Dhanteras 2019

Dhanteras 2019 (Dhantrayodashi)- Date, Timings and Puja Vidhi

Dhanteras Date for 2019 in India – Friday, October 25, 2019

Dhanteras is the first day that marks the festival of Diwali in India. It is also marked as the festival of Tihar in Nepal. Dhanteras is celebrated on the 13th lunar day of Krishna Paksha as per the Hindu calendar Vikram Samvat. The day is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kubera.

Dhanteras Date & Puja Timings 2019

Dhanteras DateFriday, 25 October 2019
Dhanteras Puja Timings07:08 PM to 08:13 PM
Puja Muhurat Duration1 Hour 5 Minutes
Pradosha Kaal05:38 PM to 08:13 PM
Vrishabha Kaal06:50 PM to 08:45 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Begins 07:08 PM on Oct 25, 2019
Trayodashi Tithi Ends 03:46 PM on Oct 26, 2019

Dhanteras Puja is also known as Dhanatrayodashi or Dhanvantari Trayodashi.

What is the meaning of Dhanteras?

  • ‘Dhan’ means wealth and ‘Teras’ refers to the thirteenth day in the moon cycle.
  • Dhanteras is celebrated on the 13th day of Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight).
  • Also, Lord Kubera is worshipped on this day, who is considered as the God of Wealth.

Which God is worshipped on Dhanteras?

1) Dhanvantari – the God of Health & Ayurveda

Lord Dhanvantari, is worshipped on the occasion of Dhanteras. According to Hindu Mythology, he emerged during the event of Samudra Manthan. He is seen as holding a Kalash full of Amrit in one hand and the sacred text of Ayurveda on the other hand. He imparted the knowledge of Ayurveda among mankind and helped them get rid of all diseases.

2) Lakshmi – the Goddess of Wealth, Fortune & Prosperity

Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped on the day of Dhanteras. A Lakshmi Puja is also performed in the evening. People lit small Diyas of clay and place them outside and inside their homes. Diyas are believed to remove the shadows of evil spirits in the home. People also sing devotional songs in praise of Goddess Lakshmi.

3) Lord Kubera – The God of Wealth

Lord Kubera is considered as the treasurer of all the riches of the world. He is worshipped along with Goddess Lakshmi on the occasion of Dhanteras. If a person doesn’t have the idol of Kuber, they can alternatively use chest (Tijori) or a jewelry box for Puja. These things represent Lord Kubera itself. One must draw the sign of Swastik over them before starting the Puja.

God Worshipped on Dhanteras
Goddess Lakshmi (right), Lord Kubera (middle) and Lord Ganesha (left) are worshipped on Dhanteras.

What is the best time for Lakshmi Puja on Dhanteras?

  • The best time for Lakshmi Puja on Dhanteras is during Pradosh Kaal.
  • On Dhanteras, Lakshmi Puja should be done during Pradosh Kaal, which starts after sunset and approximately lasts for 2 hours and 35 minutes.
  • Pradosha Timings on Dhanteras – 05:38 PM to 08:13 PM
  • It is believed that if Puja is done during this time, Lakshmi will stay in your home.
  • Vrishabha Lagna or Vrishabha Kaal is also considered as an auspicious time for Puja since its timings overlap with Pradosh Timings.
  • However, Lakshmi Puja is considered much more important on Deepawali, which is after two days of Dhanteras.

How to celebrate Dhanteras?

  • On Dhanteras, homes that haven’t yet been cleaned for Diwali are thoroughly cleaned. It is said that Goddess Lakshmi won’t enter those homes which are not cleaned.
  • People decorate their homes with colorful lights, flowers, ribbons and Rangoli designs.
  • In the evening, Lord Dhanvantari is worshipped and a Lakshmi Puja is also performed.
  • People light small Diyas and place them in front of the doorways of their homes.
  • Devotees also sing devotional songs for Goddess Lakshmi.
How to celebrate Dhanteras
People place small Diyas on the doorways of their homes on Dhanteras.

What are the rituals of Dhanteras?

  • The day of Dhanteras is considered very auspicious to make new purchases of gold, silver, utensils. This new wealth is believed to be a sign of good luck.
  • On this day, there are also large purchases of appliances and automobiles. Various companies use the day of Dhanteras for their bumper sales.
  • People also buy a new broom on this day. It is believed that purchasing broomstick (Jhadu) swipes poverty from the house along with the dirt.
  • In the villages, cattle are decorated and worshiped by the farmers on this day. Cattles hold great significance as they form the main source of their income.

What are the benefits and importance of celebrating Dhanteras?

  • Purchasing wealth on the day of Dhanteras is believe to increase the wealth in the home. It is said that if people purchase any ornaments on this day, Goddess Lakshmi then showers those households with more of this kind of wealth.
  • Diyas which are lit in the homes on this day is considered as an offering to Yama, the God of Death. This is said to prevent untimely death during the time of Diwali.
  • This day is a celebration aimed at increasing wealth, fortune and prosperity.

What is the story behind Dhanteras?

Behind Dhanteras, there is an interesting story about the son of King Hima. His horoscope announced his death from snake-bite on the 4th day of his marriage. When the day arrived, his newly-wed wife came up with a plan. She places all her gold and silver ornaments in heaps at the entrance of the room and lit lamps all over that place.

When Yama, the god of Death arrived in snake form at the prince’s doorstep, his eyes were dazzled and blinded by the brightness of the lamps and jewelry. Hence, Yama could not enter the chamber and returned back silently. This is how the cleverness of his new bride saved him even from the God of Death. This day later came to be celebrated as Dhanteras.

According to another popular legend, when the devas and asuras performed the Samudra Manthan in the wish of Amrit, Lord Dhanvantari emerged carrying a jar of the elixir on the day of Dhantrayodashi.

Dhanteras Story
Yamadev, the God of Death, takes people back after their death.

Dhanteras Celebration in India

National Ayurveda Day

In 2016, the Indian ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, and Homoeopathy decided to observe the day of Dhanteras as the “National Ayurveda Day.” It is celebrated since 2016.

South India

In South India (especially Tamil Nadu), Brahmin women make ‘Marundhu’ on the day of Dhantrayodashi. Marundhu translates to a medicine that is offered during prayers and eaten by the people in the early morning. It is believed to eliminate the imbalance of Trayodasha in the body.


There is a unique custom in Maharashtra on the day of Dhantrayodashi. People lightly mix dry coriander seeds with jaggery and make a mixture known as Naivedya. This Naivedya of traditional sweets is then offered to the Goddess Lakshmi.

Frequently Asked Question on Dhanteras Celebration-

What should we do on Dhanteras?

On this day, Lord Dhanvantari is worshipped and it is very auspicious to purchase gold and silver articles, and new utensils.

What is the time of Dhanteras Puja?

The Dhanteras timings for 2019 are 07:08 PM to 08:13 PM.

What are the materials required for Dhanteras Puja?

The requirements to perform Dhanteras Puja are Deepak/Diya, cotton balls, oil/ghee, matchbox, water, flowers, rice, Roli, incense sticks, and sweets.

What comes after Dhanteras?

The next day is known as Naraka Chaturdashi or ‘Chhoti Diwali.’ It is also known as ‘Yama Deepdaan’ as the ladies of the house light Diyas which keep burning throughout the night for Yamadev.

What is auspicious to buy on Dhanteras?

People can buy gold, silver, utensils, kitchenware, appliances, and vehicles on this day. Purchasing them is considered to bring good luck.

Why do we buy broom on Dhanteras?

It is believed that purchasing a new broomstick (Jhadu) swipes away poverty from the house along with the dirt.

Can we give money on Dhanteras?

It is considered inauspicious to send any money or gold out of the house on Dhanteras. Hence, it is wise to offer gifts a day before Dhanteras and not on Dhanteras.

If you have any questions related to Dhanteras, please leave a comment below and we will give a reply witin an hour.

Wishing you happy and prosperous Dhanteras this year!

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