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Diwali, the festival of lights is the most celebrated festivals of India. This wonderful festival is the celebration of five days. The lighting of Diyas and candles all around the house, worshipping the Laxmi and Ganesha to summon health and wealth and bursting crackers are the chief rituals of the festival.


Vaara: Sunday

Nakshatra: Chitra

Tithi: Chaturdashi (up to 12:23 pm). Amavasya (Krishna Paksha)

Karana: Shakuni (up to 12:23 pm). Chatushpada (up to 10:44 pm). Naga

Yoga: Vishkambha (up to 10:10 pm). Prithi


Dur Muhurat: 04:18 PM – 05:03 PM

Amrit Kaal: Oct 27 09:33 PM – Oct 27 10:59 PM

Varjyam: Oct 27 12:58 PM – Oct 27 02:24 PM

Rahu: 04:24 PM – 05:48 PM

Gulika: 02:59 PM – 04:24 PM

Yamaganda: 12:10 PM – 01:35 PM

Sunrise: 06:32 AM

Sunset: 05:48 PM

Moonrise: 05:21 AM

Moonset: 05:34 PM


Abhijit Muhurat: 11:48 AM – 12:33 PM

Marriage Muhurats: No Muhurat on this day

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