Purnima Dates 2019

Purnima Dates 2019 – Full Moon Dates for New Delhi, India

Purnima Dates 2019 Calendar – There are 12 Purnima days this year in 2019. The name and timings of each Purnima day is given below as per the Hindu calendar. It marks the division between two Pakshas (lunar fortnights). People observe Purnima Vrat and perform Puja on this day.

Purnima Tithi (Calendar) 2019 – Date, Time & Month

2019 Purnima DatesDay Purnima ObservedSignificance
21 January 2019Monday Paush Purnima It is believed that taking a bath in holy rivers of India is auspicious on this day.
19 February 2019 TuesdayMagha Purnima It is an auspicious day on which good deeds give mutiple benefits.
21 March 2019
Thursday Phalguna Purnima The popular festival of Holi is celebrated on the day of Phalguna Purnima.
19 April 2019 Friday Chaitra Purnima The day of Chaitra Purnima is marked as the birth anniversary of Lord Hanuman.
18 May 2019Saturday Vaishakh Purnima It is an auspicious day for Hindus as well as for Buddhists. The day marks as the birth anniversary of Gautam Buddha.
17 June 2019Monday Jyeshtha Purnima The 3 day festival of Vat Savitri ends on the day of Jyeshtha Purnima.
16 July 2019 Tuesday Ashadha Purnima Ashadha Purnima is also celebrated as Guru Purnima which is a festival dedicated to our teachers.
15 August 2019 Thursday Shravana Purnima The festival of Kajri Purnima and Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on this day.
14 September 2019Saturday Bhadrapada Purnima Bhadrapada Purnima marks the beginning of the Pitru Paksha (Shraddha).
13 October 2019 Sunday Ashwini Purnima This is considered as the day when the moon light is regarded as the elixir (Amrit).
12 November 2019 Tuesday Kartika Purnima Kartik Purnima is celebrated as the day on which Lord Shiva killed the demon Tripurasura. 
12 December 2019Thursday Margashirsha Purnima It marks the day on which Lord Dattatreya was born.

Notes: All timings are represented in 12-hour format as per the local time of New Delhi, India.

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More Information

What is Purnima?

Purnima is the full moon day. According to the Hindu Calendar, Purnima is the day on which full Moon occurs. There are 12 Purnima dates in 2019.

What is Full Moon Day?

A full moon day is a day when we can see the entire lit part of the Moon. Poornima occurs when the Sun, Moon, and the Earth are all aligned in a straight line and all the light of the Sun is reflected by the Moon. The full moon marks the division between two Pakshas (lunar fortnights).

What are the two Pakshas in a lunar cycle?

  • Shukla Paksha – The day of Purnima marks the end of the Shukla Paksha. Shukla Paksha is also known as brighter fortnight or waxing phase of the Moon.
  • Krishna Paksha – The next following day after Purnima marks the beginning of the Krishna Paksha cycle. Krishna Paksha is also known as darker fortnight or waning phase of the Moon.

Significance of Purnima Dates

  • Purnima is considered as a very auspicious day.
  • The day of Purnima is generally chosen to commence new activities so as to get good results.
  • Many people observe fast and perform puja on Purnima dates occurring as per Hindu calendar.
  • On a full moon day, the brightest full moon symbolises the removal of darkness and brightness around us.
  • It is regarded as a day during which energy is especially high. This energy is said to be positive and divine.

What we can do on Purnima Dates?

  • Each Purnima day has its own significance. All the 12 Purnima dates have something special to celebrate as per the calendar.
  • Purnima is considered a very auspicious day to start any new stuff or business. While, on the contrary, such things are avoided on Amavasya days.
  • Doing any Pooja on the day of Poornima is very beneficial as it gives multifold benefits.
  • Poornima days are one of the favourite days of Devi. People perform Devi Puja on this day.
  • Satyanarayana Puja is also generally performed on Purnima.

How to worship on Purnima?

  • The fasting on the day of Purnima is known as Purnima Vratam. The fast can immensely benefit the devotees.
  • Most of the devotees observe fast throughout the day.
  • Devotees pray to supreme Lord Vishnu for his blessings. 
  • Purnima is also an ideal day to do the Satyanarayan Puja at homes.

Purnima Fasting Procedure

  • On this day, the devotee should wake up early in the morning.
  • After doing the necessary cleaning, devotees take a bath before sunrise.
  • Devotees worship Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu on this day.
  • Devotees can keep fast throughout the day. However, one meal is allowed if the devotee prefers.
  • The meal should be free from salt, cereals or pulses.
  • The fasting starts with the sunrise and can be ended just after watching the moon.

Benefits of Purnima Fasting

  • The Puja and fasting on Purnima benefits in achieving prosperity and illumination in life.
  • According to science, the gravitational forces of the earth are maximum on a full moon day. This helps humans in achieving stability in life.
  • It also provides enhanced energy and a balance between the body and soul.

What are the other terms for Purnima?

In North India, the full moon days are known as Purnima or Poornima. However, in South India, the full moon days are known as Pournami or Pournima. Purnima is also known as Poonam in Gujarat and Punnami and Purnamasi in various other places.

Is Purnima an auspicious day?

Purnima is considered as a very auspicious day. The day of Purnima is generally chosen to commence new activities so as to get good results.

We hope that you have gained the information about Purnima 2019. If there is any query, feel free to leave a comment.

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