Char Dham Yatra Tips

Char Dham Yatra Tips

Char Dham Yatra Tips give you an idea of things to know before you travel on this difficult yatra.

What are some tips to enjoy Char Dham Yatra?

  1. Do a thorough health check-up
  2. Plan your trip during the best season
  3. Consult the best Tour Operator
  4. Carry enough warm clothes
  5. Carry only essential items
  6. Carry Dry Fruits and other Snacks
  7. Carry Medicines and First Aid
  8. Keep your camera handy
  9. Don’t consume alcohol
  10. Plan your best way to travel
Char Dham Yatra Tips

Do a thorough health check-up 2-3 months before char dham trip

The Char Dham Yatra is quite a difficult pilgrimage tour. You must ensure that you are physically fit for it. You must consult the doctor and get yourself checked at least 3 months prior to the tour. You must check that you don’t have any heart diseases, your blood pressure and sugar is under control. If not, you must take proper medications and make yourself physically fit for the tour.

Plan your chardham trip during the best season

Unlike other pilgrimage tours, Char Dham Yatra shrines of Uttarakhand are open for Darshan for only a short period of time. This is because of the extreme weather conditions. It is usually open during the summers from April to November.

The best time to visit the shrines is during the month of September. After the heavy rainfall, the areas are at its best in terms of nature. This place witnesses heavy rainfall during the months of June to August. The tour at this time can become quite difficult. It can also lead to landslides and road blockages.

Consult the best chardham Tour Operator

Char Dham Yatra as easy as other pilgrimage tours. This is more because of only two shrines of Gangotri and Badrinath can be accessed by roads. The rest requires trek. The trip also demands constant registrations and formalities.

The trip can also be accessed by various other modes of transport. You can know and take of all these easily if you consult a reliable tour operator. However, it’s important that you chose a reliable tour operator like Myoksha Travels who will make your tour safe and easy.

Carry enough warm clothes

The Char Dham shrines are located in snow-capped mountain peaks. It is present in the foothills of Uttarakhand. Hence, even during summers, the place stays cold. Therefore it is a must to carry enough warm clothes to survive the cold.

Carry only essential items while you go for the trek

This tour requires a lot of trekking. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to make your bag heavy with unnecessary items. Carry only a required amount of things. Don’t carry many but enough warm clothes and other necessary items that would require. The lighter the luggage would be, the faster and easier it would be for you to cover the distance.

Carry Dry Fruits and other Snacks

The journey is long and requires a lot of treks. Therefore, it is very obvious for you to get tired. You should carry dry fruits, wafers, biscuits, chocolates to eat at regular intervals. One would also recommend you not to have heavy lunch and got for these light snacks instead. This would also give the required amount of strength and energy to complete the tour.

Carry Medicines and First Aid

It is extremely for you to carry medicines and first aid boxes. You would be facing a completely different weather at all places. Therefore, there are high probabilities for you to fall sick. Therefore, it is recommended to carry medicines for fever and other problems like stomach problems. Don’t forget to carry your regular pills.

There could occur any accidents on the way. One might fall down and require urgent first aid. Therefore, carry a first aid box.

Keep your camera handy

You are going to one of the most beautiful trips and hence you would want to capture it. Carry your camera with extra batteries as electricity issues might occur. However, it is recommended to take the camera only after knowing if it is allowed there.

Plan your best way to travel

There are various ways to travel to the Char Dham. You can either travel by road and trek or you can take a helicopter. It is best to consult a good tour operator like Myoksha Travels and do your bookings according to your preferences.

Don’t consume alcohol

Do not carry any alcohol with you on this journey under any circumstances. Alcohols are strictly banned in these holy shrines. If you are caught with alcohol strict actions would be taken against you.

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