january, 2020

wed15janAll DayMakar Sankranti 2020? Simha ⭐ Uttara Phalguni


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Makar Sankranti is a Hindu festival is one of the most auspicious festivals and is celebrated in almost all parts of India with different names and rituals. People take a dip bath in sacred rivers, offer prayers to the Sun God, pay respect to Saraswati and distributes food items. Makar Sankranti is a major harvest festival also known as PongalKite flying is one of the most popular sports and festival in India and Uttarayan is regarded as one of the biggest festival and also the International Kite Festival in Gujarat.


Vaara: Wednesday

Nakshatra: Uttara Phalguni

Tithi: Panchami (up to 12:10 pm); Shashthi (Krishna Paksha)

Karana: Taitila (up to 12:10 pm); Garija (up to 10:54 pm); Vanija

Yoga: Sobhana (up to 9:13 pm); Atiganda


Dur Muhurat: 12:14 PM – 12:57 PM

Amrit Kaal: Jan 15 09:27 PM – Jan 15 10:55 PM

Varjyam: Jan 15 12:36 PM – Jan 15 02:05 PM

Rahu: 12:36 PM – 01:56 PM

Gulika: 11:15 AM – 12:36 PM

Yamaganda: 08:34 AM – 09:55 AM

Sunrise: 07:14 AM

Sunset: 05:57 PM

Moonrise: 10:53 PM

Moonset: 11:27 AM


Abhijit Muhurat: -

Marriage Muhurats: Jan 15 05:57 AM - Jan 15 12:10 PM

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