. yes u can….they will consider family. can sit together and do…All family members can do in one time ,in one session

  143. Sir we have sarpa dosha for my family
    I my wife and my children (4 member s) what is the cost for pooja

  144. Kavitha hemanth

    Hi namaskar we planning to come to kukke subhramanya to offer puja we are from Bangalore we have problems our work and our business going day by day late. We confused which puja to offer is asleep Bali are sarpasamskara. We are from Bangalore pls give suggest

  145. I wanted to perfor sarpa samskara dosam I need to speak with concerned person as to know if there is any other way other than online booking

  146. I have booked through online after booking I came to know that one day prior to seva they will issue original receipt before 7.00 p.m. Wherein without original receipt we can entire or not. I can attend seva but one I cant reach before 7.00 p.m on the prior day. What can I do

  147. Sir,I have booked sarpasamskara Pooja.can I book online accomadation or will I get accomadation after reach there

  148. Hi Sir, our Guruji as suggested us to do Sarpasamskara as my marriage is delaying. We are 3 at home and my father is not willing to perform this. Can only my mother and myself do the Pooja or should my father also be there? Please let me know. We would like to do it as early as possible.

  149. Hi sir we want to do individual sarpa samskara and Naga pratishta pooja. Please suggest the amount and whom to contact.

    1. Hello, the individual Poojas are conducted by the Subramanya Mutt( it is a building adjacent to the Kukke temple). You can contact the Subramanya Mutt for details on how to book, and the current charges. I visited Kukke recently, and as per the info I could gather, the Sarpa Samskara individual costs about 5k while the Naga Pratishte individual costs around 8k.

  150. Want to know what pooja has. To be performed for speech delay n autistic features in my son..horoscope can b sent,
    any contacts plz

  151. Hi sir this Rekha from tumkur.we have to do sarpasamksara,nagapratistapan in this this month I try to contact office no but I can’t reached. Plz help me sir.

  152. Dear, sir/madam we want to perform sarpasamskara and nagparthistya pooja for next month in March, Please would you please arrange for myself and my brother we both married,and for my sister with mother and father

    Armugam with Shakuntala
    Ravi Armugam with vasanti
    Gopi Armugam with Dhanavi
    Sister,Nirmala unmarried waiting for reply, thank you.

  153. Hello,
    We are planning for Sarpa sanskar pooja for my sister and I am accompanying with her is it compulsory that couple only can sit in pooja with girl?

  154. Pls help me. I have already booked sarpa samskar pooja on 14 march 2019.
    But I didnt given adhar no. It was wrong. So what can I do. How can I change adhaar no. Pls help me

  155. Sir can we go to Dharmastla and udupi after sarpasamskara Pooja. Or we have to head straight to our home/ from Chennai

  156. Me and my husband both have sarpadosha.I have 7 month old daughter and in her jatakam she too have sarpadosha.what will the impact of it to my daughter. In our carriers we are not successful,is she too vl face the same problem?

  157. Do we need to reach there one day before for temple room? I am planning to travel from bangalore via bus, which will reach at 5:30am in the morning. Will they allocate rooms at that time?

  158. How many days we to apply kunkum given after pooja and take bath?
    After sarpasamskara pooja, can we have drumsticks, snake guard, savige?? Or do we have any restrictions on that??

  159. Senthil Kumar.S

    Dear Sir,
    If any of the children get menstrual cycle after going to Temple,can we perform samsakara as the Pooja is done by my father can we do.
    Please suggest some people say don’t do last time we have not done.
    With regards
    Senthil Kumar

  160. ವಿಶ್ವನಾಥ ಕೆ.ಶಿಬಾಜೆ

    ಸರ್ಪ ಸಂಸ್ಕಾರ ಪೂಜೆ ನೆರವೇರಿಸಬೇಕು .ಈ ಬಗ್ಗೆ Booking ಮಾಡುತ್ತಿದ್ದೇನೆ .ನನ್ನ ಈ ಕೋರಿಕೆ ಮನ್ನಿಸಬೇಕಾಗಿ ವಿನಂತಿ.

  161. Hemalata Karoshi

    Can we visit Dharmastala temple after performing Sarpa samskara pooja with other Family friends. We are coming from Hyderabad

  162. Whether ashleshabali sarpasamskara and other Pooja at Srikshetra Subramanya can be performed by the head of the family on behalf of our daughter

  163. Can parents perform sarpa samskara puja which exists in family(Dosha) as the children r busy ,&can’t come.elder daughter’s CA results& delayed.

  164. Poornima murugesh

    Sarpasamskara and ashlesha Bali are the same seva ? Or is there difference between each pooja. Plz advise…
    As in our 2 persons advised from two different preists like for one person ashlesha Bali as to be perform at kukke. And for other one sarpasosha dosa is there and sarpasamskara to be done. So can we do sarpasamskara for ashlesha Bali also..

  165. Sir my uncle has booked for sarpasanskara dosha pooja online on jan 26 and we r informed to take tickets on 25th before 7 in the evening..Sir need some details..
    1.As soon as we reach temple where to go to collect tickets..
    2.will they provide rooms on spot r we need to book them online.
    3.can we visit other places like dharmashala before performing pooja.
    4.After pooja can we visit them uncle is diabetic and bypass heart surgery patient 10 year back,so can he do the pooja procedures r they difficult for him..
    6.what r the diet restrictions before and after pooja and how many days.
    As we r coming from Anantapur Andhra,we should have outside food while returning back,then how we should plan..
    7.Anything else please tell us sir as we r not brahmins we don’t know much.Along with my uncle his wife also should follow all ..

    1. I too have the same questions. My Pooja is on Jan 27 and asked to collect ticket on jan 26th evening. Even help desk is pathetic not picking the call. I booked a hotel on 26th night since I have no info and don’t get any surprises after going there. But for 27th night it is written they will block a room since Pooja perform on 27 and 28th jan

  166. Sir, Can you confirm if i need to perform this pooja based on the horoscope review. i have been advised to do this pooja for the Naga dosha,Some people have advised to do it through the Mutt instead of the temple. Please advise.

  167. Sir we are booked this month 21 for sarpasamskara pooja online we don’t Have any information from ur side so Pl reply me wat r the next procedure after online booking

  168. sir, we would like to perform sarpasanskara pooja on jan 14th 2019
    Is it possible for us to book the tickets for the pooja online.

  169. Sir sarpa samskara pooja book only online r book direct at temple office pls give information I booked my train tickets on 14 Jan 2019 sir 16&17jan 2019 pooja tickets available pls reply sir

  170. Sir sarpa samskara pooja book only online r book direct at temple office pls give information I booked my train tickets on 14 Jan 2019

  171. My family and I are attending and doing this puja but we are concerned about the repercussions of accidentally eating meat because we live abroad and will be traveling outside of India after the puja is over. Also, is alcohol consumption allowed after a few days of the conclusion of the puja.

  172. Unknowingly I visited subramanya temple on 1 St day of sarpa samskara Pooja..please let me know, will there be any effect because of this

  173. Sir my question was, Can anybody perform sarpa samskara at kukke subramanya? I mean even if there is no specific sarpa dosha in one’s kundali, is it ok to perform sarpa samskara?


    When we called Kukke Temple, it was informed that they don’t do Ashlesha Bali is done in the month of December. Is this can be done at the Sringeri Matt or Subramania Matt?

  175. Hello sir,

    Can anybody perform sarpa samskara at Julie? I mean even if there is no specific sarpa dosha in one’s kundali, is it ok to perform sarpa samskara?


  176. Sir I have booked for 2 day sarpa samskara pooja, will accomodation be provided, If I have to pay what will be the room rent and also what will be the cost of pooja materials. Secondly I will reach Kukke at 4 AM whom should I contact after reaching Kukke, Please mail me the details.


  177. Hi, I have a query regarding this sarpa samskara pooja..

    If i book now, within how many days will i get the dates.. as we need to plan for our schedule also..

  178. Jairaj ashok kamble

    To sarpa samskara pooja
    On date 30/12/2018 to 31/12/2018
    Kindly arrenje pooja tel me riply sir on booking me

    My mr.Ashok j kamble
    My sarpa samskara pooja karnna hi a Date 30 /12/2018
    Date 31/12/2018 ko pooja hi
    Availabal hi kya moojay kanfrom karo
    Sir pl

  179. Sir I have booked for 2 day sarpa samskara pooja, will accomodation be provided, If I have to pay what will be the room rent and also what will be the cost of pooja materials. Secondly I will reach Kukke at 4 AM whom should I contact after reaching Kukke, Please mail me the details.


  180. my one brother has rahu dosha and other is passing through rahu mahadasa and my niece has kala sarpa can i perform pooja for all thtee since they are in usa is rahu jap and homam better or bali pooja in kukee

  181. Hello Sir,

    Astrologer identified sarpa dosha in my horoscope. Hence we have booked ‘Sarpa samskara pooja’ in Kukke Subramanya temple. I need some information, hope you would help me.

    1. My grandfather is very old and he wont be able travel and perform pooja. Is it OK if my Father do it ?
    2. Somewhere I read that we should not get inside Subramanya swamy main temple and take swamy dharshan before pooja complete on first day, is it true? Please confirm.
    3. All members participating in Pooja should not eat morning breakfast and should not eat/drink outside food for both pooja days? or only the person performing pooja(head of family) has to follow it?

    Thanks in advance.


  182. Hello sir namasthe i’m chaithra A an astrologer said that i am having sarpa dosha have to perform sarpa samskara pooja in kukke subramanya, i have booked ticked for sarpa samskara pooja on 23.11.2018 while online booking there i mentioned devotee name as mine,later i came to know that it should be performed by head of the family so i am coming along with my parents is there any abjection if my father is performing pooja? and my father is smoker is there any problem befor or after pooja he is continuing his smoking means?kindly suggest me.

    thank you

  183. Hi Sir,

    I have booked ticket for Sarpa Samskara Ticket for Tomorrow(12th Nov,2018) through online and got mail confirmation also. But as directed in the website is that 1 day before we have to collect the physical copy of receipt or same day morning(we are reaching @ 4:00 AM in Tomorrow Morning) we can collect ticket. And the accommodation procedure please.

    Could you please clarify on this..

    Thank You Sir ..

  184. Hello,

    We have booked online for Sarpa Samskara and Sarpa Pratishthapane and booking got confirmed. We wont be able to perform/attend this pooja because of the sudden demise of one of my family member. We want to postpone this pooja to some other day. How to postpone this date as I dont see any postpone option in the website?

    Thank you.

  185. I have a smoking habit so how many days before I should stop smoking and after pooja can I continue with that or do I need to stop smoking for 21 days

  186. I have booked my sarpasamskara pooja on 20th of nov as i read the above article its a 2 day pooja so should i go there on 19th afternoon and stay till 20th to do the pooja or shall i go there at 20th morning and stay till 21st.?

  187. My daughter is aged 26 years completed & yet to marry she has skin problems can she perform Sarpa samskara. We are visiting Kukke on 12th November 2018.Is the ritual available on that day Pls help me. Umesha

  188. Name : S.D Kaverappa
    Dob : 06-09-1977
    Birth Day : Tuesday
    Time: 6 Pm
    Rashi: Mithuna
    Nakshathra: Mrugashira

    Nanage Kaala Sarpha dosha ide annuthare dayavittu thilishikodi hagu pariharavannu suchisikodi

  189. Namaste Sir, is there any restriction that only head of the family (Father in law) has to perform the puja or is it ok if my husband or my father performs the puja, and should everybody from the family has to attend the puja. Kindly let us know.

    Thanks and Regard


  190. Abhishek B
    Date of Birth: 23/02/1999
    Place of Birth: Ooty
    Time of Birth: 3:45 AM
    Zodiac Sign: Tauras (Vrishaba)
    Recently we got to know that he is having Naga Dosham so kindly let us know how to perform & when to perform the pooja rituals.
    Waiting for your reply.

  191. Hello Sir,

    I am having the Sarpa Dosha. My family would be visiting along with me. So can I do the Puja or only my father has to perform it?



  193. Please let us know as we have already booked our seva ticket. Without my in laws presence can we perform sarpasamskara pooja for us for kids

  194. Lankalapalli Bhanuchandar

    Hi sir, I have a booking for Sarpa samskara pooja on 7th Nov. I had taken non veg on 27th Oct, any problem with that?if there is a problem, what can i do sir?

  195. Hi sir/madam,

    We have booked for Sarpasamskara Pooja on 24th October. We will be reaching kukke subramanya temple on 24th early morning.will that be ok coming on the day of the pooja ?

  196. I have skin psoriasis and it’s growing rapidly, no medicine are working! I don’t have Sarpa Dosha in my horoscope but skin desease is covering! Which puja you suggest at kukke

  197. C. Ram Raghava Reddy


    Can i perform this pooja by single ( i am family head) without my wife.
    Please advise me.

    Thanking you.
    C. Ram,a Raghava Reddy

  198. Allowed Family members (3) can combindely perform sarpasamskara ,Naga prathista,aslesha Bali. OR individual persons only can perform.( If any one family member have dosha)

  199. Hi Sir/Madam,

    How about the accommodation for Sarpa Samskara Pooja? if we arrive on the morning of the event day? and afer this pooja can we visit dharmasthala or should we complete the darshan first at dharmasthala and attend this pooja?

    Thank you!

  200. in-laws are old and they may find it difficult to come for the Pooja and attend it for long there any wheelchair facility at the temple for them to move around freely?

  201. I have been advised to do Kaal Sarpa Dosha pooja as the Dosha appears in my charts. should I perform the pooja alone or my wife and kids also need to accompany me for the pooja.


    1. No , you come early morning on pooja day , after 9 they will start. But take receipt at counter before 8am. 2nd day within 9 am it will over. u can leave that day itself

  202. An astrologer says that my wife is having sarpa dosha.She have to perform sarpa samskara at Kukke temple.Can I perform the Pooja instead of her??? As we are from Kerala ,we require almost 4 days including pooja and to and fro journey .And also he says it should be done in Aayilyam day.So we require 4 days leave , it’s the problem…

  203. Request your guidance for the following

    My son’s are having kaal sharp dosha when I checked with online astrology
    Elder with full defending Padma kaal sarp dosha and
    Younger son found Vaduki kaal sarp dosha partial ascending
    Both they are studying in different country

    I planned to do kalasarpa pooja for my son’s is it ok, if yes how my son’s can participate in samkalam or what my son’s to do to overcome come kalasarpa dosha
    Please advise

    1. Kaal Sarp Dosh runs in the family. If your son’s are having the dosha then you can perform the pooja since you are the head of the family. There is no need for your sons to be present at the pooja.

  204. Hi

    I did sarpa samskara pooja at kukke subramanya. The next day i was given a prasad with a split coconut and one full coconut with a block of wood. What is to be done with the same . Request your kind views

  205. Sir,

    Requested your guidance / help.

    I want to perform Sarpasamskara pooja and ashleshabali pooja.

    Planning to reach Kukke Subramanya Temple on 14th evening.

    Can you guide me.

    Thanks and Regards
    Kiran Kumar P V

      1. Sir,

        Is it possible to perform both Sarpasamskara pooja and ashleshabali pooja. If so as I am reaching on October 14th evening

        On which date I have to book for Sarpasamskara pooja and which date I have to book for ashleshabali pooja

        Thanks and Regards
        Kiran Kumar P V

  206. Uma Sundara Rajan

    1. is the slot available on 28th and 29th September 2018 for Sarpasamskara puja and 2nd day for Ashilesha Bali Puja for my second son
    2, On 29th Ashilesh Bali Puja for my 1st son at the same timing of my 2nd Sons puja.

    Please confirm by return so that i will go ahead with the bookings. and the cost for each one separately.

    Thanks and regards

  207. Hi sir,
    Good morning We have booked a slot on Sept 30th 2018 for sarpa samskara by online Rs3301.i don’t have father he was pass away in 2012 my mom not not well to come with will I come alone and I can perform pooja alone please advise

  208. I have booked Sarpasamskara looks but unfortunately my family members are not able to come. Can I do the looks along with my friends.

  209. Hi sir,

    Great information. i have a query . my astrologer asked us to perform this pooja as there are couple of issues with my horoscope. so can only ladies perform this pooja. i have booked tickets for the next week though. because my dad is no more so only me and my mom can do this?

  210. Hello sir,
    I want to perform sarpasamskara and ashlesha Bali Pooja.
    As we have ashlesha nakshatra on 1st Nov. I would like to perform ashlesha Bali on that day. I think there are only two slots available.
    From other sources I came to know that sarpasamskara need to be performed first. So my plan is as below.
    Day1 On 31st Oct: Sarpasamskara day 1 Pooja
    Day2 On 1st Nov: sarpasamskara day 2 Pooja + ashleshabali

    Sarpasamskara day 2 includes nagapratishta as well.

    Can we perform ashlesha Bali Pooja on day2 of sarpasamskara

    Will my plan work out? Please confirm so that we need to book tickets.

  211. my son of 10 years old is to perform the pooja. if i his father comes with him but his mother not coming …will it all be alright and effective to him?

  212. Please let me know for a boy of 9 years having sarpa Dosha whoare all to come for conducting sarpa sanskara and Dosha Pooja. If the boy’s father and grandfather both are alive then who has to perform and who are all to be present to perform Pooja.

  213. Sir,
    I want to sarpasamsakara puja due to delay in my marriage. Its not been an year my grand mother(Fathers mother) passed away. Can my father, mother and me perform pooja. Please let us know

  214. Hi Sir,

    Please let us know can we book sarpa samskara pooja on 7th September 2018.
    And also please let us know can we perform ashlesha bali & Naga Pratishte pooja at the same day. And what are the pooja items we need to get for all the 3 poojas.

    Sowmya R

      1. Hello sir.. We have booked a slot on oct 1 2018 for sarpa samskara by online Rs3301. But how to book a room for accommodation for it?? Can i get a link for it?

  215. sir,

    this is kumar from chennai, from last 5 yrs onwards we are not blessed with child, my astrologer says rahu ketu dosha is there for getting children, can we perform sarpasamskara puja sir, myself and my wife can perform puja sir, we are brahmins, for us any individual pandit will come sir? shravan month is best month sir, this august is monsoon sir can we go to kukke sir from chennai, heavy rains are there at present as per news channel…

    can you give your valuable suggestions sir to get best results from murugan sir….

  216. Hi,
    We are visiting kukke on 12th August. Can we do aslesha bali pooja and nagapratista seva on same day and if so how much time will it take. Please advise.

      1. Hi Sir,

        Is there any particular time does this Ashelesha pooja and Naga prathista is done? Ca it be completed by 12:30PM OR 1PM?

        Please help on this.

  217. Sir my father and relations not come only my mother and I am come the temple Attending Sarpa samskara pojaa???
    And online bokking feez completed next wich cost poja completed
    Plzzz Telme ……

  218. Sir my father and relations not come only my mother and I am come the temple Attending Sarpa samskara pojaa???
    And online bokking feez completed next wich cost poja completed
    Plzzz Telme ……

  219. We (My husband and I) have booked this Pooja. Our in-laws will also be part of the Pooja. My father in law is diabetic and needs to have food after 6pm as he has to take tablets at night. I understand that food will be provided to us in Hotel and we need to finish it by 6 pm. What can be done in this case? Although, my husband and I will be sitting for the Pooja.

  220. Hi,
    We would like to do Sarpa samskara pooja seperately only for our family in Kukke ,not samuhika pooja .Similar to special sarpa samskara pooja that happens in ghati.How to do that in Kukke?

  221. Hi,

    My self am chethan from bangalore, i need to perform ashlesha bali puja in ( kukke subramanya)
    individually can you please help me in letting know the price details for the same.


  222. Dear Sir,
    Any one can do sarpa samskara ? If one has elder brother , younger married one can also do this pooja ?

  223. Hi
    My husband star is ashelesha , v got married before 11 yrs and don’t have kid . One of the priest said to do ashelesha Bali pooja in kukke Subramania temple . Is it necessary to do sarpa samskara pooja also , and for tis my mother in law father in law should be In tis pooja. V 4 can attain tis pooja

  224. H G Narayanaswsmy

    Is one ticket will be sufficient for my two daughters performing sarpa samskara by myself and wife. We four will be attending Pooja ie myself, wife and two daughters.
    Whether need to book in advance for ashlesha Bali Pooja or we can buy ticket when we are in kukke for sarpa samskara

  225. Whome to contact there firstly, evn after paying additional rent do they provide good room with hot water facilities.. Bcz of cold weather.

  226. Hi Team,

    I have some question below:
    1. I have booked online for Sarpa sanskara pooja, in the confirmation e-mail they have mentioned we have to collect original copy of seva receipt one day prior in the temple office before 7PM. But we are planning to reach out by late night before the pooja day, pleas advise.
    2. I need to know about guest accommodation, all the needs will be available or we have to bring it out? or is this only for family members?

  227. Hi Team,

    I have booked ticket for Sarpasanskara pooja on 20/08/2018 and I could see the next day 21st is showing already booked by other devotee, but the pooja would take for 2days from the seva date. Will you please confirm how this would takes place.

    Second, I see that the seva confirmed devotees would get residency in the temple lodge. I don’t understand how can we book the lodge whether we have to book online for the same date for two days or is there any other procedure?

    1. Pooja will be for 2 days. Just select the starting date when you are booking online. Temple accommodation must be booked once you reach the temple. You will have to pay extra.

  228. Hi sir, Im Shashi from Mandya, i have booked ticket for sarpa samskar pooja on 1-8-2018 . So when i need to reach kukke and do i need to book room separately. So kindly help on this

  229. Hello,
    I m suffering from leprosy skin disease, finance, career, marriage, family and no luck anywhere… My friend told me about this pooja and I can relate it my life now. I want to do Sarpa samaskara pooja and get the blessings of lord.. I went thru your website where I need to book my date for pooja but I m not sure according to my stars which day will be good for doing sarpa pooja.. ??


  230. Is Hi.

    i have married and my father was expired. my mother is there. who has to do puja.

    This is related to infertility sake.

    Does Accommodation is provided by temple only if i will buy SARPA SAMSKARA ticket

  231. i need to postpone sarpa samskara pooja booked online on 13th july 2018 . please let me know how to do the same ,what are procedures to do it.

  232. Is it the same puja / seva which is perfromed for KaalSarp dosha? or there is other puja for Kaal Sarp dosha – what is the name of the puja. Can you share some details?

  233. Am married for 6yrs. and we are not yet blessed with child

    i want to perform Sarpa Santhi pooja on Shasti.

    i would prefer to book online for the month of August on shasti day which is 16th August.
    please let me know what is the process to book online and what is the cost for the same.

    also will we get a decent accomodation for those 2 days.

    what are dos and don’t for those two days.


  234. Lalithmohan suryakumar

    My sister has Kaal sarpa dosha as per astrologer, he advised to perform Sarpa samskarnam and Ashlesha bali. We are planning to book on 29th and 30th July. We are traveling from Hyderabad. Will this pooja be done by my sister, is our father required to be present for pooja. My sisters marriage was unfortunately broken up with no issues. On consulting we found about the sarpa dosha. Kindly advise. Can we do ashlesha bali after the pooja on 2nd day, should we buy tickets for same on first day. We are planning to come as family. Myself, father , sister and mother.

    1. Lalithmohan suryakumar

      Hello Sir.. your response to my question will be appreciated and help me plan better.

  235. in my jathaka the problem will be there one year before i did alseshabali now i booked the sarpasamkara …me and my friend plan to go so they are allowed for this pooja????

  236. My a/c in Corporation Bank. How can I book Sarpa samskara pooja. Online not possible. Because corporation Bank not enclosed your payment bank list.

  237. Hi Could you please assist me on rahu ketu pooja kukke subramanya temple and cost and procedure what is use of this Pooja.

  238. One of my known advised me to do Sarpasamskara at kukke as we are having issue in conceiving even after 6 years of marriage and lots of medical treatments though me and my wife both don’t have any medical related issue and fit to conceive. You mentioned only head of family should to do this pooja but my father resides in Bhopal MP and could not come.
    Please advise if me and my wife can offer this pooja.

  239. Hi,

    I stays in Bangalore. My family stay in Andhra. i want to perform this pooja. My parents will not be able to come this far. so shall i go alone and perform this pooja? Please advice.

    Thanks in advance.


  240. Hi Sasidhar,

    I want to do Sarpa samskara for my family members consisting son, daughter, wife and myself. Will all of 4 persons included in 1 seva or have to do 4 each seva for 4 family members?

  241. Hello Sir … Me and my sister have Kaal Sarp Dosham. We have to perform Sarp Samskaara pooja at Kukke Subramanyam temple. We have booked ticket and are coming from far (Patna , Bihar). I was not aware about advance booking but when I checked now , the slot is not available on 27th-28th June 2018 (week days). Is it possible to somehow perform pooja at temple without advance booking?

  242. I’m suffe6 with skin problem which pooja is best at kukke only effected person is enough or total family required plz ans

  243. We will be traveling from Hyderabad. I want to know by what time the second day of Sarpa Samskara puja would complete??

  244. Hi,
    I have this dosha in my horoscope. Since my parents would not be able to make it due to health problem. Can i do this puja without their presence? Any alternate?

  245. P Sunil kumar

    Today I completed sarpa samskara pooja, tomorrow after completion of Naga prathista can I go dharmasthal or not.

  246. SIR, May i know why naga pratistha puja cannot do in ekadashi thiti? Is there any specific reason? Is it the puja won’t give any good vibration if we do on ekadashi thiti? Pls explain..
    If the date booked in ekadashi, can i continue do the pooja? thank you sir…

  247. Hi Sasidhar,
    last week our family have been advised to perform Sarpasamskara pooja and Ashlesha bali pooja at Kukke.
    our family consists of father-mother (2 persons), we three brothers (all got married (6 persons), and having small kids below 8 years(3 persons)). total 11 persons.
    so for booking pooja, should we buy only one ticket in the name of my father who is head of the family or two more tickets to cover entire family? Can you please confirm with Temple?

    2nd Q: before coming to Kukke, is it ok to visit Dharamsthala and then come to Kukke or should directly come to Kukke from our home.

    3rd Q: I stay near Bangalore and my parents stay in another city and my brothers stay in different city., as per your advise in one of the question, we should go directly to our homes after performing the pooja. can my parents and brothers come to my house in Bangalore and stay for a day or two and then go to their homes; or should we directly go to our individual homes with out staying any where? Please advise.

  248. hi, are the cabs available from kukke subramanya temple to mangalore? how much time it will take to reach mangalore by cab and what is the fare?

  249. Hi
    I have seen in the website that Ashlesha bali pooja is performed in 2 shifts(7 a.m. & 9 a.m). Is it possible to do Ashlesha bali pooja after completing Sarpa Samskara pooja.

  250. hi,
    i have seen in the official website that Ashlesha bali pooja is performed in 2 shifts(7 a.m & 9 a.m). Is it possible to do Ashlesha bali pooja after completing Sarpa Samskara pooja.

  251. hi, i am coming to kukke 23rd july to perform the pooja. should i carry new clothes for pooja? i have a pair of dhothi which was earlier used only for pooja and temple ceremonies. will that do or should i get new set of dhothi for the poja.?

  252. Please let me know if there is facility to perform sarpasamskara individually and the contact details

  253. Hi,

    I have booked ticket for sarpa samskara pooja for this weekend in the name of my father last month . But now my father may not be able to come as he is not well. Can I perform the pooja alone?

  254. HI SIR
    we had booked for sarpasamskara pooja on may 2018 and for some reason we cant able to participate in the pooja .I want to know whether we can postpone the pooja for next month….

  255. Hi Sasidhar ,

    Thank you for the details , when does it get over on the 2nd day , as I have to plan my return travels accordingly , please help and will I get enough time to pay a visit to Dharamshala as well


  256. I and my mother are planning for this and my dad may not be able to make it.
    Is there any problem if any of our family member would not be able to attend?
    Also, please let me know, if I alone can come and perform the Pooja?

  257. I want to offer Sarpasamskara with Nagaprathista Pooja on 13th of November 2018. My quires are as follows:

    i) What is the exact cost for this Pooja?
    ii) Is the aforementioned date is right for this Pooja?
    iii) Is there any accommodation facility inside the temple premises, if so what are the rates?
    iv) How would I reach the Temple from Bangalore?

    1. The cost of the pooja is mentioned in the temple official website. Please check availability of dates also. Temple will offer you accommodation at additional cost. It will cost you around 800 per night. You can take a bus from Bangalore to reach Kukke.


      We have booked for sarpasamskara pooja on 16 may 2018 .
      i want to know about at what time pooja will get over so that whether we can catch our train or not.and our train is on next day at 1.30 pm……

  258. If i book a ticket for sarpa samskara, How many people from the family can attend that pooja?
    Revert me back soon


    can we complete sarpasamskarapooja and prathistapane in one day.
    we want to perform these poojas for the sake of my son to get putrasantana. since he can not come now. as his parents can we do it on his behalf. will it have the same effect

    1. The elders in the house should do the pooja. So if you are the head of the house then you can do the pooja on behalf of your son. But if you dad is still around then he should do it.

  260. Hi sir,
    what does it mean by “PRARTHANA(PRAYER)” seva? When it can be done? Whether it can be done before Sarpa Samkara pooja or it can be done after Sarpa Samkara pooja also.

  261. Hi,
    Can the Pooja performed in the month of July in first week, and how many days in advance should i book for Pooja

  262. Hi Sasidhar, Few Doubts,

    1. For Sarpa Samskara Pooja, do I need to carry any items/articles required for pooja?.
    2. Is “Deeksha Vastra” provided to both wife & Husband?
    3. Also please let me know for anything else we need to take care of during stay.

    Thank you for your help.

  263. Can I do the Nagapratisha/Sarpa Samskara individually and not with the general crowd?

    If yes, how should I go about? Do you know of any pandit – please do share contact details? Appreciate your assistance.

  264. Madhushree Shridhar Murthy


    Why should one not go anywhere and get back straight home after just visiting Kukke Subrahmanya?

  265. Hi sir,
    I am having nagadosha in my horoscope. I am married , can my father perform sarpasamskara pooja.

  266. hi sir,
    thanks for giving reply to all comments. actually we are planning to come from hyderabad to kukke subramanya swamy temple. how to reach. please let me know which is the nearest railway station to the temple, and also the train name from hyderabad.

      1. ok thank you for the reply. one train is there which reaches mangalore around 11:30pm, are the buses available at that time to reach the temple

        1. BASAVARAJA K J

          Kukke Subramanya is having its own railway station..pls check in IRCTC..

  267. Could you please let me know how to get accommodation.
    What are the options available.
    I will reach there on 5th morning.

      1. Which one you recommend.
        In the online voucher it is mentioned that “Room will be reserved for accommodation at Temple Lodge for confirmed bookings. Rent Extra.”..

        Will they really block?
        And pls suggest which is better, Temple guest house or Private, And online booking is necessary?. as I will be going in weekend.

        Thank you.

  268. Could you please let me know at what time the 2nd day Pooja will be completed. As I wanted to book return bus in the afternoon.

  269. dear sir my daughter is 12 years old she is having gastric problem iif she eats little late she will suffer from acidity s this pooja is for her sake . whether she can take bread and milk before poojq. please answer me. thanking you

  270. I’m Dharmendar from Bangalore need details of Sarpasamskara Vidhi or Pooje.
    I need details of some questions. My father in law has injured a snake while working in farmland. Later during his son’s birth the same injured snake died near his doorstep. They came to know that it was the same injured snake. Recently my father in law died one year back. Now the question is who has to perform the Samskara pooje? His son or his younger brothers? We belong to other community so what procedure have to be followed to perform this Pooje. These are my details for further communications.

  271. Hi Sasidhar,

    Is it possible to book Sarpa Samskara pooja on spot. Like if I go today to the temple premises, will I be able to get the slot for tomorrow ??

    Because I see on the online booking portal of Kukke has no slots left for the day which I want.

    Kindly share your experience.

  272. Hi,

    The astrologer told my husband is having severe naga dosham and we are facing fertility issues. I have booked ticket for Sarpa samaskara pooja on 13/05/2018. So we should reach on 12 May before 7pm to get the ticket.

    My husband and myself alone can do the pooja or his parents should also participate
    Please confirm and thanks for providing the information.

    Thank you

  273. Hi
    Is SARPA SAMSKARA pooja and ASHLESHA BALI pooja different, or ASHLESHA BALI is part of SARPA SAMSKARA pooja. please let me know.

        1. Ashlesha bali pooja is also performed as a remedy for sarpa dosha. It usually takes 2 hours and is performed only on the ashlesha nakshatra every month.

  274. Hi,
    Is there any rule that we need to go back directly to home after SarpaSamskara.

    Actually I am planning to visit other place back to my home.

  275. Hi Sir,

    I have helped killing a baby snake in village many years back and
    have skin diesease like skin burn and other things and also getting delay in marriage now 36years. Can i perform pooja get anygood result.


    Dear Sir,

    My son is staying abroad with his wife.

    Is it possible/permitted to perform the Sarpasamskara pooja on behalf of him (my son)as parents in their absence?. No astrologer told us to perform the pooja . Even then for better and
    happy living we want to perform the pooja. Is it ncorrect?

    Please guide.

    With regards

  277. Hi..
    Our Astrologer adviced us to perform Sarpasamskara Pooja to get rid off Infertility issues.
    I have noticed in your below replies that this Pooja has to be performed by the head of the family. So please clarify whether this Pooja has to be performed by me or by my father in my case.
    Pls let me know at what time Pooja will end on second day and can we leave after Pooja is completed on second day ? Based on that I can plan to book my return tickets.

    Requesting to reply at the earliest.


    1. Sarpa Samskara Pooja is performed to get rid of sarpa dosha. The head the family must perform this pooja. On second day, the pooja will be completed by noon. So you can plan to leave after 2pm.

    2. Thanks for the reply.
      some more clarifications please..

      1) Our Astrologer did not mentioned whether Sarpadosha is for me or for my wife. He adviced us to perform Sarpasmamskara Pooja for Infertility Problems after seeing kundalis of myself and my wife. So in this case also my father should perform the Pooja ?

      2)We are planning to reach Kukke one day before our Pooja. Please let me know whether devasthanam provides accommodation one day before also for us or do we need to book separate room for that day ?

      3)How frequently the buses are available from Kukke to Mangalore in the afternoon ? (after whole pooja is completed on second day) and how much time it takes approximately to reach Mangalore ?



      1. It should still be performed by the head of your family which in your case is your father. The temple does not provide any free accommodation. You will have to pay for the rooms once you get there. We are not sure about the frequency of buses from Mangalore. It usually takes 3 hours to reach Mangalore from Kukke if you are traveling by car.

  278. Hruthpoorvaka Namaskaragalu,

    We have booked online for sarpa samskara on date 07/04/2018 morning.
    We are leaving bangalore on 6th evening 8 pm by ksrtc bus and reach Kukke Subrahmanya by 7th morning 7 am. Planning to have dip in kumaradhara and reach Devasthana by 8 : 30 am. please tell us whom to meet at temple premises.
    Please tell us as the plan is OK.

    Also Please advise us about one clarification.

    After Sarpa samskara pooja how many days we have to follow what.
    We are planning to do guddali pooja for house construction in our site in april month, please advise us as when we can perform guddali pooja for house construction.

    We understand that we have to stay in kukke for two days for sarpa samskara pooja.
    please tell us, wether we can start return journey on sunday evening or afternoon.
    our pooja dates booked are 7th saturday and 8th sunday of april 2018.

    Manasaare Vandhanegalu



  279. Hello Sasidhar,

    We were told or advised to perform Ashlesha Bali Pooja, Sarpa Samskara and Naga Prathista by a Swamiji at our place. I am not sure if it is right to put this question across.

    Swamiji informed us to pay an amount of 20000 to perform the above said Pooja while I could see the online price is below 9000 for two people (Me&My Brother).

    I would like to seek your advice on this. Is it good to proceed by paying 20000 rupees or should I book slots online.

    Is there any difference shown for devotees while performing Pooja rituals @ kukke .. Kindly help.

  280. if I do sarpa dosha parihara pooja what will be the effect on my life out of the below??
    1. The dosha will be completely removed and my life will be only influenced by other planetary positions alone.
    2.The intensity of dosha will come down but it will come back to its intense state after a certain period of time.
    3.The dosha will be removed and it will also start giving positive results which it has denied in the past with the help of other planetary positions.
    4.I was asked to wear a Gomed and cats eye after it is done pooja with sarpa dosha pariharam.Is that something to do with yielding positive results of rahu and ketu once pooja is done.
    5. Will rahu and ketu not yield positive results after doing pooja or will it be neutral.
    6. now because of rahu i get addicted to whatever i do some kind of madness.(rahu in 2nd house and ketu in 8th house).also mercury in good position even studies also some sort of addiction.but when it some to other addiction like physical abuses are not controllable.nobody recognises me.

      1. Hello Sir,
        The positive result arising due to sarpa dosha parihara pooja is it because of getting rid of sarpa dosha alone??
        Is there any benefits by wearing stones for rahu and ketu.
        My date of birth is 02.08.1989, 6:50pm,kottarakkara(Kollam district)
        I was advised to wear Gomed and cats eye first.
        Then after that blue sapphire with opal and diamond mix.
        My financial condition is also not high to buy all these stones.
        Its also time for my marriage.
        Objective is to get promotion, good life partner and good health(currently bad health nervous problem with pain, hair loss, insomnia)
        Can i do sarpa parihara pooja and then wear blue sapphire and get maximum result.
        I am suppose to get promotion after three months but there are no specific HR policies in my company.So everything is based on luck.Also there are lot of enemies buliding up for no reason.I need your advise Sir.

        1. The purpose of sarpa samskara pooja is to get rid of kaal sarp dosh. You should start seeing positive results after the pooja. I would advise you not to spend too much money on buying precious stones. Save that money and it will help you until your financial situation is improved. Keep a positive attitude in life and work really hard. Luck always favors the hard working.

  281. HI,

    I am new in Karnataka. My Father told me I have sarpa dosha according to astrologer. My Father will not be able to come here for the Puja. Is it possible to I will go for Puja for self.

    Also I don’t know the Local Language. So how difficult to communicate there?

    Please help on this.

  282. Hi,

    Do I need to take along my father for the pooja while I have sarpa dosha according to my astrologer? I stay in a different house and am married.


  283. K. P. Chandra Gupta

    Dear Sir,
    Am having Kaala Sarpa Dosha and Pithru Dohsa in my horoscope. My Astrologer advised to do Sarpasamsakara and Naga praditsa pooja.
    My question is,
    1. I need to take my father along with me for performing Pooja? My father is 65 yrs. old. Is it compulsory should i bring my father. My mother was expired 15 Yrs back.
    2. I can accompany my wife with me?
    Kindly reply to the above.
    3. For the above mentioned Doshas, Sarpasamkara Pooja is sufficient?

    1. Sarpa Samskara Pooja is performed for getting rid of Kaal Sarp Dosh. Your father must perform it on your behalf. You can take your wife along and sit with your father during the pooja. Pitru dosha is different and you need to perform pitradosh pooja to get rid of it.

  284. Namaskara Sir,

    I am moving to a house which I purchased in 7 years and I had shown this house to a great Rekhi pandit and he informed me that before the house was constructed a snake was killed in this place and its presence is very much there in the house… so he suggested to do Ashlesha Bali and 10000 Nagamula mantra japa and homa… please suggest if this puja should be done at home or temple.. or any suggestion from your side is appreciated.

    Thank You

  285. Hello,

    The Kalasarpa Dosha is found hereditary for our family. I have lost my father some time back. Can I do this pooja on behalf of the family?


  286. Just add one more data, I did perform Karma Kriyas for my mom so Can I perform Sarpa Samskar on my daughter behalf? Its difficult to bring my father (her grand father) for this purpose. Pls give expert advise. Thx Sai

    1. As far as we know, only the eldest in the family must perform the sarpa samskara pooja. In this case, it will be your father. However, please do contact the temple administration for better insights.

  287. Hi,
    My adult daughter has Kalasarpa Dosham and as father I’m preparing to perform Sarpa Samskar puja for her. I have my father alive (@>82 age and can’t move freely) but mother passed away long back. Am I eligible to perform Sarpa Samskar puja fro my daughter.
    Pls advise.

  288. Dear shashidhar,
    As mentioned, we booked two sarpasamskara pooja Tickets to be held on 29/03/2018.

    But because of some unexpected and personal issues, we couldn’t make it on 29/03/18. Is it possible to postpone the two tickets to next day, i.e.., 30/03/2018.

    It would be great help if it can be postponed to 30/03/2018. or else, at least, let us know is there any other ways.

    We will be happy to see your response as soon as possible.

  289. The seva date given to me is 4th March 2018. so will the pooja be on 4th and 5th or 3rd and 4th? When should we report 2nd or 3rd of march 2018?